Friday, February 09, 2007

Some lucky girls met Anderson in New Orleans

Congrats Ashely and Erin and Erin 2 the PhotoLady!

In their own words:


So I'm sitting with Erin and Christie Tuesday night and we're watching Anderson Cooper 360, like we do. And then Anderson says, "Join us Thursday where we'll be live from New Orleans."

And Erin and I look at each other.

"Do you think...?" I trail off.

And we did. The only problem? We didn't know exactly where he would be filming. We figured he would probably be either in the CBD or the Quarter, and that wherever he was, he would be there for the full two hours, due to the live broadcast thing.

So we drove down to New Orleans tonight. Exited at Poydras, like we always do. Drove past the Superdome, still looking, when.

"Oh my God, it's the CNN truck!" quickly followed by

"Holy shit, it's Anderson!!!"

And there he was, getting ready to go live, right there on Poydras. Can you get any luckier?

The answer is "Jesus fucking Christ, yes."

So after the show he approaches the six of us (me, Erin, some woman and her husband from Lakeview, two girls from Metairie) who have been watching the show.

And he shakes our hands (on his own). And smiles, and looks us in the eye. And then listens--actually listens--to the (slightly intoxicated) lady recount her Katrina story and how much Anderson had helped her (which I totally understand, don't get me wrong, but she was really, really, really loud). And then he asks her questions about her situation, and they talk for a bit. And then we join in and the four of us talk for a bit (Blanco sucks, Nagin sucks, thanking Anderson for giving a shit about New Orleans, trying to convince him he actually is making a difference). Then I offer to take her picture if Anderson doesn't mind. He doesn't, and so I take it. Then she takes a picture of me and Erin with him. This wasn't part of the plan, which consisted of me taking a picture of Erin with Anderson (I don't like pictures of myself).

And then it happens. I fucking flirt with Anderson Fucking Cooper. I find myself smiling my "You know I'm charming smile" and leaning my head in that "No really, I'm fucking charming" way, and say "I was really planning on being the one taking the picture, not the one in it." And he chuckles. And puts his arms around us for the picture. And asks where we're from, and what we do, etc. And then holds out his hand for one last handshake before we go while thanking us for watching the program tonight."

I just have to love Cooper´s fans!

6 comentarios:

Rudy said...

You got it FIRST!!! LOL
I was going to email you the link

Anonymous said...


katie said...

Anderson was standing near the CNN studio in NOLA, which is on that street.

Lee said...

I'd love to hear the crew's conversation on the way back to the hotel after one of these encounters.

katie said...


I think the crew is so used to his fan base that they do not think much about it.

The thing is, Anderson always makes his fans feel validated and thanks them when or if they approach him to say something.

He has impeccable social skills.

Lavendar Blue said...

Wow great fan story. I'm incredibly jealous. One of these days I'll be walking some where and I hope that I run into Anderson. Great pics too :-D


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