Thursday, November 23, 2006

Anderson Cooper, Turkey and Thanksgiving

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and family, fellow FreakSpeakers and to all of you that take time everyday to visit the blog! I hope this holiday finds you with your family or loved ones.

Not only does Anderson get to enjoy turkey (or whatever those Vanderbilts might eat) today, he'll be enjoying the sights and sounds of Turkey next week! While I'm not thrilled about having to deal with Delia (annoying) I'm happy that we'll get some face time with Nic Robertson. I'm hoping that this is as close to Iraq as he will get. No one purposely needs to be going into Iraq. And it would be nice to see people leaving instead, but that's another topic for another day.

And rumor has it that Anderson will be back in NYC to co-host Regis and Kelly on Dec. 8th. A word of advice to Anderson, as much as you're tempted, don't cover her mouth...she gets really bitchy when that happens ;)

From CNN's press release...

CNN’s Anderson Cooper will anchor Anderson Cooper 360° live from Turkey from Monday, Nov. 27, through Thursday, Nov. 30, to coincide with Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the predominately Muslim nation next week. In addition to Cooper, senior international correspondent Nic Robertson and faith and values correspondent Delia Gallagher provide live reports and taped segments for the program.

Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to Turkey from Tuesday, Nov. 28, through Friday, Dec. 1, marks the pope’s first trip into a Muslim nation following remarks he made about radical Islam. His comments ignited a backlash among some Muslims. His trip has been characterized as a clash of cultures: Christianity and Islam.

For the Anderson Cooper 360° special coverage, “Harmony or Holy War: The Pope in Turkey,” Cooper interviews Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, who plans to meet privately with the pope on Wednesday, Nov. 29, in Istanbul. For other segments, Cooper, Gallagher and Robertson explore the spread of radical Islam across Europe and the growing antagonism with the West.

Anderson Cooper 360° is a wide-ranging, unconventional news program that takes a full 360-degree look at the world’s events. The program showcases CNN’s worldwide newsgathering capabilities as well as Anderson Cooper's unique sensibilities and perspective through a diverse range of live reports and interviews. Anderson Cooper 360° airs on CNN/U.S. each weekday from 10 p.m. to midnight (ET) and also airs on CNN International.

4 comentarios:

marie said...

I hope no one actually stuffed their turkey before baking it, as it takes too long to cook that way.

Speaking of stuffing..what's up with putting turkey innards in stuffing?? Ewww! I don't understand why some people do that?!?! I mean, are we not at the top of the food chain? Anyway, at my house, the cats get the innards after it has been boiled and chopped.

Is anyone going hit the sales tommorrow? I have never done that, but this year, I plan to put on some sunscreen and take some pictures of the crowds at the mall. In previous years, I always read in the Saturday newspaper about how the people stampede like buffalo when the doors open! Hee hee! This year, I am going to be there at 6 AM to photograph this. I might even put it up a few pics on this blog. If anyone else is doing this and would like to share pictures, please send it to me or one of the other Freaks and we will post it. :)

Happy Turkey Day to my fellow Freaks and our readers. And good luck to those who will be hitting the store sales tommorrow!

Jade said...

No shopping tomorrow!! Ick. Okay, that's a lie. I'm going to buy a new pair of shoes, but I don't think that counts as part of the Christmas

My house is my own again! Everyone has departed and gone home...dishwasher is running and leftover pie is in the refrigerator!

christiane said...

Marie, are you our own little Martha Stewart?

Jade, ohmm ohmm ohmm

Turkey is amazing! the government has a rule that you can't export anything dated before 1923. The bazaars are very fun... I can see him trying to buy stuff for his mom.

And the Pope... well, that deserves a separate ranting! I'm a Catholic and was raised by the time of Pablo VI, a Jesuit and a visionary, and I have a hard time with the turn the church have had during the last two Popes.

marie said...

Not Martha Stewart but I try my best!

I only got leftover cheesecake. Wanna come over with your pie and we can share? You can eat the cheesecake and I will eat the pie. :)


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