Friday, December 15, 2006

Gupta Makes Office Visits to CBS

Happy Friday FreakSpeakers! Here's the news...

Following a long line of CNN reporters, Gupta crosses over to CBS. Maybe Anderson can give him some tips to make the transition smooth. It would be nice to see them do a story together for "60 Minutes" as they seem to work well together. The details below are courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter...

NEW YORK -- He's plenty busy already, but neurosurgeon-medical reporter Sanjay Gupta is adding another job to his resume. The five-year CNN veteran will contribute to the "CBS Evening News With Katie Couric" beginning early next year. Gupta's agreement with CBS is a lot like his colleague Anderson Cooper's deal; Gupta will remain with CNN and do up to 10 reports for CBS in 2007. This doesn't affect the recent hiring of Jonathan LaPook, a New York-based physician who also covers medical issues for "CBS Evening News." LaPook has what CBS News president Sean McManus calls the "day-to-day role," and Gupta will contribute several pieces from Atlanta and perhaps the field. Gupta joined CNN as a medical correspondent in 2001 and became senior medical correspondent in 2004. He recently signed a three-year deal to remain at CNN as chief medical correspondent, where he hosts "House Call" on the weekends and contributes to CNN shows with analysis, reports and specials like his Emmy-winning "Charity Hospital." That's nothing to say of Gupta's career as a neurosurgeon, where he performs surgery and is associate chief of neurosurgery at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. He also is a member of the neurosurgery department at Atlanta's Emory University School of Medicine.

The self-proclaimed "medical news junkie" said Thursday that he is not too worried about the added workload. He doesn't take many vacations. "I consider a change of activity a form of rest," Gupta said. Gupta said he has been a longtime admirer of CBS' McManus and had lunch with him a few months ago. Gupta wanted to remain at CNN but liked the idea brought up by McManus of working for both networks, like Cooper does for "60 Minutes." McManus said he has been a friend of CNN chief Jim Walton for many years, and the idea came up in discussions with Walton. They were able to work it out so it worked for everyone. "It's a good deal for all three parties," McManus said.The details remain to be worked out, but Gupta believes he will start working on CBS pieces next month. He probably will work with a new crew for the CBS pieces while staying with the same one for CNN. He also will remain in Atlanta.

2 comentarios:

Jade said...

Awe...poor Sanjay, no one loves you like they love Cooper.

That's okay...I'm still a fan ;)

marie said...

I am a Sanjay fan too.


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