Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blog de la Redacción - Detalles de la entrada: Todo esto sería cómico si no fuera trágico

Blog de la Redacción - Detalles de la entrada: Todo esto sería cómico si no fuera trágico: "Si la ignorancia y la frivolidad de una buena parte de los consumidores mediáticos estadounidenses fueran sólo un sano ejercicio del ocio, todo esto sería cómico. Por desgracia, el interminable debate sobre la vida de Smith y Spears es un síntoma de lo que tanto preocupaba a Lapham: ¿Qué tipo de criterio político puede tener una sociedad que, culturalmente, vive sólo de estas tonterías? Ninguno. ¿Cuál es la consecuencia de una sociedad trivial? La respuesta, por supuesto, tiene nombre y apellido. George W. Bush y su gobierno han sido el producto directo de la elección del 2000, en la que el electorado estadounidense prefirió al vaquero simpático e ignorante (“just one of the guys”) antes que a un hombre como Al Gore.

Lewis Lapham debe estar releyendo a Gibbon en este momento.

- León Krauze"


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Anonymous said...


Sharla Dawn said...

Yo Madre! No Habla Espanol!

As in, would you mind translating that?

Anonymous said...

I echo Sharla's comment!

Lee said...

Actually most of us didn't prefer George Bush. We just got stuck with him because of the Florida elections fiasco.

courtney01 said...

I'll add to Lee's comment by saying that despite GW & Co.'s assertions to the contrary, he did not really have a "mandate" by winning the 2004. He did win both the electoral and popular votes, but in the case of the popular vote, it was a slim margin. If I remember correctly, GW won around 62 million votes and John Kerry won about 59 million votes--a difference of 3 million votes and not quite the huge mandate the Republicans claimed for themselves.

So not all of us preferred GW.

Anonymous said...

So my Spanish is a bit sketchy, but the point is that Bush was elected over Gore because he was "one of the guys"? Oh...please!

lee said...

@ JR. My Spanish isn’t that great either but the author’s main point seems to be this:

Media consumers are obsessed with celebrities and care more about personality than substance.

I can’t argue with that but I don’t agree with his conclusion that Bush was elected for that reason. I don’t know the context in which this was written but he ignored the fact that Bush did not win the popular vote, his win of the electoral vote is questionable, and the flaws in the electoral process.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I understand. Bush was elected "by mistake" both times? He did not win the popular vote and stole the electoral vote both times? It had nothing to do with people voting for him over two different candidates?


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