Saturday, October 28, 2006

Anderson Cooper Slept Here...Maybe

According to Defamer, the Gawker of the West Coast, someone spotted our "ambiguously handsome Anderson Cooper. He had on a green t-shirt, jeans and boots and his shockingly gray hair was perfect. He's really cute, not that tall and was asking the front desk for something. I told the Belvedere hostess that we wanted to sit with him and she just gave me a blank stare. No sense of humor there but since their entire staff is on the National Enquirer payroll she was probably mad that I recognized him and was going to give the scoop to defamer first."

There are a couple of other "sightings", but the only sighting I seem to care about is seeing his butt back here in NYC and hosting his own show for more than eight or nine days at a time. Although, John King was wonderful and I'd like to ask him to marry me. I'm sure I'll lose the nerve if Cooper ever decides to come home.

Interested where Cooper has been hanging his clothes while on vacation? Here are a few pictures into his "oh-so LA" digs. And for those out there who like to follow him around, I hope you've saved your pennies...this place ain't NOLA cheap.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. This isn't a comment on the topic at hand, but I've been reading and enjoying your blog since I came across it on Sheryn's site. You guys seem to be quite knowledgeble can probably answer my question.

Why does CNN (and a lot of other news sites) want you to flag your comments as either negative or positive? If they read them all as they claim, can't they make that distinction themselves? Do they give more consideration to one category or the other? Do they act on the comments at all?

Glad I found you all.


Anonymous said...

Someone on another Anderblog is claiming that Anderson didn't stay at the Peninsula at all this past week. I don't know how she knows this information, but she sounds absolutely certain about it.

Jade said...

Anon @6:27....thanks for the compliment. We hope you come back often to visit our site.

Networks, including CNN, do actually review the comments that are submitted via email or on the blog. They are sorted positive /negative because they are very careful about what they post or read on air.

No other distinctions are made, but they try to split the comments 50/50 pro/con...unless it's FNC and then they are sorted liberal or conservative...just kidding.

And they are watching out for the fanatics that post on a regular basis as well.

Great question, avalon!

Jade said...

Anon@11:40...I don't believe that anyone (unless Anderson blogs) on any Ander-fan site knows his exact whereabouts, no matter how much they want to make you beleive they The proof is in the pudding or the $1,000,000 photo with timestamp not faked in Photoshop.

I know that he was supposed to have been in the Virgin Islands, at the Scissor Sisters concert last Saturday evening and spotted at The Grove this past Monday night.

Anderson will probably just make us wait to read about his escapades in his next book or in the New York Post!

You know there is a little bit of truth in most everything, we just don't know what it is ;)

Christiane said...

Welcome Anon to The Freaks

For more information about the CNN online newsroom, you might be interested in this former post

That deals with the dynamics of the online content department.
AC's blog actually has 15 people working exclusively with the online comments and monitoring of the web.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes Anderson will blurt out where he's gone on vacation, it may happen MONTHS from now, but he'll say it. He went to Morocco around April and when he was on David Letterman in July, he brought that up. Watch him on Regis and Kelly this Friday, he may say something then.

I think he was at the Peninsula, The Grove, Scissor Sisters AND possibly Brazil as has been reported. The man knows how to vacation.

marie said...

The rates are about $150 over the rate I pay to stay at The Westgate Hotel in San Diego. The Westgate Hotel is the only hotel in the US I feel completely safe staying at. That is because every pair of guest suites is accessible through its own gate. You have to unlock a gate to get to your room door. Plus, you share that gate with only one other guest suite. The only people who have access to your room door are staff and the people in the other suite.

I don't see Anderson paying for a huge room unless he plans to hide in there the whole time. It is a waste of money if you are going to be out and about most of the time.


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