Monday, January 15, 2007

Larry King Sticks Up for Katie Couric

Good morning Freaks! Just a few things before you read Larry's remarks...Today is Martin Luther King Day. Actually it's his birthday and MLK has the distinction of being one of three individuals to have a day commemorated in his honor. Let's just say it's not an honor that Bush will ever receive. Did anyone happen to catch Scott Pelley's interview with Bush on 60 Minutes last night? Bush actually believes his own line of bullshit. Interesting, but scary.

Also, the Betty Ann/Lorie Ann/Gotta Be an Ann saga continues. In the beginning, the "360" blog was groundbreaking. Now, it's becoming a joke. I publicly ask the blog producers at CNN to clean up this mess now! They have the power to decide who gets posted and who doesn't. They are seriously lacking a measurable accountability. We are not the only blog who has noticed the pattern and it is discussed on other forums and sites. In a recent post, I counted 15 responses from "fangirls" that I know by name, real or fake. Perhaps this is the reason Cooper doesn't post more often.

And for those of you fascinated by the glamour (or the lack) of the movie business, the Awards season kicks off tonight in Hollywood with the Golden Globes. Yes, sadly, I will be watching. And on a personal note, if you have a chance to see "A Painted Veil", I would highly recommend this movie. Edward Norton and Naomi Watts in a beautiful love story set in horrible conditions in 1920's China. Enjoy your Monday.

Count Larry King among Katie Couric's fans. The venerable CNN host watches the new anchor of the CBS Evening News and thinks her ratings struggles have more to do with gender than with journalism.

"It might still be hard for a woman to anchor the evening news," King says. "And that's sad."

Couric, whom King calls "smart and certainly attractive," will commandeer the host's chair on Larry King Live in April to interview King as part of a special week of shows honoring his 50th year in broadcasting.

King also believes Couric suffers from the stigma of representing a network news division that is trailing in the ratings.

"Maybe you just can't change the way you are branded," he says. "CBS can't do well in the morning, either. [ The Early Show] is a good show. If they moved Katie to the morning, would it help? Maybe not. They may just be branded [as unsuccessful in the mornings]."

As others have suggested, it may take a major news event to help the former Today host shed her "perky" image, says King: "Hurricane Katrina made Anderson Cooper. It could happen to Katie that way."

Speaking of Cooper, King says he has no problem with the way CNN has been marketing the anchor and other rising stars at the network.

"I would be promoting Anderson, too," he says. "He has a bright future. I hope they don't lose him."

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Anonymous said...

Good Job Jade. I wrote in to the Blog Producers too re: the ANN BRIGADE>"

Jade said...

Thanks Anon! They need to be kept honest ;)

Anonymous said...

It's sad that the Ann sicko's with BS claims of donating fortunes to every breathing thing featured on 360, are confident that their demented words will get posted. How pathetic...
Hi David,
I might be too late to give a comment on this post, but I just have a quick thought on the subject. I could be wrong, but wasn't Mr. Gettridge the man featured with Comic Relief. Where are the donations that were collected. Did no one from that benefit give Mr. Gettridge any help? Oh well..I'd love to see ac360 have a site listed where we could help Mr.Gettridge and Mr. Rumsey. It might only make a dent in what is needed, but it's a dent we should make. Take Care

Posted By Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif : 10:09 PM ET

Anonymous said...

I have come to the conclusion that these "ann's" are ringers, so that they know that know that they will have post even though they are fake.

This article on Larry King was interesting. I think we all know that Larry likes Anderson just by the way the talk during their throw to's, but now we really knows how Larry feels about Anderson. He doesn't want CNN to lose him and I think most of us feel that way. If Anderson went somewhere eles, I just don't see him getting the air time that he gets at CNN.

Any bets if Anderson will be on tonight or do you think he is on Andervacation this week?


courtney01 said...

Who cares about the Anns and what they post? The more you talk about them, the more you're giving them what they want: attention.

Anonymous said...

The Anns don't know who is or isn't talking about them or the attention that they're getting because it's quite obvious that they NEVER take their eyes off the 360 Blog! I'm glad that other people are as irritated about them bogging down the blog with their insipid comments and I hope that the blog moderators catch on at some point.

Anonymous said...

"I would be promoting Anderson, too," he says. "He has a bright future. I hope they don't lose him.

CNN seems to want to hang on to AC for as long as possible. He could go anywhere he wanted to if he decided to leave.

Anonymous said...

What if the Ann's were all the same person posting from different cities?

An older & wiser Anderfan said...

Anon 8:56 I was thinking the same thing. You can say you're anyone posting from anywhere and no one would know. The Anns are scary, but what worries me the most are some of the overzealous fans who wait around the TWC for Anderson or call CNN to see if he is going to be on the air. I don't think they realize how dangerous that could be not for Anderson, but for themselves. And to those fangirls who think they have a chance with Anderson guess again.

Anonymous said...

I think there is too much attention given to the "Ann's" on this blog. There are many other important issues to address.

ivy said...

@courtney and the last anon

what's happening is anon (s) obsessed with the anns trashing 360's blog are trashing this blog

ivy said...

off top -- I kind of feel bad DiCaprio didn't win a Golden Globe for either role. Hope he wins an Oscar -)

Anonymous said...

The anon's here aren't the only people who've noticed the Ann invasion.

christiane said...

Hi anons! I would love to see you with sign names... I'm getting lost.


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