Saturday, December 09, 2006

Anderson Cooper is Cool

Hello FreakSpeakers! Last night's "Anderson Cooper 360" was like a breath of fresh air! It was classic Cooper and Crew. It was obviously a Friday where everyone was feelin' good...and it made for a great show. Frankly, it was a flashback to the type of shows that made me sit-up and notice Cooper just a few years ago.

I'm going to take Betty Ann moment here...yesterday Cooper mentioned having his tonsils out as an adult and talked about how horrible it was. Well, you know what...the man doesn't lie. I had mine out two years ago and it was the most horrible, painful, miserable experience. I had to be off work for two weeks and didn't swallow right for weeks after that! Like Cooper, I'm no doctor, but yank them out of your youngsters...the earlier the better.

And here is my Lorie Ann moment...Anderson don't hate your laugh. People love you for your laugh. I have what I consider to be a rather annoying laugh myself. I sound just like Betty Rubble when I laugh. People say its cute, I say not so much.

For our international viewers tonight, I hear CNNI is pretty unreliable when it comes to broadcasting AC360, so I've included the best part of last night's show, essentially a Reporter's Notebook about his guest hosting job, and some caps, courtesy of Sheryn, so that you too can enjoy the one, the only, Anderson Cooper!

For the next time Anderson, don't blame the coffee. You don't like hot drinks, remember?

Have a rockin' Saturday friends :)

COOPER: Yes. That's right. I did a little moonlighting this morning, filling in for Regis Philbin on "Live with Regis and Kelly". Although, really, frankly, can anyone fill in for Regis? I don't think so.

Shall I stick to my night job? We'll take a look when 360 continues.


(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) STEVE WHITMIRE, VOICE OF KERMIT THE FROG: You know, I'm really glad to see that it's you, Anderson. I thought Regis had finally gone gray. Hard to tell on the monitor.


COOPER: I didn't understand that joke. Anyway, that was Kermit the Frog having a laugh at my expense. I'm sure I'll figure it out by tomorrow morning. That happened this morning on "Live with Regis and Kelly". Kermit is actually taller than he looks on television.

I was sitting, of course, in for Regis Philbin. It was my fourth time co-hosting. The question is, am I improving at all? Well, you decide. Take a look.


COOPER (voice-over): This time around, things started off pretty well. The studio audience is always welcoming, and Kelly is great.

RIPA: You're here, and I'm excited about it.

COOPER (on camera): I'm very excited.

(voice-over) The first 15 minutes is still the toughest part. It's unscripted. But this time I brought props.

(on camera) This is me with Oscar the grouch.

(voice-over) Just in case things really went dry, I also brought a news scoop.

(on camera) Britney Spears, she made an announcement.

RIPA: And?

COOPER: She apologized.

RIPA: For?

COOPER: For showing her bits and pieces.

RIPA: Ohhh!

COOPER (voice-over): I was trying to be diplomatic with that word choice, but I can't begin to explain why I said this.

RIPA (on camera): I love that someone got the go-go dancer pregnant.

RIPA: Yes. Yes.

COOPER (voice-over): Did I really say that? Maybe it was something in the coffee.

The coffee mugs on the set actually gave me some trouble. Drinking while you're talking is harder than it looks. Watch my first attempt. About a minute into the show, I reach and pull back, mission scrubbed.

About five minutes later, I try again and get the mug all the way to my lips. But wait a sec. Not enough time. It's my turn to say something. Quick, put it down. Like I said, harder than it looks.

More than seven minutes into the show, I finally nailed it.

(on camera) It's going to be a long morning.

(voice-over) Actually, it went by pretty fast.

One thing I really wanted to get right this time was the kiss and hug, also much harder than it looks. Last time with Nicole Richie, I went in for a peck on the cheek, but then she started to reach out her hand. I went in for a brief kiss. How awkward was that?

This time with Diane Sawyer, it went much better.

(on camera) Please welcome Diane Sawyer.

(voice-over) A quick smooth hug and kiss, no hesitation. My handshake with Brian McKnight, also stumble free.

They say practice makes perfect. But it hasn't helped my laugh. This was me last time.

RIPA: Something like...

COOPER (on camera): (laughing)

(voice-over) What is that? It's like a laugh/snort/chortle. Sadly, not much better this time.

(on camera) (laughing)

RIPA: And then the next thing...

COOPER (voice-over): It's still as annoying as ever, which Kelly is kind enough to overlook.

I've always liked her, but we really bonded this time over a mutual fan and her unusual tattoos.

(on camera) So on one leg, she's got you and Regis?

RIPA: Yes.

COOPER: On the other leg, she's got me.

RIPA: To me the very interesting thing is what happens at night when it's cold and she cuddles up with herself and rubs her legs together?

COOPER: We make out. RIPA: Yes.

COOPER (voice-over): Kelly is the perfect co-host. She's smart. She's funny, really talented. And did I mention visionary?

RIPA: I think there should be an AC TV.

COOPER (on camera): Oh, yes? From your lips to God's ears.

RIPA: Anderson Cooper television. A 24-hour Anderson Cooper channel.

COOPER: We'll work on that.

(voice-over) In the meantime, I guess I can always work on my laugh.


COOPER: Do I really laugh like that? It's so annoying. Is this how I laugh?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's not annoying at all.

COOPER: Sure. Of course. Yes. Thank you. All right.

16 comentarios:

JT said...

That's why I love when Anderson's on Regis and Kelly because his more humorous and snarky side comes out and we find out little bits of information about him. There are even times on 360 that this happens but it's pretty rare now so last night was a definite treat. I REALLY wish he was able to work in more of his personality and sense of humor on the show like he used to, he used to have me cracking up all the time. Serious and silly was a good combination, IMO. I don't know anyone who DOESN'T love Anderson's unique laugh other than HIM.

courtney01 said...

I missed the show last night. Was Christmas shopping. Figures I miss a good show. :(

Anderson has a great laugh. It's very goofy and cute.

Jade said...

@Courtney...if you have Pipeline, you can watch the segment. It's on the homepage as a link.

I've watched it twice because he was so funny. Does that make me obsessive? ;)

Anonymous said...

So what's with the -its good someone got the go go dancer pregnant? I just can't believe he said that!

Personally if coffee made him go that loose, he should consider trying it out more often...Or whatever was in that mug!!!!

eliza said...

Heh. I actually thought it was a bad show. Anderson's segment was adorable, but the rest of the hour was seriously lacking in both news and tact. IMO.

marie said...

I have not reviewed the video yet, but it sounds like last night's show was a great one. :)

At least he can giggle. I either smile or laugh out loud..quite loud.. Most of the time, I just smile.

Jade said...

@eliza...well if you're really into hard news all the time, then last night's show was light. But let's face it, how many nights in a row can we talk about the Iraq Study Group? After awhile it sounds like blah, blah, blah.

It was refreshing to end the week with the last 10 minutes of his show being "light".

Jade said...

@Anon 4:46...whatever was in the mug had ice in it..I saw him trying to swallow it discreetly while Ripa yipped

eliza said...

@Jade-I've got no problem with the last 10 minutes, it was the rest of the show that was bad. The James Kim stuff was exploitive IMO and Wesley Snipes? Are they kidding? At least they covered the Foley investigation.

JT said...

@Anon 4:46, that's the sort of thing that makes Anderson great. It's almost typical for him to say something weird like that comment about the go-go dancer. He's a little strange, but I love it.

jr said...

I agree with Eliza, the show was not that great from a news perspective. The last 10 minutes when he "lightened" up and we saw his humor come out was wonderful!

He has such a great sense of humor which is why he definitely makes a good co-host for a Regis and Kelly type gig! I also miss his humor during AC360...he seems to only limit it to when he does "The Shot".

Jade said...

One of the funniest things about the Regis and Kelly show yesterday, was Kelly and the blanket.

She made a comment about hoping that he was wrapped up inside the blanket and about how a lot of others wished for that too.

She is a smart woman after all.

marie said...

I think one would have a better chance of winning the Mega Millons lottery than expecting him under the blanket. ;)

Jade said...

Alright, I have to admit that I think Anderson Cooper reads our blog or both he and I share a brain. In my 11/19 post, I also used the term "bits and pieces".

Just goes to show that great minds think alike ;)

marie said...

I think he does too.

Anonymous said...

He may or may not read this blog, but I know he's used the term "bits and pieces" several times before he did on R&K.

I love when he interacts with his crew people on 360 and you can hear them laughing and commenting in the background.


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