Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Are people more important than dogs?

Jeffrey Toobin made a great point that abuse of women should create more outrage then abuse of animals, and called some of Anderson Cooper 360 viewers out of their minds. Does he know about Betty Ann? -)

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Anonymous said...

My 2 cents on this whole thing is that Michael Vick gets possible jail time, ruined NFL career and ruined reputation.

Most of which he deserves BUT then there is Ray Lewis the Baltimore Raven's NFL player who was charged with planning and hiring someone to kill his girlfriend and another woman. All he got was 1 year of "unsupervised" probation and the charges expunged from his record. He went on to the SuperBowl in 2000, won and was named MVP.

I know it's apples & oranges and the 2 situations are completely different, but my point is that professional sports will bend the rules any which way they choose in order to keep their
"superstars" . Vick is at the end of his career, while Lewis wasn't. *shakes head* I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Oh Betty Ann! Y'all crack me up talking about Betty Ann - almost as much as her posts on the AC360 Blog.

Anonymous said...

Oops gals, typo - it's spelled "important" not "inportant" :-)

jr said...

Vick only is coping a plea to get a reduced sentence. What example does this set? It's okay to cover-up and finance dogfighting.

I'm glad the NFL has decided to suspend Vick indefinitely. Not only did Vick finance the purchase of puppies that he knew where going to be raised to kill, he is also responsible for 53 dogs currently in a shelter awaiting their fate of death.

I hope the judge is a dog lover and reads between the lines on this plea and doesn't accept the reduced sentence.

And...oh...BTW...Toobin's poodle, Thunder, was adorable! But then again, that's coming from a poodle nut myself!!!!

courtney01 said...

Of course people are more important than dogs. But dog fighting is disgusting and should be illegal. Michael Vick deserves whatever punishment he gets for killing innocent dogs, period.

courtney01 said...

That should say "should remain illegal" rather than just "be illegal," as I realize dog fighting already is illegal.


irene bernadette said...

Yup! There are more important people than dogs BUT it doesn't mean that we shouldn't care less about these animals. Aside from cats and birds, dogs are the next dearest to humans and taking them to fight like gladiators in the Roman era is really disgusting, gory and I think does not have a place in our present society. People like Vick and his co. are sick.


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