Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dr. 007

A Florida psychology professor has admitted being a Cuban spy. Carlos Alvarez, a professor at Florida International University, said Tuesday that he had been spying on Miami's Cuban exile community for nearly 30 years.

Alvarez and his wife Elsa plead guilty to avoid a jury trial.

"...The FBI said Alvarez continued his criminal conduct until June 22, 2005, when he admitted his activities to U.S. counterintelligence agents.

"This investigation unmasked a Cuban intelligence agent who served for many years as an educator, all the while spying on South Florida's Cuban exile community for his Cuban handlers," said United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida Alex Acosta in Miami.

In Washington, Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Wainstein said the plea "demonstrates our firm commitment to protect our country and our citizens against the agents of foreign powers."--from

I feel so much safer; don't you?

In other news:

Anybody else sick of hearing about Tara What's Her Name, aka Miss USA?

And hey, be careful with those gift cards. That's the new scam, apparently--thieves are stealing the numbers off the back of gift cards, waiting until the cards are activated, and then spending the cards online. When the gift card recipient goes to use the card, it's been drained by the thief. So make sure you buy cards from behind the counter.

The best story of this morning:

Reality check: 95 percent of Americans had premarital sex

Go here to read the article.

They had to do a study in order to come up with these results?!?

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ivy said...

@hi courtney!

I have to admit, Tara's adventures were entertaining to watch with Anderson's comments. Trump looked and sounded just like SNL skit. They should have sent Darrell Hammond instead -lol
I wonder if producers think that's more appealing (and important) story then Ben Wederman in the middle of street clashes in Gaza. And starting second hour with Miss USA and not Iraq seems to be an odd choice -- do they really hope to beat O'Reilly in ratings? Don't even try, guys. At least not like that.

Oh, yeah, pre-marital sex poll results are a shocker -lol Seems 95% think it's normal. There were way over 5% of so called "values" voters who voted for our Commander-in-Chief in both elections. I'm yet to see some write-wing conservative evangelical logically explain how's that sinful, immoral and devilish to be gay (they usually quote religeous texts and commandments) and ok to have pre-marital sex.

I would also love to see a poll how many people actually don't (or didn't) drink till they're 21 and how many of them didn't have sex till they're 21. Do people think you have to be more responsible to drink then have sex? I'm afraid America needs reality check as for a lot of of other isuues

ivy said...

I meant Ben Wedeman of course-) you can see his report on ccn's website if you missed it yesterday

marie said...

I was into the Miss USA story until the "party scene." That was funny and retro at the same time. Just like the good ole days.

marie said...

Did anyone see the 360 blog comments? I know now FOR SURE that whoever is supposed to be monitoring the content of the comments is not doing his/her/their job!! There is one long rant that was posted and it clearly violated the rules! WTH?!? Or is it now ok to rip into another viewer for expressing his/her opinion?

That blog is going to pot with all the "Ann" trolls and the hairflips being posted.

jr said...

@Marie: Yes, I saw that also...Susan from CA. She even put on a disclaimer and asked for them to delete whatever was inappropriate. Go figure! The other annoying thing is when the "blog" comments have symbols instead of quotes or apostrophies. Half the time you can't even read nor understand what they are commenting on.

Whomever wins the Behind the Scenes contest must seriously do some investigation on the 360 Blog and expose the "Ann" trolls!

Christiane said...

Spying on the Miami Cuban community! that is hard! they only have one thing that unites them: their hatred for Castro. All they talk, everywhere, anywhere and constantly is of how they are going to overthrown the government and regain their families properties and wealth.
Is there anything to spy about an open secret? good work CIA!
Probably the Weapons of Mass Distraction are indeed in Miami

marie said...

Courtney mentiones the health article, and now Anderson is making sure we ALL know the stats on this! hmm....

Can someone translate the titles on the DVDs listed on the sticky note? I don't watch movies too often so I am lost there.

Anonymous said...

LOTR= Lord of the rings
LO = Law and Order

marie said...

Thank you!


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