Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Learning Anderson Cooper's language, in case you have a chance of a chat!

Have you ever wondered what Anderson is listening through his earpiece when he is on the air? You can bet is not the new Scissor Sisters CD! A first time visit to a Master Control Room can be quite a an experience. You will probably not understand half of the things the Director and Producer are SHOUTING into their respective microphones and to the crew. These are common PG-Rated Control Room Jargon from CNN. It may vary from different markets in both terms and nastiness. It is a stressful job after all!

  • "What's the bird gonna cost?" How much is the satellite time going to cost?

  • "Faster, Prompter, faster!" The TelePrompTer operator is not keeping pace with the anchor.

  • "Lose the bug." Remove the CNN logo from the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • "That package is crashing." That story is fast approaching its deadline.

  • "He's a donut." Use a reporter's live remote between two stories.

  • "Send a crew to spray the room." Send a camera crew to shoot video without a reporter and producer.

  • "She's on the beeper." The reporter is broadcasting live via telephone.

  • "Go with rolling coverage." Continue extensive coverage of a breaking news story over a period of several hours or more.

  • "Feed it from the pool." Sending video to CNN from a pool camera that is shared by the competitive news and broadcast networks.

  • "Big box, little box." Divide the screen into a little box for a person (anchor) and a big box for live video.

  • "Roll the SOT." SOT stands for Sound Over Tape.

  • "Let's use the weather as an accordion." Use the non-scripted weather report to either shorten or lengthen the show to end exactly on time before local or commercial breaks.

  • "He's out shooting a standup." A standup is the reporter's on-camera appearance during a package.

  • "She's a live pop." A reporter is giving a live report.

  • "The package is a hot roll." A package broadcast live from one of CNN's bureaus.

  • "Feed the tape." Broadcast video from one of CNN's many video feeds.

  • "Roll on the feed." Record video that is coming in from one of CNN's many feeds.

  • "Is that tape raw or cut?" Is the tape edited or unedited?

  • "The bird's going down." CNN is about to lose its time on a satellite.

  • "Kill the package." Pull the story before it is broadcast.

  • "What's the slug?" What is the name of the package?

  • "Float that package." Postpone the broadcast of a package.

Give us your take on this... but keep it clean!

22 comentarios:

ivy said...

My favourite is "He's a donut" -lol. Now, can I see the R-rated part, please? -)

Christiane said...

You can be creative...

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard, he likes his donuts chocolate. wink wink

ivy said...

@christiane-- I'll try -) I wonder if starting tv people are given a crash course -) with a note-pad -lol

Jade said...

C'mon, you know he's listening to Scissor Sisters in his earpiece. There is nothing important going on during the show ;)

Ivy, just add various four letter words, some excitied shouting and you've got the jist of control room behavior.

courtney01 said...

Now this was interesting! Thanks, Christiane.

Next time, post the R-rated version, okay? I give you permission, as co-mod. ;-) Jade, do you mind?

Christiane said...

I don't mind chocolate Krispy Kremes.

Jade said...

Bring on the R-rated version! And I love me some chocolate...donuts I mean :)

courtney01 said...

Chocolate cake donuts are my favorite. Especially Krispy Kremes. Or those custard filled ones with the chocolate icing on top... YUM.

ivy said...

I like dunkin bavarian creme -)

Anonymous said...

This is a kick ass blog!

ivy said...

@anon --are you the one who asked the address on another blog? -) Glad to see you here either way -)

Christiane said...

thank you anon, we like to think of our little space like a safe heaven.

ivy said...

I'm watching 360 and what's scary is that any small plane can just turn from it's course into the city.

ivy said...

@christiane -I wonder if contol room people sent the crew to spray the room when they saw smoke coming up -lol

Christiane said...

probably when they notice their ratings sinking!

Mondongo baby, mondongo!

roll tape!

ivy said...

Isn't anything else going on in the world?? what is it --NYC news?

Purple Tie said...

That was cool. Thanks for sharing. I seriously couldn't imagine trying to talk to someone while someone is talking into my ear.

ivy said...

purple tie-- try simltenious interpreting! -)

marie said...

I could get used to someone talking in my ear like that, but it would take a long time for me to get used to that.

Some of this stuff is so funny, I wonder how he keeps a straight face.

Sheryn said...

I love these!!! So if I see Anderosn on the street and ask him to "float the package?" He wont slap me??? LOL! I'm sorry, very bad joke!!!

Seriously, I love your blog! So very intelligent and interesting! Thanks for all of your hard work!

courtney01 said...

Hi Sheryn! Thank you for stopping by and commenting.


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