Sunday, January 28, 2007

Changes, Changes, Changes!

Hi everyone!
First of all I want to thank you all for visiting this blog, and no, it is not going anywhere... it might get a little slower, but it will be up!
I really want to thank my fellow moderators for all the time they dedicated to this project. It is hard to create a balanced, fun blog dedicated to AC without recurring to lame topics, and vicious attacks from other people. It takes a lot of time, and to be honest, just like Jade, I have to admit that I´m losing interest over AC360. Why?

  • The Oprah infomercial was too much for my taste - airing three times in a 7 day period - she probably already got half of her 40 million investment back in publicity.
  • I bet the Missouri State Tourism Department must hate all the coverage it got from AC 360. They disclosed once in a while that they were focusing on the abductions there due to the kids rescued, but if you didn't´ catch that small tid bit of info, and you are an international viewer the first thing you will think is "what the hell is going on and what is wrong with Missouri?!!!"
  • And what was with "debunking and fact checking issue" ? As far as I remember that is precisely the job of a journalist. Wow CNN went through all the trouble of sending their Asia bureau to check on the story... wasn't that why CNN was created in order to have news resources around the world? Even business wise, they are supposed to create content and sell it to the networks and and other news outlets. If they had kept the debunking and flact checking policies the Bush administration wouldn't´ have dare to invade Iraq, but they are too busy with the infomercials and VNRs.
  • I watched the Michael Ware interview. My total respect for him and his job. The kidnapping story was simply hair raising. And I couldn't´ just stop thinking about the dumb asses that disclosed Anderson Cooper´s CIA connection, and those who expose his private life, because if instead of Mike it was AC in that situation, he wouldn't´ be alive. And people still think it is a fangirly thing.

So back to the blog. We implemented a three column design in order to have a better flow and organization. The main post area will only display two entries at a time - I really hate to scroll down and down and down - and the archive is now located at the left column. On the right column you will find constant updates of the AC360 blog ( for those of you obsessed with the Anns), CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera breaking news. I hope you will enjoy this real 360 view of world events and the different cultural perspectives and editorial lines these companies have.

We also included a cool gadget for our international visitors that might want to read the blog in their language ( left column ). More changes are on their way, so keep checking us out.

And then again thank you all for your support and your time.

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17 comentarios:

Anonymous said...

The blog looks great and I'm glad it will stay I always enjoy visiting it.


Anonymous said...


Borat said...


Anonymous said...

Glad to see the blog is continuing and the changes are great.

I've been interested in Michael Ware since he was first featured on AC360 back in June 2004.

Billie Newman said...

Love the new format. Clean lines, not a lot of junque cluttering up the page is great. Will love reading it.

Anonymous said...

Great job. Thanks for the hard work!

ivy said...

chris -- glad you're back! agree there was no need to rub in fox's nose about checking facts. 360 was always inconsistent but they usually they do return to having good shows. So I'm not losing hope they'll come back to real news.

I couldn't agree with you more about Michael --he alone is worth for me tuning in to 360. It would be safe to say he's the only corr who I trust to inform me about iraq.

I also agree about disclosing Anderson's persoal life, I always found it disturbing. Recently I saw interview from a while ago with a chech journalist who was kidnapped in Iraq and held for a week, then released. They wanted to see if his country is involved in the war and who he is and that he really is just a reporter and so on. And as I've heard in other cases -- kidnappers know how to use google and first thing first they check right away what they can find out about the kidnapped on internet. Even if Anderson was kidnapped -- God forbid -- by some independant group who's not aware who he is, what do you think they'll see when they google his name? CIA and rumours about his sexual orientation presented as facts. Brilliant. And what are his chances after that?Michael Ware was asked in one of the interviews about his personal life -- his answer was that he does not disclose any information about his personal life for security reasons, due to a global reach of those guys. Why should the concerns be any different for Anderson ?

Anonymous said...

Concerns for Anderson shouldn't be any different than for any person worth respect and regard for their safety. Considering no tacky blog posts with ignorant speculated facts are anything besides self-serving gossip, there's no excuse for them.

courtney01 said...

Good to see you, Chris! I love the new layout. It looks very nice.

Anonymous said...

I really like the news tickers. It looks clean and polish. Congrats.

Rudy said...

Just my 2 cents: you should add the CNN international edition. They are a world apart.

jr said...

I like the changes and format also! I appreciate the "respect" aspect of this blog (even though we have bashed the Anns alot) and the opportunity to provide comments on topics of interest vs. discussing what color tie AC is wearing like some of the other AC blog sites. Thanks for keeping this blog going!!!! would also be nice if the Anons would "chose a name" when posting or at least indicate who they are. It makes the comments easier to follow.

Anonymous said...

Did AC really have to read Betty Ann's ignorant, lameass response on air? Does anyone give a flying F whether or not some salivating spinster over AC wants to smoke something or not? Doubt it. It sends a message that the show is not receiving any substantive blog remarks.

Anonymous said...

I like this blog, but I don't want to put down the other blogs who DO focus on lighter Anderson related subjects like, what color tie he wears, or other sorts of harmless talk. There's room for everyone's taste on the web.

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw Betty Ann's comment read by AC! It was pretty atrocious.

marie said...

I am still around. I am trying to quickly adjust to the new, hectic schedule I have outside of this blog.

I will have some video for you all soon. There is one I am editing for a series-- like the one I did for the CNN Hummer. As far as I know, it is not posted (in its entirety) anywhere on the web. This is one of my favorites and I hope it will be your favorites too. :)

Christiane said...

Hi everyone, glad you like the new design, welcome newbies and anons, and to anon 2:37, it all the way around, we are the ones that have always been bashed...

But welcome and enjoy!

undercover troll said...

I read the bashing when I was googling for this blog... You were compared with Rush Limbaugh - LOL - and at ATA they accused this blog of stealing pics from ACE. OH the drama! I miss that.

But I hate to admit it, I like this blog, if my fellow Anderpherian knew I wander around here I would be kicked out. So Shhhhh! I'm not here


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