Sunday, March 25, 2007

Welcome Back Blogger; Gonzales to Resign?

Well, I never thought I'd say so on this blog, but...

I'm back.

I'd hung up my blogging hat and moved on back in December, or so I thought, due to assorted issues with the blog and my realisation that writing for this blog was becoming a job instead of being fun. I was spending far too much time on the computer discussing CNN, far too much time watching CNN, and far too little time involved in my "real life."

So I went away.

And now I'm back. Why?

Well, why not? I miss writing. I've got my own journal but miss the larger audience this blog provides. I miss talking about news and politics.

So here I am. Again.

What's new with all of you? Leave me a comment and let me know how you're doing.

Is Alberto Gonzales going to resign? Looks like support within the GOP is dissolving. Over at MSNBC, they've an article that refers to some comments made by Arlen Specter which make it clear the Senate is playing hardball:

"“We have to have an attorney general who is candid, truthful and if we find that he has not been candid and truthful, that’s a very compelling reason for him not to stay on,” Specter said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”"

Dianne Feinstein didn't mince words by calling for Gonzales to resign:

"“I believe he should step down,” said Feinstein, also on the Senate Judiciary Committee. “And I don’t like saying this. This is not my natural personality at all. But I think the nation is not well served by this. I think we need to get at the bottom of why these resignations were made, who ordered them, and what the strategy was.”"

And Senator Chuck Hagel admitted that impeachment charges for President Bush are "an option." Hagel said because President Bush insists on ignoring the will of the American public and the wishes of Congress by sending more troops to Iraq, "there are ways to deal with that."

So, do Hagel's comments have merit?

And will Gonzales resign?

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The Original Miranda Lane said...

Welcome back!

What am I up to? Yeah, I haven't posted much lately, either. Heck, I haven't posted at all this month. I'm counting down to April where I can maybe get two days off in a row. I'm working A LOT.

This week alone I'm playing a newlywed on Monday, auditioning as a news anchor on Tuesday. A plus-sized swimsuit modeling go-see is Wednesday. Thursday, I'm taping All My Children as a temp nurse (I'm an extra, but I'm really excited to get onto that set!) Friday I'm a spy in a live corporate team-building event, and on Saturday I'm a patient in a nursing training DVD. Ah, the life of a working actress!

Counting down to April 1 - when I can be myself again (and maybe do some laundry!) No fooling!

And to top it all off, the episode of Forensic Files that I taped three years ago is re-running on Wednesday night, March 28th on Court TV from 9pm-10pm Eastern (with replays at 1am and 5am on Thursday the 29th). I'm in the re-enactments at murderer Maureen Malloy.

Hope the real world is treating you well!

And I think the White House is just waiting for a bigger news story to break that will blow this Gonzales story off of page one. The longer this drags on, the more credibility they lose!

ivy said...

hey Court! I would not think you'll come back here any time soon. But Yay! I miss some current politics here! I guess it depends on how much more information will surface. If there'll be a risk that Rove would have to disclose more then they want or come under serious fire then Gonzales might be sacrificed.

Christiane said...

Esta nena está tan contenta!! Bailando solita en una patita!
Bienvenida Courtiana!

@Miranda: BREAK A LEG GIRL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hola Christiane

Me preguntaba que había ocurrido con el blog, Bienvenida nuevamente.

En cuanto a Gonzales y a Bush? Tal parece que se está derrumbando el imperio...

Anonymous said...
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rudy said...

Welcome back!


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