Sunday, October 29, 2006

Anderson Cooper... what's his ultimate price for a story?

Friday's deadly violence began when gunmen tried to remove a street blockade in a rough neighborhood. Journalist Bradley Roland Will, 36, of New York, was hit in the abdomen and died later at a Red Cross hospital.

OAXACA, Mexico (Reuters) - Riot police, bulldozers and army helicopters were poised to storm the Mexican tourist city of Oaxaca on Sunday, but after talks with leaders of a long-running protest, officials said an offensive was on hold.

You may recall, this is the colonial city where Anderson was last October, trying to to deal with issues that surfaced during Hurricane Katrina. Do you worry about Anderson and his safety? Do you worry more about his personal safety now, since his celebrity status has risen, or do you only worry when is out on assignment?

Curious to hear your thoughts on the subject!

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eliza said...

Yes, I worry for his safety. I should be a professional worrier, so really I worry about the safety of all journalists I watch when they're in a dangerous situation. I think it's a way of identifying with a conflict. Regarding Iraq, I don't know anyone over there, so Michael Ware (and others) kind of represent all our soldiers and all Iraqi civilians for me.

When Anderson is home or somewhere else relatively safe I only worry if there's a big controversy, such as the recent sniper debacle. I've come to the conclusion that approximaately 30% of the country is crazy and it only takes one wacko to attack him. I know he also has really crazy fans, but I don't really worry about them as much because I don't think they'd actually hurt him. Scare him yes, but I don't think they're dangerous enough to worry about.

Christiane said...

Journalism is a serious matter, they risk their lives constantly and in Anderson's case he can't even feel "safe" at home.

I personally think NYC might even be more dangerous than oversea assignments, he might have his "guard down" and have a nasty surprise. His family have been victims of stalkers for a long time, and surely that must interfere with their quality of life.

Stalkers might feel thrilled to do it - all in the nature of good old fun -, but I bet AC isn't feeling the same towards them. He is way more polite with the situation than many might deserve.

There are people that think it is "fair game", I disagree. And it is even worse when stalkers are encouraged and promoted in websites and blogs. They only think of the "I'm his fan and I wouldn't harm him", but they forget how their online disclousure of his personal info might be easily available to not so well intended people... like Eliza clearly stated, the ones asking for his head after the sniper controversy.

Carreers at CNN have been ruined by similar controversies, CNN has an history of easily giving in to pressure. During the week we will be posting further information about that topic.

eliza said...

Are you talking about Jordan Eason? I really doubt CNN would throw Anderson overboard like they kind of did with Eason because they've invested so much money in him. Plus since he's pretty high profile it would cause a lot of bad publicity. And Anderson has a lot of fans ready to have his back.

It's like with Keith Olbermann. I believe Keith gets to do his special comments because he has a very large, loyal, and loud fanbase. If there weren't viewers out there supporting the comments MSNBC probably would have stopped them.

Anonymous said...

Considering the vile comments from bloggers recently about Anderson and CNNs decision to air the insurgent sniper video, I've gotten a little more worried about his safety than usual, even moreso than when he was in the world's hot spots like Iraq and Afghanistan where he had heavy security. The bloggers and commentors who have been extremely critical of CNN and AC360 may be all bark and no bite, but you never know who's out there that is a total nut and might try something. Anderson doesn't strike me as someone who'd go into hiding if he were threatened, but he also seems to be a relatively careful person, I hope he is now.

eliza said...

I wonder if anyone has sent him fake anthrax like they did to Keith Olbermann. The public never would have found out if it wasn't for the idiot New York Post leaking the story. It's very possible (probably actually) there's been threats against Anderson and CNN regarding this sniper thing that we're not hearing about.

ivy said...

jade --I've witnessed the absense of security on a public event he was a participant of, honestly, it disturbed me. It's natural to worry for him and other journalists on dangerous assignments.
I think with AC becoming more high-profile makes his safety situation worse not only in war zones but also at home. There are plenty of crazy people both among critics and among fans. Not all fans are writing on blogs. And it does only take one. On one hand, usually when a person reaches a certain level of celebrity, they get bodyguards and additional security. However I doubt his profession and character would allow him to do that and close off. He's not an entertainer, he's a journalist. I agree that it might be as dangerous for him at home because he's not in high alert mode 24 hours. It would be inhumane if he would have to be.

marie said...

I worry for the safety of all the journalists, more so when they are out of the country.

Shay said...

I do worry for Anderson's safety and the safety of all journalists more when they are on assignment. When I read that he might go to Iraq that made me nervous for him. Since he is more high profile now that could make him more of a target...though I hope not.

A few people made a point I hadn't thought of and that is when he is in New York his guard could be down and he probably has less security then.


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