Sunday, December 10, 2006

Anderson Cooper and Other News...

I can't believe it's Sunday again already! That means back to the grind tomorrow and I was just getting used to the weekend. All we go...

Do you have plans for New Year's Eve? Well, I think we have a date with Anderson Cooper. Trust me, that's better than what I have to choose from around here, but that's another story. I pulled this from the "360" site:

"Keeping them honest" has been a 360° mission in 2006. For Anderson's New Year's Eve special we want to know how you're "Keeping them honest." If you or someone you know is trying to right a wrong in your community, tell us about it and we may feature your story on the New Year's Eve special.
Me, Anderson on television and a bottle of champagne on NYE. What makes this different from any other night? The champagne, of course ;)

Moving on...

Did you read about the Andersighting in D.C., this on Wonkette?
  • Anderson Cooper Sighting! That’s right. I was sitting next to the ambiguously gay and very sexy “360” reporter last night [12/6] in the Jury’s restaurant/bar in Dupont Circle. He appeared to be on a date with a rugged looking young man with a goatee. I believe the date heard me say as Anderson walked out, “Look! Anderson is so hot he walls like a sex machine”.
  • Anderson Cooper totally “360’d” a group of Democrat press folks (plus one Republican) at Biddy Mulligan’s just now [12/7]. He’s with an unidentified Spanish man.
Me thinks poor Cooper can't meet any member of the same sex for anything without speculation. Shame on you Wonkette. After all, it is the D.C. version of Gawker and we know they make up crap all the time.

And the love of Anderson Cooper extends around the world! Anderson has a fan in Japan, check out her site, Addicted to Anderson Cooper, and welcome her to the family.

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marie said...

The first sighting sounds like the one that was published a few weeks back??

Gawker and other on-line gossip rags need to check their "facts" before publishing them. I sometimes troll these sites just to see what made-up garbage these people come up with.

One that made me LOL was about an actor who I am currently in email contact with (and will contribute articles to this blog in 2007...yea!) This person was described as "queen bitch, diva, slut, stuck-up, and snot" by the OP and in the comments. Of course, there were those that claimed to have or know someone who had a "one-night stand" with this person.

What I don't understand is if this person is really what those people describe him to be, then why would that person want to be in email contact with me? I am not famous by any means and the person really has nothing to gain from me (publicity wise.) In addition, he lives quite a distance (at least 1,000 miles) away so there is no physical contact between us. Would someone who was described with those unflattering words be a person who would be friends with someone if there was "nothing in it for him" besides the friendship?

Gawker does come up with some stuff that is pretty entertaining at times. One is the article about Gramercy Park...hilarious! I live on the other side of the country and have never been to that park so I am not sure how accurate that article was. I do know that "Gramercy Park" is also a line of paper put out by American Crafts. IMO, most of the paper in that line (Gramercy Park) is fugly. Not something I want to use in my scrapbooks.

As for Japan, if you check the CNN International tv guide, Japan appears to be the only country in Asia that gets AC360. The rest get LKL.

Jade said...

Hmm...*Jade scratches head*

marie said...

Sorry, I had a lot to say! lol..

marie said...

If you're bored and want stuff to read that is entertaining, go to the scrapbook website

Most of the site will not interest non-scrapbookers but the NSBR section always has something interesting to read..sometimes funny..sometimes informative..and sometimes there are cat fights! There are a few men who also post on that 98% female dominated site, lol!

Here is the URL:

click on "NSBR Board"

Lee said...

I really don't understand why people feel compelled to e-mail Gawker, Wonkette, or the NY Post every time they spot Anderson having dinner. He came into a Manhattan restaurant a couple of years ago while I was there. I didn't even mention it to my colleague. I just watched him over her shoulder while she prattled on about her kid's potty training or whatever. Maybe I'm just really bad at being a "fan" but I don't get it.

@Jade. My New Year's Eve plans are about the same as yours.

Anonymous said...

I just feel so bad for Anderson that so much of this stuff is made up. The dates make no sense. I don't know how he deals with it because it would make me crazy, but he's the professional and I guess you have to learn to ignore it. Plus, they do this just to try to break him. The NY Post dosen't have Mike Piazza to torment anymore so I guess Mr. Murdoch's (sp?) trash rag and related gossip sites have turned to Anderson as thier favorite target to make up "sightings" and "friends". I will never forget all the Sam Champion and Mike Piazza stories, now it seems funny but at the time it most of have hell for Piazza.


Jade said...

@Lee...I agree with you that emailing someone about who I've just spotted isn't at the top of my to do list. Makes me a bad fan too ;)

@Jenn...The Post had better not ever call Cooper a 'monkey'. Watching Wolfbot on Late Edition this morning, both Hamilton and Baker were laughing at the Post and their cover this past week.

courtney01 said...

Are we peddling gossip now too?

My New Year's Eve plans involve good booze, good food, and Anderson Cooper. Meh.

No good luck kisses for me this year. :(

courtney01 said...


I guess they don't have anything else better to do and want to feel important?

That and our society is obsessed with celebrities. ;-)

The sad thing about sites like Gawker is how easy it is to email them false information. Then this information gets traded and posted around the internet as truth. People start believing it and then it's "common knowledge."

Ah, well. The perils and joys of the internet... ;-)

marie said...

You mean places such as *coughcoughdataloungecoughcough*?

Yep, I gotcha and you know who you are!!

Jade said...

@Courtney...honey, if I were going to peddle gossip, I would have put the link up on Friday morning when I came across it ;)

My point, was it was crap. Like Gawker, like everything else.

And don't anyone go off on DL. We don't bad mouth other sites by name...only innuendo.

marie said...

I have vacation time coming up and I have two spots left for entry and exit to another country.


Anonymous said...

But how do you all know for certain that these Anderson sightings are crap? There is a possibility that SOME may be accurate. Anderson was seen in Oaxaca Mexico last year in October, this was posted on Gawker by a someone who saw him there and it was later confirmed by Anderson himself when he said he was there on vacation in October in his book. No one can really say what's true and what's not unless you are with Anderson 24/7. I'm not trying to criticize anyone here, I just think that to say EVERYTHING printed about Anderson is a lie is as strange as BELIEVING everything you hear about him, no one really knows one way or the other.

courtney01 said...



You're right; we don't know all of them are crap. Some may or may not be true. Who knows? We're all free to have an opinion.

I guess I'm way too cynical and tend to take everything with a grain of salt.

anon 8:44 said...

Hi Courney01, :D

I'm generally a rather cynical person myself and I have to occasionally remind myself to keep an open mind.

I love this site, btw. :D

courtney01 said...

Thanks, anon8:44

Glad you like it here.

marie said...

@anon 8:44

THank you for your kind compliments and welcome to the blog. :)

Jennifer said...

Some of the sightings may very well be true, but I live in the state of "Show Me" so I like proof. I guess that makes me cynical too.

Anonymous said...

You can't ask for much more proof than Anderson saying himself in Dispatches that he was in Oaxaca Mexico at the exact same time that he was seen by those Gawkers! So there's one that's true, I remember that particular sighting on Gawker because they said he was seen at the Day of the Dead celebration and he said so too.

Jennifer said...

@Anon 3:32...I don't dispute what Cooper has written, and the Mexico sighting was well over a year ago, but that is one instance out of dozens and not the one in question from Wonkette.

Personally it makes no difference where and with whom he spends his time with as long as he shows up to do his program every evening :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Wonkette sighting is so implausible either, since Anderson WAS in Washington, DC, but whatever, I don't want to get into a big debate about it, some are true and some aren't. Here's an interesting one, believe it if you want or don't believe, the choice is yours!

Jake Shears/Anderson Cooper
Dec 9th, 2006 @ 11pm

I was in NYC for the weekend and got double lucky! Spotted Anderson Cooper standing on the sidewalk talking to Jake Shears. They were laughing as they talked. They both looked cold!

Since it's well known that AC and Jake are friends, this one is plausible too. I apologize if this is inappropriate to post here.

Jade said...

Thanks Anon 4:36 for the tip. Generally, we choose not to post reported Gawker or other sightings as we leave those to the fangirl blogs ;)

It was my bad for posting the Wonkette blurb, which I really thought was old news and I can assure you that will be the last time I post anything from those sites again.

Anon 4:36 said...

@Jade - I won't be posting anymore Gawker sightings here either, I don't really have anything against Wonkette or Gawker and sort of enjoy those sites, but I don't want to go against the wishes of you and the other moderators and posters on this blog which I also enjoy very much!


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