Sunday, December 03, 2006

Murder Mystery Worthy of Dame Agatha

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Looks like an hour of Monday's 360 will be dedicated to the death of former spy Alexander Litvenenko. Here's a portion of David Doss's post from Friday, asking some questions about the case:

Any good murder mystery -- and this is a good one -- spends much time examining suspects and motives. But in this story, perhaps the strange murder weapon itself could prove to be the most fascinating angle. And that's what Sanjay, with his tremendous medical expertise, will examine. Consider some of the questions he'll explore:

1. Why use polonium as murder weapon? Clearly, there are many ways to poison or kill someone, most far less risky and perhaps even more effective, so the mystery is, why use it? Is it 100 percent effective? Does the agonizing nature of the death send a message?

2. Polonium (that concentration, anyway) is extremely rare, so perhaps they figured toxicology and pathology reports would not screen for it, would not find it?

3. How in the world did the docs figure out what it was? What kind of medical and toxicological screening would you need to ferret out the polonium?

4. What is the risk to the assassin? Today's news reports indicate there is a good chance the assassin got it on him or herself. What is the assassin's risk factor?

Great questions. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Also, today a friend of Litvenenko's residing in the US came forward, claiming to know who is behind the death of the former spy.

Yuri Shvets, who had known Litvenenko for four years, says he spoke to Litvenenko on November 22, the day the former spy died in a London hospital. Shvets refused to name the possible suspect in an interview to the Associated Press, but stated that he did give the information to Scotland Yard.

Such an intriguing story, like something out of a Bond movie or an Agatha Christie book. Will anyone ever be charged with the death of Litvenenko? Who do you think is behind his death?

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Jade said...

This story is interesting! I will be watching Gupta with interest tomorrow night. This one is a real-life whodunit.

marie said...

I would not handle polonium outside of a fume hood. Whoever did this is not only a criminal, but also a complete idiot!


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