Friday, October 06, 2006

Why FreakSpeakers?

Why FreakSpeakers? Is this just another Anderson Cooper fan blog and website?
by Christiane


Some people have asked us why this blog, and what is the purpose of our website? There are many reasons we could give you, but the biggest reason is our interest in journalism and respect for those who risk their lives in order to keep us informed. As of this date, 31 journalists have been killed in 2006. They either died in the line of duty or were deliberately targeted for assassination because of their reporting or their affiliation with a news organization. It is far from being a glamorous career.

In the past fifteen years, 580 journalists have been killed. Some have been victims of regimes that don't recognize freedom of speech, which is something many of us take for granted.

Speaking of freedom of speech...
The digital era has opened the floodgates of information. What used to be a 24 hour ordeal to air or publish a story, is now a matter of just seconds. The internet and the blogosphere have changed the rules of the game in many ways, but how is still a matter of speculation.

Andrew Kantor from USA Today stated that "Bloggers and other amateur journalists have some of the same problems any amateurs do: They make up the rules as they go, and they run the risk of screwing up and hurting someone. But because blogging isn't their day job, they have little risk — they aren't going to be fired."

Anonymous speculation, libelous information and misleading context are the norm. There are no ethical codes and even established blog entrepeneurs like Nick Denton (owner of Gawker and Wonkette among others) claims that "a blog is much better at tearing things down - people, careers, brands - than in building them up".

Unfortunately, this is an editorial line copied by many, even those blogs dedicated to public figures and published by "fans". Intrusion, speculation, invasion of privacy—they can be justified for celebrities like Paris Hilton or Anna Nicole Smith who sell their personal lives for public consumption, but a journalist? If it is already hard for them to work underground stories due to their visibility, how much more difficult is it with websites discussing their sex lives?

So you can be sure that you won't find that kind of information or discussion about Anderson Cooper on this blog or our website. But what can you expect from us? Facts, context, and complementary information of contemporary news. We have also scheduled a series of exclusive interviews with international journalists in order for you to access the other side of what you see and hear in your daily newspaper, radio or newscast from the people who live it every day.

And Anderson Cooper? We strongly respect Mr. Cooper; few people in the news industry have had as much obsessive attention placed upon them. He has the courage to focus on stories that are not ratings friendly, and although we can disagree with some of his coverage, he is not taking the safe route. And we believe this commands respect.

We'd also like to welcome our newest moderator, Jade Chaos, who as a journalist knows of what she speaks. Thanks for joining the team, Jade! Welcome aboard. Our dear friend and one of the founders of Freakspeakers, Marie, will be our resident health specialist. She will guide us in all scientific related topics, and of course, scrapbooking. We really appreciate her help despite her busy schedule.

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Jade said...

Glad to be aboard Christiane!


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