Friday, December 15, 2006

A fight for equality or just cheap exploitation?

turning tides

Many visitors of this blog knows my personal view about the gossip blogs and sites. Some people have gone so far as labeling me as homophobic for not wanting to address the Anderson Cooper controversy. The truth is I'm far from it. I've been very lucky to have extraordinary gay people in my life. I've been witness of the pain brought through discrimination, illness, religious bigotry, family rejection and the lack of equal rights. And have admire how most of them have overcome this and live their life as full as the law allows them to be. One of the happiest days of my life was to attend my friend's marriage in Madrid to his long time lover.

Today I came across with an article that finally pin points my position, presented by gay organizations and activists which I want to share with you.

  • "It's not our policy to out people. We only out people when they have come out to us personally or when they have been previously written about by other publications." - Corey Scholibo, The Advocate's A&E editor
  • "Media speculation about a celebrity's orientation is not something we support. This kind of gossip can lead some people to the decision to come out, as we've seen recently, or it may drive others further into the closet. People are going to become more guarded and secretive and not less, because they don't want to create any opportunities [for anyone to out them]." - Damon Romine, spokesperson for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
  • "I do not outright call people gay. I do not feel it is my place, or anyone else's place, to make people come out of the closet. Being shockingly hurtful just to get attention is not my style." - Trent Vanegas, blogger Pink Is the New Blog
  • "I don't understand why we profit from having some bitter miserable person exposed against his will. How does that make a gay teenager happy to be gay? What kind of a role model does that establish? I don't think it does anything for anybody." - Bruce Vilanch, comedy writer
  • "Spreading gossip is just your average pedestrian variety of immorality. Claiming that you're doing it to further civil rights is an outright sham." - Japhy Grant, screenwriter and author

So I think their position makes them "homophobes" like me.

Editorially it is a hard call. But what about the rumors that we pass on, knowing full well they're probably not true? I've been thinking about this for some time, and aside from the obvious answer (celebrity gossip is fun!).

We can find hundreds of Anderson sightings on the Internet, but all that makes him, I believe, is a man that walks and eat - and God knows he can gain some pounds - but that won't make him gay … or straight, for that matter.

Granted, his sensuality is something public, there is no surprise of all the people that are drawn to him. He is a very attractive man. But his sexuality is his, and it is no ones business and he has made that point loud and clear. His career, like almost all respected jounalists, is not based in his sexuality. We don't know absolutely nothing about Michael Ware's private life. And that is the way it is supposed to be. There are people who make their career solely based on their sexuality, but this is not Anderson Cooper's case.

Sometimes the news industry walks a thin line between its governing ethics and the entertainment factor. CNN's marketing campaign isn't helping either - I simply can't imagine ABC' website with Charlie Gibson fansite -. Personally I find it cheesy. Unfortunately for most viewers visibility is becoming more important than credibility. That could explain the "panty gate" and how it overshadows more important things. I would like CNN to spend more money in the actual production of the show than in ads.

And we have keep within the proper perspective where all the comments come from. People, who like ticks, live from the blood from others. And to answer last night's anon question that was not directed to Jade or Marie (I could bet it was towards Courtney and me):

"Anderson Cooper
Madison and E 62nd St.
December 13, 2006 @ 4 PM
I saw Anderson Cooper and a young woman with long black hair crossing Madison Ave., having an animated conversation.

12/14/2006 9:09 PM

Anónimo dijo...

Sightings, sightings! Thanks anon. I wonder if the people who dislike the posting of sightings of AC feel the same about them when it's reported that he's seen with a WOMAN as in this latest. I'm not directing this comment to Marie or Jade, so please don't get mad! I love this site. :D"

Well with that description it might have well be me, and that doesn't mean we are lovers. So I hope this entire post helps you understand my position.

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Anonymous said...

I'm the anon that made that comment, and actually I wasn't directing it towards Christiane or Courtney, but another commentor.

The rumors surrounding Anderson have been around for years and he never addresses them. I don't think anything anyone says about his private life would ever compel him to say anything he doesn't wish known by the public. People like Michael Musto have tried with no success. AC's made his decision to remain silent on that issue and it appears no amount of speculation by the media or fans will change it. I do enjoy reading about the sightings and I have my own belief about his sexuality, but it's only my opinion. I don't believe in outing.

Anderson said in an interview in McClean's magazine once that he keeps his private life private and that people can say or believe whatever they want about him, but he's not going to offer up any information.

Jade said...

Hey Chris...nice post. I find that this is often a topics that sparks a lot of controversy.

I often have fights with myself when it comes to trying to figure out my position on this subject. While I don't care for the likes of people like Perez Hilton, I also wish that people in general, not just Cooper, could live their lives out in the open, freely with fear from judgment regardless of race, religion or sexuality.

Most of the time I totally respect Cooper's decision to live his life as much in private as he can, but then sometimes, when's he vague in print, but clearly "out" in other area, I decide that he can't have his cake and eat it too.

After awhile it becomes a big lie, and both he and CNN need to have faith in their viewers and his fans that regardless of his lifestyle, gay or straight, that we can handle the truth. Why? Because we are FreakSpeakers!

Oh...and I do know some stuff on Mick Ware :)

Anonymous said...

"If" Anderson was gay, he could end all of the talk if he just said "yes, I'm gay, but I do not wish to discuss it any further". I sometimes get the feeling that he likes the fact that no one can really get a handle on him. I also believe that "if" he were straight, he still might not discuss his personal life. Some people just think that it's tacky and unseemly to do so.

marie said...

Perez Hilton has already been skewered by people who dislike him more than I do. Apparently, an ex of his posted nude, frontal shots of him on-line. I did have to use a magnifying glass to verify it was a male with Perez’ face, but that is a whole other post. ;)
I don’t dislike him because he is gay. I have mentioned before that I have many gay friends and that dates all the way back to childhood. Anyway, Perez and his “followers” will cut up any celeb, gay or not. One of these celebs is someone I know. According to his followers, this person is “mean, bitchy, and a whore.” In the time I have known him, he has not been like this to anyone….famous or not. He even answers PMs from his fans on his website, and how many celebs would do that? Like Carson Kressley, you can stop him on the street and so long as you are nice, he will treat you like a friend. I have watched him give out endless autographs, hugs, handshakes, and photo ops. He is never impatient, rude, or anything negative. If people are rude to him, he just ignores it and moves on.

This whole paparazzi thing makes me hesitant to post pics I have taken with celebs. For example, if I were to post the pic of Mario Lopez and I, in a couple hours I would be his “girlfriend!”

I find it amazing how after awhile, things posted on the internet become true…even if it was not true to begin with!

Anonymous said...

This was a great post. I agree with you, it is not our place to speculate. When he decides to discus his private life, he will do so. Maybe he doesn't because of respect for his mother, but whatever his reasons,it is HIS life, not ours.


I like your site

marie said...

I have been checking out the comments of the You Tube video where John Roberts had that discoloration in the area of his eye.

Most of the comments were political, some were informative, a couple said he was in a fight, but got twisted to the point where he was labelled as "gay."

Seriously though, I hope he is ok and that if it was cancer, it does not return. Cancer is usually worse when it makes a return visit. :(

christiane said...

Hi Anons and welcome to The Freakspeakers!
@Jade, well dear you know we don't shy away from controversial topics. And I have had a little fun watching the backlash against Lavandeira, unfortunately I think Nick Denton will be around for a longer time, although it seems he has tamed down the comments against AC.
@marie, I didn't knew he was ill. Haven't noticed anything, he simply annoys me when he doesn't identify the show properly.

Jade said...

Totally not related to the post topic, but uh...I just had to mention that Cooper looks very, very, very nice tonight. Okay, hot. There I said it.

And I've just come in from hours of glorious gift shopping, so it's possible I could be slightly out of my mind :/


christiane said...

I noticed the new haircut, Rob Marciano with the same tie ( maybe corporate christmas gifts) somehow I thin Dan Simon looks like a fatter version of Anderson Cooper, and I'm glad they went after the rubik cube kid.
@jade... did you got my gift?

christiane said...

Oh! and why they always send to poor hispanic guy (Rick Sanchez) to be CNN's guinny pig?

Jade said...

@Chris...I noticed the haircut too, a little shorter than I like, but what they hell, he's the one who has to wear it ;)

Oops...I forgot your gift. I was having too much fun buying for the niece and nephew! Uh...back to the store for more I ;)

christiane said...


christiane said...

The people from CNN seems to be trying to fly everyone over the 360 studio.. AC has a rubik cube on his desk... he is up to something...

Anonymous said...

He's going to embarrass himself on national tv with that rubik cube. Poor AC.

I prefer his hair longer, but I love the way he looks with it shorter too, sort of macho or something.

Jade said...

How many shows this week have been the full two hours? One?? Hmmm...

He's lucky to be one of those men that not matter what the situation he's attractive.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember how many shows were the full two hours, but ONE time he did a full 2 hour live show on a FRIDAY. Now THAT was shocking!

Lisa Bloom. *tears hair out*.

christiane said...

Somehow all those Mini Anderson popping up from the website and over the tv screen just makes me think about Pedro Almodovar's Talk to Her movie. With the story of the incredible shrinking man... you know how it ends!

marie said...

I am sorry I made the blog comment about that toy. :-/

This Rubik's Cube thing has gone too far already.

marie said...

I recorded a program on another channel and Anderson popped up in one of the commercials for Time Warner. He was shown on someone's console tv!

Anonymous said...

It's ok for a Friday night for him to get his obsession with the Rubik cube guy out. I love when he does lighter segments like the old 360.

christiane said...

Maybe they are casting dorky freaks for the show... WE ARE HERE! we are here! we are the freakspeakers!

PD. our selection doesnt mean that we will agree to appear at 360, we just want a first class ticket to NYC and a posh hotel.

christiane said...

are they going to drown Rick Sanchez now? why not John Roberts?

Anonymous said...

Rick is super-human, along with being super-annoying and cheesy.

I can't believe Anderson's still live in the studio. He usually hits the road during the second hour on Friday nights.

marie said...

For the next hour to get out of a sinking car...

Well, that is why ball bearing automatic center punches were invented!!! I have one in each of the cars I drive, and it costs only $20. Unless you are Hercules, most people cannot kick out a car window that is submerged underwater. crack the window with the punch, kick out the damaged window, and swim away from the sinking mere seconds and most importantly...alive.

marie said...

chris, what/who is "PD?"

Anonymous said...

Looks like AC hit the road after all.

Anonymous said...

he went partying with Miss USA
he is going to investigate if she wears underwear. He goes comando most of the time

Anonymous said...

I'd like to believe he goes commando but once he said he wore Rocawear undies.

Anonymous said...

okay what is the deal. He was live for the first 15 minutes and then hit the road. One night earlier in the week he was live for the first 15 minutes and then it was recorded and then came back to be live before he went off. I wonder if he is working on that special he talked about tonight about the best stories to vote for on his blog. Maybe he will come back live at the end.


Anonymous said...

360s done some weird live not live stuff lately. I think he's probably gone for the night now.

marie said...

Anonymous said...
It's ok for a Friday night for him to get his obsession with the Rubik cube guy out. I love when he does lighter segments like the old 360.

12/15/2006 10:52 PM

I also like it when he does this and wrote an "instant Feedback" letting the 360 staff know that. I think whoever else like this stuff should also let the 360 staff know so they will keep doing it. If the viewers don't say anything, then they might get rid of this current Friday format.

Anonymous said...

The 2nd hour was taped but he had to appear the first minutes for the introduction, that's all. It flowed better. Once he introduced the first story he was out of there because the rest of the hour was previously taped (on wednesday I think).

jr said...

I'm afraid AC's haircut is just an indication that he will be going on vacation soon. We will probably be seeing a lot of "repeat" and pre-recorded segments in the next few weeks.

I find it interesting that when I finally take some time off over the holidays and can then watch more CNN shows, that's when most of the hosts take off also so you are stuck with the stand-in's. I guess I'll just be forced to go shopping instead next week...Tis the season and all....

Anonymous said...

Did any of you go to a book signing? Did any of you notice in all the pictures of the book signings the woman with the long dark hair? It's his PR person. Duh!

He can't be dating all the people he is seen with or rumored to be with, he'd be too exhausted to work.

Can you just cut him some slack?

Anonymous said...

Who said he was DATING that dark haired woman? I don't think anyone here did. Most people realize that he works with women and has female friends.

ivy said...

anon 11:55
Most people realize that he works with women and has female friends.

I wish most people would realize he works with men and has male friends.


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