Thursday, December 14, 2006

Anderson Cooper Walks!

Yeah, yeah...I know I said I wouldn't post so-called "gossip" again as to not incite riots and spectacles in the street, but, well, this is from "E!" and one of my favorite men, Ted Casablanca. Hugs and kisses to Ted, I love his snark!

Anyway in case you're interested...

Anderson Cooper, walkin’ and tawkin’ in the Rotten Apple. The silver stud-muffin was "shorter than expected," insist particularly sour New Yawkers, and he was heading down 58th Street with a colleague by his side and a cell on his ear. The Coop was wearing jeans and a down, black parka and was overheard discussing a piece "Diane" just did and its editing style. Sawyer, perhaps? Also takin’ the mean streets of InWhySee was...

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Anonymous said...

I never take issue with an Andersighting, even the ones that get some of his fans all bent out of shape, i.e., AC seen with *gasp* a MAN, don't bother me in the least. Thanks for posting this sighting, to me it's fun to hear about AC working or playing on the streets of NYC.

I'm not a fan of Ted Casablanca though, his style of writing his blind items is infuriating, I just want to grab him and tell him "JUST SAY WHAT YOU MEAN, DANG IT"! But I guess he's seen as creative.

Jade said...

Well here's one more...from *shhhh* Gawker...

1:30 Sunday December 10th--Anderson Cooper having was at the table next to us at Atelier in The Ritz (50 Central Park South). He was with another (not as nice looking) guy who said "Oh sorry, I didn't even offer to pay" as they were standing to walk out. Anderson rolled his eyes, shook his head and said "oh, it's ok."

Anonymous said...

Another good one! I'm a GawkerStalker-phile because of their frequent Anderson mentions and I saw that second AC sighting there yesterday. AC eye rolling, love it.

marie said...

I am not a big fan of these types of reports. The "I saw _______ at the post office" type of thing. To me it is rather boring. For years, I have also been on the receiving end of such attention before so that is likely another factor in why I feel this way. Not on a national level, but in the city I live in. It is a result of time spent helping out my aunt and uncle in their restaurant. The restaurant is a sandwich shop (not a franchise) that has several thousand customers a week. Apparently it is enough so that in this area of 2.1 million people, my family gets "reports" of where I am from these customers. Granted I don't do things that I would be embarassed about, but it is kinda creepy to know everyone is looking and watching.

The worst thing is when people come up to you and they think you remember them, and you don't. You have to pretend you do or at least be very polite and hope they don't realize that. :(

So when I see someone I know or someone "famous" I usually just smile, make brief eye contact, and look away. If he/she/they approach me, then that is ok, otherwise, I don't push it.

Anonymous said...

No disrespect, but how can a sighting of Anderson Cooper EVER be considered BORING?! I would think that any fan of his would get a kick out of hearing about what he's up to when he's not on the air. To each his own, but I'm glad there are lots of people out there who enjoy the sightings like I do. Perhaps they aren't all legit, but it's still fun to read, IMO. I don't expect to see them posted here on a regular basis so I'm glad Ted and Gawker are around for that!

marie said...

anon 1:22,
I like to read Gawker sometimes, but the stories that capture my attention are the ones about normal (non-famous) people doing crazy things.

I do like to read about "society people", though. Especially when it includes a photo of one of them doing something really dumb! The stories of these people interest me because I grew up in the South, where manners and "doing what is proper" is what is stressed. It is hard to explain unless you grew up in this area.

marie said...

Ok, I will take the bait on this. It's not about Anderson but sometimes this person is on 360.

A little over a week ago, John Roberts appeared on screen with what appears to be a shiner on his eye. Does anyone know what is up with that? Or is it a special effect courtesy of the CNN make-up staff?

Anonymous said...

I heard that John Roberts had some sort of cancerous growth on his eye, I don't have all the exact details but I believe that's what it was.

Anonymous said...

From New York Post Online:

Anderson Cooper
Madison and E 62nd St.
December 13, 2006 @ 4 PM
I saw Anderson Cooper and a young woman with long black hair crossing Madison Ave., having an animated conversation.

Anonymous said...

Sightings, sightings! Thanks anon. I wonder if the people who dislike the posting of sightings of AC feel the same about them when it's reported that he's seen with a WOMAN as in this latest. I'm not directing this comment to Marie or Jade, so please don't get mad! I love this site. :D


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