Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Chimp News Network?

We all know how Anderson Cooper loves animals and chimps were at the top of the list last night. Snarky Anderson, my favorite, slams MSNBC...but in all reality they'll take the idea and run with it. Things these days are tough at 30 Rock.

COOPER: All right. Randy, time for "The Shot" today. And we have an unusual newscast out of Japan. We spotted this, of course, on YouTube. You know, they say TV news is so easy even a trained monkey could do it? Well, in this case, it's a chimpanzee. Take a look.

KAYE: Oh, my.


COOPER: That's right. It's Chimpanzee News Channel or CNC. It's from Japan. It's a newscast for animals by animals. The anchor is a chimp. His co-anchor is a camel named Pierre Rodriguez, which makes sense. Japanese celebrities come on the show.

A Japanese comedian, of course, is the voice for the chimp. And I just hope the idea doesn't catch on here. Actually, I heard, and I don't know if this is true, Randy. I heard MSNBC is experimenting with this format.

KAYE: Oh, really? Because you know we would never do that here. It's got to be across the street.

COOPER: Yes. Well, you know, they're constantly looking for new programming. So that's what they're onto now.

KAYE: Very nice. I'll leave it there.

COOPER: Probably best.

Thanks to Stillife for the screencap.

8 comentarios:

ivy said...

yes, that was funny! Anderson at his best -lol. For some reason I would rather see Tom Foreman for that segment then Randy Kaye.

courtney01 said...

So what's he trying to say? Who is the chimp over there? Or are they all chimps? ;-)

No chimps at Fox. Just a bunch of donkeys (and I don't mean the Democratic kind).

ivy said...

@courtney-- Tucker! Tucker! -lol

ivy said...

donkeys, eh? Hmm, what was that other word for a donkey, --oh, an ass!

Jade said...

The only guy who doesn't even come close to being a chimp at MSNBC is Keith Olberman. He needs to go back to CNN.

ivy said...

@jade -- I doubt CNN will let him do his "special commnets"

courtney01 said...

I forgot about Keith. Yeah, he's no chimp! Neither is Chris Matthews.

marie said...

Not a fan of chimps. I do love monkeys..esp Curious George!


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