Thursday, December 21, 2006

What is a Catholic? with some other rantings...

Hi everyone again!

I have to admit that last night AC360 made me laugh, and God knows I needed to! I'm really liking the What is a Christian? series. As someone who was raised in a predominant Catholic country and private schools, I am surprised to know how "invisible" the Roman Catholic Church is in the USA, how different it is of what the Church calls "Separated Brothers" and how apart they are in political views. For Catholics, everyone non catholic will just go to hell, don't bother in even thinking otherwise. I can't recall to ever discuss the Book of Revelations nor the Rapture ( a core for Evangelicals ) in any Bible class. They also sort of play it cool with Muslims - until the PapaNazi-, because contrary to Protestants and Evangelicals, they acknowledge the Virgin Mary, and the Jews... well lets just leave it there... what can you expect from a church that brought you the Crusades, the Inquisition and the Opus Dei? Have you ever ventured within an Old Catholic Church or Cathedral? Are you familiarized with its art? They are the pioneers of S&M! If most of the USA population would have been exposed to it, probably they wouldn't be so scared of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. And the women's role in the church... well think more of the Taliban. After all there is no difference between the Burqua and a Nun's Habit. And some nun's - The Carmelites - are not even allowed to be seen by men. The church believes that women are to serve men. That's it!

  • The madness, Rosie is a train wreck waiting to happen, and "The Donald" is just a plain misogynist homophobe douche bag.

  • Nick Denton's stable got it all wrong, it is called AGING.

  • And after all the bickering, attacks and questioning, the former AP photojournalist's story was corroborated, again, this time by CNN Senior Producer, Charlie Moore, so yes, there is a great possibility to meet people of other media when you are attending a junket...

And this I just have to share with you... is this guy on crack? Check the last item!

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Anonymous said...

Wow...Vincent Gallo is from another planet. Not sure what solar system, but it sure as hell isn't this one.

jr said...

Makes me want to run out and buy The Brown Bunny and Buffalo 66....NOT!

Vincent Gallo...what an arrogant creep! I couldn't even look at him let alone pay for his sperm!!!!!!

Men never cease to amaze me!

courtney01 said...

The Catholic church isn't that invisible here in the US; it just depends on where you live.

In the urban areas there tends to be more Catholics and Jews, and in rural areas, the Fundamentalists and Evangelicals tend to be the majority. Other Christian denominations such as Lutherans and Baptists recognize Mary but only as the mother of Jesus. She is given no special role nor do those denominations worship or pray to her.

I think every religion claims it's the only "true" religion and that others will go to hell. I remember being taught that in Lutheran school as a child. That and Halloween is for devil worshippers. Can you imagine how I felt as a child who enjoyed trick or treating? Naturally I didn't believe what they told me (even at that young age I was a stubborn thing) but others did.

marie said...

I call BS on Trump's denial of "never been bankrupt!" I watched an interview where he ADMITTED that "on paper he is bankrupt!" Oh and his so-called assets are all bought on loans! He has very little that is totally his own.

He is also SO NOT a billionaire! Sultan of Brunei is a billonaire and Trump is making it sounds like he is wealthier than the Sultan. Whatever!! *snort*

Finally, how is he going to sue Rosie for what she said? She said the truth and what she said is the same crap that rolled out of his own mouth!

Of the four people in the video, I agree with Anderson...these people take themselves way too seriously!

marie said...

I was right! "The Donald" has NO CASE WHAT SO EVER against Rosie on this!

..and I am not an attorney either!

jr said...

@Marie: You were right! It was interesting to hear J. Toobin and L. Bloom argue over the Donald/Rosie war on AC360 tonight. There is no case....THIS IS JUST A PUBLICITY STUNT!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're all correct, except for one tiny inconsistency... frivolous lawsuits. The Donald's lawyer will have no problem filing one. It will go nowhere, but that's not what Trump cares about. He wants attention, and he's willing to pay the price. A Judge will throw out the case, but not until the media quotient has put the allegations through the ringer about 15 times.

Anonymous said...

Anderson cracked my s**t up Thursday night with his Rosie/Trumpie show. He's too much.

Anonymous said...

Well we know that Cooper likes Red Twizzlers and popcorn. It was very reminiscent of the old "360" days. It makes me appreciate slow news/holiday weeks.


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