Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Uncovering America

I have forbid myself not to get too excited with the CNN SIU editions, they are just recycling material, but this is really promising. I have seen the work of Shola Lynch and it is excellent! Her documentary on Shirley Chisholm is must see TV for those of you interested in women rights and minority politics.

Discrimination and intolerance is wide spread throughout the USA. Sad, but real. The political correctness obsession is just isolating individual issues and not addressing the core: the need for equality for ALL.

Lets see what this series and programing schedule leads us, and if it indeeds makes any difference.

Yearlong Undertaking Launches Feb. 17 across All Platforms with Series of Reports about Black Americans

CNN kicks off a provocative series of reports on people and issues often ignored by mainstream media, when it launches its “Uncovering America” project later this month. The yearlong effort – encompassing newscasts, prime-time programs and documentaries on CNN/U.S. and Headline News, as well as extensive features on CNN.com – will offer gripping in-depth reports on conflicts and controversies affecting minority groups including African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian-Americans and gays.

“Uncovering America” launches on Saturday, Feb. 17, with “MLK: Words That Changed a Nation,” a CNN: Special Investigations Unit hour in which Soledad O’Brien is granted rare access to the collection of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s personal journals, speeches and other private writings – which shed new light on the people and the passions behind the Civil Rights movement. A special screening of the documentary on Tuesday, Feb. 13, at Morehouse College in Atlanta will include Kyra Phillips moderating a panel discussion about the civil rights movement.

The effort unfolds during the ensuing week with:

· A special five-part series on Anderson Cooper 360° titled “Incarcerated in America.” Produced by Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Shola Lynch, the series looks at the shocking impact of crime and punishment on inner-city communities. Anderson Cooper 360° airs each weekday from 10 p.m. to midnight (ET);

Online, CNN.com offers a wide-ranging look at the state of equality today with its special section, “Uncovering America: The Road to Equality,” available at www.CNN.com/roadtoequality. “The Road to Equality” features video and written commentaries to examine the most pressing needs in addressing equality in this country as well as graphic elements to reveal the demographic divides across the nation.

CNN.com extends an invitation to users to send in their thoughts in video and text about equality, racism and related topics through CNN Exchange, CNN.com’s destination for user-generated content. Submission forms are available at www.CNN.com/exchange.

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Rudy said...

"The political correctness obsession is just isolating individual issues and not addressing the core: the need for equality for ALL."

@ Chris
I completely agree with you about this.

ivy said...

Political correctness only pushes issues under the carpet. It is a major hurdle for the truth to be revealed. It has nothing to do with equality, because it judges people as group members and not by who they are or what they've done. It creates "untouchable" groups and protects individuals belonging to them from any critisism and same treatment as people not in that group would get. I hope this project is going to show all angles and won't be another pc manifestation.

jr said...

Well, this press release has attracted my attention and I am interested in watching the coverage. Let's hope that it does not prove to be a disappointment because these issues, historically, have been tough ones to cover.

It's about time we see some good newsworthy topics being showcased!


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