Monday, November 20, 2006

Vegas Baby!

From The Luxe Life with Robin Leach:

PURE nightclub turned into a nightly hangout lounge for all the comics attending the Festival. AOL hosted one party with a slew of stars attending including Whoopi Goldberg racing in before doing her radio show live from the adjoining Caesars Poker Room and curvy Carmen Electra. Katt Williams showed with his entourage which included hiphop star E-40. Dane Cook arrived at midnight. Also in the crowd: CNN's Anderson Cooper and comics Dave Attell, Bill Maher, Jay Mohr, and Sarah Silverman.

Looks like Anderson spent the weekend in Vegas. And remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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Anonymous said...

Wierd. Supposedly, there are two Gawker Stalker sightings of him in New York on Saturday night. Gawker his known for being highly unreliable, though.

Jade said...

Maybe we can get Eminem to write a song called "The Real Anderson Cooper" will you please stand-up!

I also read on a private blog that someone spotted him snogging someone outside a night club this weekend as well.

Jade said...

Hmmm...I read Gawker. Can't beleive it sounds very factual since the sightings were two hours apart and the clothing descriptions were different.

Sounds like a version of "Where's Waldo?"

marie said...

At least there are no reports of him being "totally wasted and dancing on the tables" have surfaced, thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. He may or may not be gay, but if so, I don't think anyone in his position or high profile, would be seen snoggling in NYC or anywhere in public for that matter. If so he would definatley come "out"

ivy said...

@anon 12:20 -- anybody can report a sighting to Gawker, even Anderson himself -)

courtney01 said...

It's very easy to submit fake reports to Gawker; they do no fact checking before they post.

Let's just say I know from firsthand experience. ;-)

Viva Las Vegas, Baby! I'd love to hear about him getting wasted and dancing on tables!

Francis said...

I really love sending imaginary sightings to Gawker! they post most of them... and I'm not even close to NY! LOL

Anonymous said...

PURE nightclub turned into a nightly hangout lounge for all the comics attending the Festival.

Was the sighting of Anderson at this nightclub on Saturday night? Anderson was in Vegas on Wednesday or Thursday for the interview with Whoopie, Robin and Billy. It's hard to tell from this piece if he attended the actual Comic Relief performance on Saturday night, maybe he'll say so whenever he returns.

Anonymous said...

I saw him putting a $20 in a stripper's thong, naughty anderson, naughty


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