Sunday, March 18, 2007

An Anderson Cooper 360 Planet in Peril Preview

This is what we will most likely to be seeing on the next edition of the Planet in Peril series:

"I like this pussy..."

"Jeff, are you sure it won't jump? I kinda miss the frogs..."

"This one I can eat. BBQ please!"And of course the AWW, CUTE! the money shot!

I only hope they really get their act together this time... Ask. Believe. Receive. Yeah Right!

P.S. Thanks for the pics!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

These were great. Something tells me Anderson's leg wouldn't look that tan in shorts. LMAO

I hope this special is also better. I guess he won't be on till Tuesday since they are showing the Thomas Roberts report again tomorrow night, unless he his going to be on for only an hour, but why spend the time and money to go that far for just 1 hour. Well I guess they like to keep us guessing.

ivy said...

@chris - this is hillarious! -lol I'm afraid that's exatly what' we'll be seeing on 360 the whole week -lol

rudy said...

I peed my pants! The return of the petting zoo! It's back! It's back!

Chris: I hope you got your slippery oil bath today, they are going to give you hell for this! LOL

Anonymous said...

Do you think she cares? NOT!

ivy said...

John King is in Kuwait, Kyra Phillips (daytime anchor) in Baghdad... just a thought...

Anonymous said...

The raccoon must have read the Sloth warning:

Being held by Anderson Cooper is dangerous to your health

Anonymous said...

Christiane these pictures are tooooo much!!!LOL!!!

Sorry for my ignorance but what does ROTFL mean?

Life in Small Bites said...

ROTFL means rolling on the floor laughing......

Anderson's legs can't be that tan! Look at the comparison with his arms.....or maybe that is sunscreen on his arms and face that makes him look so terribly white. I remember him saying on a show with Kelly Ripa that being in the sun did bad things to his skin; that it "wasn't pretty"...of course Anderson always says self-deprecating things about his appearence.

Maddy said...

That last picture is hilarious!

I must admit I haven't been watching much of AC360 lately but in reading through some of the blogs it sounds like the show is getting back on track and is giving its viewers reason to tune in again.

I really do want to like the Planet in Peril series and will give it another chance. Hopefully they took the viewer comments seriously and will do a better job this time!

courtney01 said...

The caption for the first picture made me spray water all over my computer monitor.

And I think I scared my dog. He ran off behind the couch.

Anonymous said...

You made me smile first thing Monday Morning! way to start a week.


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