Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Quote of the Day

"It's not that we 'could be' the weaker sex - we are the weaker sex. Even when men and women have the same disease, we often find that men are more likely to die."

– DR. ROBERT TAN, geriatrics specialist in Houston.

6 comentarios:

ivy said...

Even if they might be a weaker sex it sure is the men's world. So are men sneakier or just more pushy? All I know they always get to be on top. Almost always -)

Eorry for off-top - did anybody see Michael Ware on american moring after 8am est? I think I was yelling at the screen "you go Michael"! Now, that's a guy who I can't apply the term "weaker sex" to -)

courtney01 said...

I disagree, Ivy. In that regard, men usually want women on top because they want us to do all the work. ;-)

Nice quote, Jade. Of course you won't get any arguments from me on that score!

Jade said...

Of course this applies to all men except our wonderful newsguys!

ivy said...

@jade - were you're talking about "men are weaker sex" regard or in that regard courtney was talking about? -) I'm all ears -lol

@courtney--aha, they wish! -)

Jade said...

@ Ivy...All our newsguys are tops!?! That doesn't sound right either...lol.

Our newsguys are not weak by any means. Have you seen Cooper's biceps? The man has tone.

And yeah, what Courtney said :)

ivy said...

@jade - How about an exclusive? I believe in you -lol

And yes, I've seen Mr. Cooper's biceps and was quite impressed -) Nobody can call the man weak, that'
s for sure.

And what about John King, Tom Foreman and of course Michael Ware? They got guts, and they have brains. That's a combo! They must be put in "Endangered Species" list and protected. -)


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