Friday, May 25, 2007

Anderson Cooper's Dispatches From the Edge Special

Many people love to watch Anderson Cooper's Reporter's Notebooks. Last night ( Weds) they presented a compilation of his works in order to promote the sales of the new paperback edition of Dispatches From The Edge. I have mix feelings with the CNN's tendencies to present or over abuse the Notebooks format, but at least they are very aesthetically attractive and informative. If you have never seen them, agent OOWTF did us the favor of recording all of the notebooks. Remember to check or subscribe to FREAK-TV where you can find great videos compiled by our friends and collaborators.

Part 1 Katrina and Sago Mine

Part 2 Afganistan

Part 3 Hezbollah-Israel war

Part 4 Congo

Part 5 Famine Niger

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ramona said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I've been looking for some of these!

jr said...

I was traveling this week so didn't catch the special or any of AC360. Thanks for posting!

My first thought was Anderson was "shamlessly plugging" his book but after watching the videos posted here, I actually enjoyed it even though I've already seen the reports before. I liked how he mixed stories from his book with reports since the book came out and I liked his commentary in between segments. Very well done, IMO!

Does this mean there is still hope that the Planet in Peril series will end up being just as good?

Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...

I have always liked these types of segments. They show the true personalities, they are much more informal, and generally, nicer to watch. I am very glad they've been put up here, since I haven't actually turned my television on in about three months! Perhaps now that I'm not studying like mad I'll watch again. Naaaah... I'll have to DVR it or something because I like to go to bed before the sun even goes down.

@jr- I sincerely hope that the Planet In Peril series will be great. I can't imagine it NOT being good with Jeff Corwin in it. I watched Corwin's Quest a while ago, and he was about to bungee jump to prove a point about something. He looked at the camera and said something like "the crew is waiting for me to soil my man panties" and I cracked up. I bet he says all sorts of hilarious stuff that CNN does not show. That's too bad- he's pretty funny!

jr said...

@ Sharla Dawn: I agree, Corwin can be a hoot sometimes! His passion is incredible but unfortunately, his last two trips, Alaska and now Greenland, we aren't seeing his funny side like we did when he was in the Amazon.

I know that I criticized the PIP series when they were in the Amazon because I couldn't make the connection to Global Warming, I thought it was just more Jeff and Anderson in the jungle.

I suppose Global warming isn't really expected to be considered a humorous topic and after Corwin got injured in Thailand with the elephants, it seemed as though AC360 was just briefly mentioning the topic, IMO. Corwin was on live last night in Greenland and did mention that his lips were frozen and he was no longer able to speak so he still gets in some humor, even if for a brief second!

Perhaps now that Anderson is in Greenland, it will bring this topic back to the forefront again.

Either that or we will just have to wait until October when the documentary is expected to be released.....

Anonymous said...

i see sharla dawn is back in a good mood again, are you not mad at Stalker Boy anymore or what.

Anonymous said...

@jr- yeah, Corwin is great. That thing with the frog... oh, hysterical. He kept acting like he was going to hand it to Anderson and making him jump backwards... man, that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Anderson sure does have some phobias- I've figured out a few: Ranidaphobia... or Batrachophobia... or... Acarophobia or Entomophobia or Insectophobia oh the freaking list goes on. Whatever. Anderson is afraid of creepy crawly things and everything else. It's sort of funny, but at the same time it's not. As long as he doesn't end up Agoraphobic, then all is well, right?

I wasn't aware that Anderson had actually ended up in Greenland (most likely because I haven't watched TV in THREE MONTHS?!) Never been to Greenland, myself. Heard it's FROZEN. Since I already froze my buttocks off in Jersey this winter (first time I'd ever seen it snow), I'd rather NOT go to a frozen freaking tundra, thanks.

@anon 6:45- Stalker Boi can continue to kiss my very white butt and I hope he's duh himself a hole and is hiding under something slimy.

And I've been in the world's most pissy mood because I quit smoking cold turkey. Trust me. I was screaming at everyone. Plus I'm sure it doesn't help that I've been drinking a whole gallon of coffee every morning with my... friend :).... at the diner. I think I'll switch to Sprite or something- no caffeine!!

oooooh, and to REALLY MAKE MY FREAKING DAY... Betty Ann has invaded Dr. Gupta's BLOG!!! nooooooo!!!! please, shoot me, and put me out of my misery.

jr said...

Oh no...Betty Ann has the hots for Dr. Gupta too?

or perhaps it's just hot flashes...given her age and all!! :)

Anonymous said...


She shouldn't even try. Dr. Gupta is married with two (very small) children!

Of course... menopause can apparently make you wacky in the head.

*ducks as menopausal women everywhere throw things at me*

jr said...

@ Sharla Dawn: Anderson agoraphobic? No way...never!

That would ruin his career as a journalist!

Could we come up with a phobia for Betty Ann? I would definitely want Anderson to have that! :)

Anonymous said...


jr said...

@Sharla Dawn: You are too funny girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously dude- someone should write in to the 360 blog and say they've developed BETTY-ANNUS-PHOBY-ITIS.

I'm sure as hell not gonna do it.... but that would be HILARIOUS.

jr said...

@ Sharla Dawn: I'm too chicken to do that! They probably won't post it anyway....but it would be hilarious. Maybe one of the Anons will do it!

Okay, here's my version:


Fear of incessantly blogging lame comments like Betty Ann on AC360Blog.

Okay, and here's one for Anderson in Greenland:


Fear of cold or cold things.

Betcha he will develop this phobia after his stint in Greenland!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I really got to get the guts up to do this. Someone Triple Dog Dare me.

Dear 360 Blog People:

I'm seriously developing a case of BettyAnnusphobyitis due to the severe incidences of BettyAnnAyCee360Blogaorrhea that are occurring on a regular basis. The only cure is a large Reality-Pill. Would you happen to know where I can find one of those?


Oh. And has Anderson developed a case of Frigophobia to go along with his Ranidaphobia, Batrachophobia, Acarophobia, Entomophobia, Insectophobia oh the freaking list goes on. Whatever. Anderson is afraid of creepy crawly things and everything else. It's sort of funny. Tell him he makes my day.

Sharla Dawn Jones

jr said...

I quadruple dog dare you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, damn. I'm toast.

Alrighty then.... big breath.... I'm doing it right now. No kidding.

Anonymous said...


I sent it in through the instant feedback link. HEE HEE HEE.

No, I really did.

Did you know that you can put your phone number in there? Someone should call me and tell me I'm funny. I think my brain would drop on the floor. Of course, I'd pick it up, put it back in, and carry on an intelligent conversation. Well, if I could stop laughing, that is.....

zappa said...

Planet in Peril is a waste of airtime. It should be on E or the Nature Channel. Now that Pelosi's going to Greenland, it also just looks like another CNN/government talking point setup.

jr said...

@Sharla Dawn: You got some guts girl!

I've send in feedback before but chose not to leave a phone # cuz I figure they would never call...I'd be lucky if they even read it at all!

Good Luck....I think :D

Anonymous said...

Wellll, that automated emaily thing says they read them all. If anything, they'll think it's hysterical and actually give it to Anderson. I dunno. I practically insulted him, LMAO. Sorry Anderson. You're cute AND funny. Oh, let's not forget sarcastic and highly intelligent. Actually those last two are the BEST PART.

And guts? You have no idea. I saw exactly what I think and I don't care if people like it. Unfortunately, you will then either like me a whole lot, or completely hate my guts. There isn't any middle ground with me.....

Anonymous said...

Sharla, Pleeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeee
send it to the 360 blog, too. I quadruple octatriple dare you to do it. RAID and mouse traps don't work to rid BettyAnnitis over the internet.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Oh, and for fun, I added in that because Anderson is so hysterical, I end up grinning like Chester Cheetah.

Since, you know, so many people have pointed out that the makeup person should be shot due to him having an orange face and white ears.

Anonymous said...

If THAT gets posted, I SWEAR TO GOD I will parade around the Time Warner building with a "please fire the 360 blog moderator" sign.

Oh. And I'll take video.

jr said...

If THAT gets posted, I SWEAR TO GOD I will parade around the Time Warner building with a "please fire the 360 blog moderator" sign.

I'd actually pay to see that!

Oh...Anderson on and in Greenland doing a report!

Anonymous said...

Yes. I've been informed that he looks cold. Apparently his North Face Jacket is not fluffy enough.

Yo! Stuff that thing with GOOSE DOWN!!!

jr said...

He didn't look so cold to me and Corwin was the one complaining about freezing.

Sounds like Anderson will be in Greenland over the weekend still on assignment. I can't believe him and Corwin are living in tents!

They are both something else!

Anonymous said...

Apparently Jeff stopped short of saying his balls were frozen.

OMG I'm so glad I'm recording this because I'm not watching right now.


However... it'll most likely be something previously recorded in the second hour. Because, you know, they don't want Anderson to stand in the cold for two hours and....FREEZE HIS BALLS OFF (thank yooooou, Jeff)

Anonymous said...

From Betty Ann on the "Beatboxing Flautist Post:

Anderson and Erica~
Very impressive fluting! Also, impressive that AC is in good with Zamfir~:-O WOW Anderson!
What a cute commercial before the shot! Dogs jumping from boat to boat in the dog days of summer. That made me want to take my dogs boating, well almost, I have 4 dogs, all rescued, at a total weight of 400lbs.!! NIce thought but, nah.
Good, effective ad in this dog eat duck~oops, I mean dog world.
Thanks for the shot!
Erica: Do we get to see a photo of your precious baby?

SOMEONE PLEASE SHOOT ME NOW!!! (or, you know, I could just go off the nearest cliff.....

Anonymous said...

The shot of the day soon after Erica's baby was born was a picture of Erica's baby. Guess that is it for now.

anonymousaba said...

Don't shoot yourself, Sharla. A lit fire under the 360 blog admin. might help to shoot all future Betty Ann posts off the blog. I don't know what they think they've accomplished by inviting Betty Ann and Lorie Ann to clog the blog arteries with BS. The blog stands as nothing short of a complete joke.

jr said...

I decided to bite the bullet and ordered Anderson's Dispatches from the Edge paperback book with the extra chapter and DVD. I just got done watching the DVD, it was well worth the price of the paperback!

He is one remarkable reporter!

He spoke about his take on writing the book, the difference between writing a book and reporting. There are a series of reporter's notebooks and he talks about 360 and its mission, even how they will look at the lighter side of news.

For those who admire Anderson's reporting, you would definitely enjoy this DVD. Available only at Hudson Books and you get a cute little AC bookmark too!!!

Okay, that's it for me shamelessly promoting Anderson's book and I thought it would be of interest to those on the fence about buying his paperback. :)

Christiane said...

I'm glad you got it. And happy it is not just more recycled Reporter's Notebook. I think I might fall into buying it too.


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