Sunday, December 03, 2006

Anderson Cooper to Co-host with Ripa this Week

Mark your calendars for Friday, December 8th as Anderson Cooper is scheduled to co-host Regis and Kelly! Let's hope it works out better for him than it did for Clay Aiken. Guests on the show include Jennifer Connelly, Brian McKnight and Kermit the Frog.

Aren't they a cute couple? I'd stop to check them out in Times Square.

To get us in the mood, here are a couple of photos I found on a blog from the May 2006 co-host appearance that Cooper made. Someone was lucky enough to be in the audience and snap a couple of photos...enjoy!

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JT said...

Hopefully he can manage to keep his scheduled co-hosting duties on R&K. He was bumped by Regis the last time and there's no telling what sort of crisis may arise that he'll have to cover in person. Anderson won't have the trouble that Clay had with Kelly, he's a gentleman and he usually lets Kelly blabber and yammer while managing to get a few of his own thoughts across well enough without having to resort to rudeness. It's good when he hosts because we get see a whole other side to him.

Jade said...

Welcome JT!

I like his whole other side...the silly one... much better! His boring anchorman routine was apparent last week...or could it have been the painkillers I was on? Hmmm....

Here's looking forward to Friday!


Gracie said...

@Jade. Anderson was horribly boring last week. I found myself turning off the show after the first half hour, luckily I taped the whole two hours. Anderson himself seemed kind of out of sorts, could it have been the cold he had or the slow progress of the show, whatever it was not helping. My opinion - Anderson, for some reason has temporarily lost his passion, maybe he needs to take a real vacation, just him and his video camera and do some filming that comes from the heart. Sounds sappy I know but we all need to regroup and rediscover ourseves once in awhile and Andy is no different. Fangirl/mother hen moment over.

Jade said...

@gracie...he simply does too much. You're right time to sloooowww down and regroup.

His behavior, or at least what I know if it, makes me wonder what he's running away from...he seems to avoid being home for long period of times.

courtney01 said...

While it was a bit rude of Clay Aiken to put his hand across Kelly's mouth, I can't say I blame him. Frankly, I find her obnoxious and annoying--but that's why I don't watch the show! :-)

I read on another blog that Anderson was seen in Vegas this weekend, and some people were speculating if he would be in London or NYC tomorrow. He travels so much I don't know how he manages to keep himself in order. It would be easy to lose track of everything that way, and not have to participate in life because you would have the "I'll be out of town for work" excuse.

Easy way to avoid any type of committments, I guess.

marie said...

I think he likes to keep moving and experiencing life. He is probably more curious than my cats!


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