Sunday, September 24, 2006

To Post or Not to Post

Censorship on blogs--what's your take?So where should the admin draw the line? In the name of good taste or out of fear?Naturally I agree that as an admin you have a responsibility to your audience and you hope no one is offended by your blog's contents or tone. But where does free speech end and blog security (for lack of a better word) begin?Should I be able to go to a blog and post rumors about someone with no consequences? Are these rumors still protected as free speech? And what are the motives in spreading these rumors?Things to ponder.
Posted by courtney

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Don't think for me. Don't assume what I want to hear or read. Give me facts. Give me reasons. But not yours. Bring me debate. Enlighten me. Today, accountability is masked behind anonymity; bylines are hidden by zeros and ones. Everyone publishes; everyone is "in the know." Ethics are non-existent. Speculation is king. The truth is masked and a hostage. Empowered by our minds, WE ARE THE FREAKSPEAKERS!


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