Friday, February 02, 2007

Anderson Cooper's weekend plans nixed

Nature is taking over, again! Tornados are so awful, unlike Hurricanes that you have time in advance to prepare, the just attack out of nowhere. At least my loved ones in the region are safe, I hope none of you lost someone to them.

CNN Florida Tornado

CNN anchors Anderson Cooper and Soledad O’Brien will report live from central Florida where tornadoes killed at least 14 people and destroyed homes and businesses across four counties. Cooper will anchor Anderson Cooper 360°’s special “Tornado Terror” coverage live from Lake County, Fla., tonight beginning at 10 p.m. (ET); O’Brien will report from the region on Saturday, Feb. 3, beginning at 7 a.m. (ET)

CNN will continue to provide warnings and analysis from meteorologists Chad Myers, Bonnie Schneider and Reynolds Wolf at the CNN Weather Center in Atlanta. CNN meteorologist Rob Marciano and correspondents Susan Candiotti, Rusty Dornin and Gary Tuchman are providing reports throughout the day and will continue to provide updates through the weekend.

Online, has provided reports and regular updates of the devastation. The coverage, located at, includes maps, photo galleries and video as well as I-Reports, content provided by users. CNN Pipeline,’s premium live news video service, will continue to show live footage of the devastation as well as up-to-the-minute developments and reports from CNN correspondents and local affiliates in Florida.

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jr said...

This is a bittersweet story for the state of Florida. On one hand, it's sad for those affected in Central Florida and on the other hand, it's exciting that Miami is hosting the Superbowl this weekend!

AC and team do a great job at covering disasters don't they?

Has anyone seen the CNN Ad in respond to Fox News Ad comparing AC with Greta? It's pretty good.


ivy said...

@jr -- Cnn should have been above faux news and not respond, IMHO. Sure, they might be using a moment to generate more buzz, but still.

Anonymous said...

The ad is well done, it's a good slap in the face to Faux and shows that Anderson and Paris Hilton have NOTHING in common.

jr said...

@Ivy: You have a valid point. As I was thinking about this whole AC, Greta, Fox, CNN, and Paris Hilton "buzz", I can't help but think that this really all started with the Rosie/Donald feud and AC's coverage of that.

Rosie was the one who originally compared AC to Paris in a comment she made on The View. Faux News, being not so creative, expanded on the whole Paris Hilton thing and then brought Greta into the picture cuz her show competes with AC360. It's interesting that CNN and AC "ignored" Rosie's comments but chose to respond back to a Faux News Ad. Could it be that they want more buzz because more buzz equates to better ratings?

ivy said...

@anon 4:32 They do, they do... see 2nd topic down -)

@jr -- as an email to Romenesko blog poited out Fox used to say Ashleigh Banfield from MSNBC is Anna Kournikova of the news. Faux didn't even have to be inventive.

Interesting you brought up Rosie vs. Donald, Yes, Cnn must think this kind of word matches is what the public wants to see = higher ratings. Look, it's all over blogs, Anderson got more attention because of "war of words" with Fox then because of any even good coverage 360 did, sniper tape aside. You would think as many blogs would pay attention to Michael Ware special... So Cnn might hope to keep that going. Till people will get tired of it. Sad.

The best answer to Faux would be making killer news shows, with less human interest stuff, repeats and beating semi-important stories to death. So "this is journalism" ad wouldn't provoke an ironc smile and a -- "and how about ... (insert your own here)", hm, a LOT of 360 airtime for the last month, if you think about it.

The problem I see is that a campaign like this can be a credebility threat for a Anderson. Just like covering Rosie vs. Doanld is. I'm sure the opposite of cnn's intentions. But you know what they say about good intentions.

katie said...

I think the print ad was an excellent rebuttal to FOX i.e. sophisticated, truthful, and yeah, a bit of the rub it in your nose stuff.

I am glad CNN did it personally and it makes a great poster, by the way.


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