Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Anderson Cooper Photos

I really like the aspect of this photo. Great shot.

Anderson shooting footage. He has an amazing collection of footage from his trips.

Nice jeans. Seriously, really nice jeans. Skinny and on the petite side, but nice :)

Thanks to our friends at All Things Anderson who directed us to a great site featuring some never before seen photos of Anderson from this past July-August while covering the Middle East crisis. Here is some information about the photographer:

Since 2004, when Yoray is not traveling, he lives in Istanbul, Turkey and works with Getty Images Photo Assignment. From Turkey, he is covering journalistic stories in Turkey, the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East. He is also working on travel assignments as well as corporate.

After Yoray Liberman finished his photography high school in Tel-Aviv (1993), he started to work as a freelance photographer for Gamma and AFP, covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 1999 he decided to move to features and documentary photography, he moved to live in NYC. There he worked on few long-term stories and traveled to Central America. In 2000 he moved to live in Paris and started working with the French agency Editing. He continued traveling regularly to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and in parallel he worked on assignments on many other subjects as example: the Moldova-Transnistrian conflict, the Zapatistas in Mexico, The conflict in Afghanistan, different Travel features and more.

3 comentarios:

ivy said...

@jade -thanks for posting these! My favourite is the 2nd one you posted. I checked out the site where this is from --there are some great pics in there.

Van said...

wow, all the pictures are great, but the first one is just ...

marie said...

I also am a fan of Liberman's photos. :)


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