Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Congratulations CNN!

For a flawless transmission. You can notice when they have a good producer at helm!

And now some photos courtesy of Tyler Gould, AP and Getty Images ( the same suppliers for CNN)

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Anonymous said...

photos! I love anderson photos!

jr said...

I agree...great debate! Because CNN and Anderson did such a fine job, my guess is that there will be even more videos submitted for the Republican Debate in September.

I think they just raised the bar now. Expectations are going to be higher!

sydney said...

Loved the debate, but I've about had it with that damned blog. I was thinking about submitting a video for the Republican debate, but I can't even get them to post a blog comment - what the hell makes me think they want my video?

It just galls me because certain individuals have multiple comments on the same post, and I rarely get the time of day.

@jr funny enough, I used the same phrase you just did - they "raised the bar."

Grace said...

Sydney have you tried posting with an Ann after your name? lol.

ivy said...

I read comments on the main left-wing blogs - they complained last time Wolf let candidates talk too much, now they are complaining Anderson interrupted everybody. At least Americablog had a write up about Anderson doing a great job yesterday. Looking though blogs in general opinion of AC moderating yesterday seems to be favourable.

I personally think Anderson was a terrific moderator. Though I'd like to see more follow-up questions from him, it's clear they're trying to present as many questions form people, so it's a hard balance to find.

There'll be more complaints about CNN giving leading candidates more time then others.
Chris Dodd's webiste features the debate Talk Clock, showing how much time each candidate and the moderator were given. Last (republican) debates Wolf was the winner, this time Obama got the most airtime:

Obama 15:11
Clinton 12:26
Cooper 11:37
Edwards 10:30
Richardson 9:18
Dodd 8:39
Biden 7:05
Kucinich 6:01
Gravel 4:10

tink said...

Shocking! One of the "Ann's" complained about the debate!!LOL Lori Ann wasn't happy with the time it was scheduled for, guess it was too early for her!

Great pictures, high res? Thanks :-)

sydney said...

@grace I've often threatened to do so LOL!

@tink You mean they didn't consult with her when they scheduled the debate? Shame on them (or maybe that what the repeat was for)!

jr said...


If it makes you feel any better, I got shunned from the 360 Blog also today.

I'm with you, they post the same people multiple times and I just submit once and get rejected.

So explain to me why I should consider submitting an I-report video with my comments? I'll leave that up to the regulars and the "Ann's". It's not worth wasting anymore time than I already have.

jr said...

Found this article...might be of interest to some of you...

Paula Zahn Exiting CNN Next Week
By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer
4 hours ago

NEW YORK - Paula Zahn is leaving CNN, turning her prime-time slot over to Campbell Brown.

Zahn's final program will be Aug. 2. Others will fill in until November, when Brown _ newly hired from NBC News_ will start, CNN said Tuesday.

Zahn has been at the network for nearly six years since jumping from Fox News Channel _ her first day on the job Sept. 11, 2001. She said she expects to stay in television after taking some time off.

"For the first time in 30 years, I'm going to take a break here," said Zahn, 51.

Although her ratings are up this year, Zahn has had a tough time competing in a time slot dominated by Bill O'Reilly on Fox News Channel and Keith Olbermann at MSNBC. Rumors have spread for months that CNN was looking to make a change.

"As all of the stories were being written, (CNN U.S. President) Jon Klein and I were talking very amicably about where we both wanted to go," she told The Associated Press. "You're not going to survive very long in this business if you internalize every rumor that is out there. To a certain extent, my staff and I were able to drown out the noise and do what we were expected to do."

She and veteran executive producer Victor Neufeld had found a niche in recent months reporting extensively on issues of race relations, and Zahn said she was proud of that work. CNN had several times changed the focus of Zahn's show looking for something to catch on, including a focus on politics and emphasis on longer-form stories.

"We are grateful for her dedication, professionalism and class over the last six years," Klein said.

tink said...

@jjr, and they say chivolry is dead!LOL it was nice to let Paula save face and leave with her dignity by letting her resign, rather thna calling it a termination. It was classy, something I didn't think Jon Klein had the ability to do.

I don't watch her much, but good for Paula to leave with her head held high.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is my computer or if you have changed the background, but I really like the white backgroud. It makes it easier to read. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

If I really want my comment posted on the blog, I will sometimes submit my comment between 9-11 pm. The last few times I've done it my comment was posted in the first batch of comments that they release the next day. Not saying it will work all the time for everyone or if it's a real pattern, but it has worked for me.

Anonymous said...

I also like the white background.
Thanks for the tip about getting comments posted on the blog. I've only done it once or twice (that's not counting the debate song choices...whatever happened to that anyway?) and my comments have always been posted.

Press Pass said...


I really like the white background too. It is easier on my eyes.

Keep up the good work. Do you have any "quick tips" to get on the 360 blog?

Anonymous said...

I think although black is fine, white background is better. It's easier to read the texts. Nice debate pictures too. Talking about the debate, what happened to their debate political song. They encouraged people to send their choices and playing one song everyday prior to the day itself. Then all of a sudden the idea just went pffft... what happened?

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering for weeks whatever happened to the Political Debate Song. After all of us searched and searched our IPods and CD's for the perfect song...The last he said that was they were going through legalities, which I am sure they had to get permission to use the music. Perhaps they never got it? I don't know but to just drop it and never say anything else about it, its just weird. Maybe they will end up doing something with it because its still up on the CNN/360 page.

ivy said...


see Image of the day. the full Made in China half-hour cnni special is on the Freaks youtube channel. It's gives better context then some of the longer cnn usa specials. The focus is on tainted and defective chinese products, really makes you think twice before buying anything made in china

tink said...

Love the new layout! It looks great. Did everyone see the Andersighting on Gawker? Who knows if it's true, but at least it's a rated PG description!LOL Talk to you guys later, if I'm done working on my abs :D

Anonymous said...

Cool...Coop on the downtown train.

Anonymous said...

He still rides the subway like a real New Yorker.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's no snob.


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