Sunday, October 21, 2007

Focus on Africa

Anderson Cooper had a new report from Niger on 60 minutes, he went there to see how things have changed after his Emmy-winning report in 2005. It's great to see that 60 minutes allows him to report on issues that matter and that he has passion for, not limiting him to celebrity interviews. Anybody who missed it --watch it here!

UPDATE: Anderson is going to Congo next weekend on assignment for 60 Minutes

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jr said...

Yes, it was refreshing to actually hear about good things happening in Africa for a change. This was a great report from AC. Who would have thought that peanut butter would make such a difference.

Anonymous said...

I agree with jr, it was a great report. On the other hand I thought Katie Couric did a bad job with Valerie Plame. Instead of being a reporter Katie kept injecting her own thoughts/agenda instead of getting the story. IMO, of course!

Anonymous said...

He said he was going to The Congo over the weekend when he visited the children's hospital in Florida.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:03: you're right, the report I saw said he was going there in a couple weeks from now.

Anonymous said...

did you read the new British interview?
Anderson now claims to have 5 STALKERS!!!

Let's see:

Crazy Elaine
Sharla Dawn
two more slots, who else?

Anonymous said...

two more slots, who else?

Me Ellee (the one who writes those love stories about a relationship between her and Anderson)

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:48 I thought SD was Anthony's stalker LOL!


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