Monday, April 30, 2007

Anderson Cooper and the Vanderbilt "curse"

Do all Vanderbilts turn into bronzes?

If you have ever visited New York's Grand Central Station, you might have noticed Anderson Cooper's great great great grandfather and gilded age maven: The Commodore Vanderbilt.

His grandfather Reginald Vanderbilt , Gloria's father, had his image cast in bronze.

From Dispatches from the Edge

"After seeing it (Cornelius Vanderbilt’s Statue at Grand Central Station) for the first time when I was six, I became convinced that everyone's grandparents turned into statues when they died," Cooper writes

The young Anderson wasn't spared of the tradition and in 1972 his parents commissioned a bronze piece of him to the artist Elaine Lavalle.

A reader sent me this passage from Wyatt Cooper's book Families which I would love to share with you:

"In Puerto Rico we get a book on Puerto Rican history; we
explore the huge and ancient fort; we run our fingers along
the iron of the cannons and try to imagine them firing upon
pirate ships. We walk along the streets that have been there
for centuries and that have known the tread of millions of
vanished men of other races, colors and tongues, and we
feel a kinship with the panorama of human history. The boys
go over the pictures in their scrapbooks, relive the high points
of their travel, and feelrooted in the world.” --Wyatt Cooper-

Last but not least, we switched the commentary section to registered members only. The anons and the trolls were getting a little old. So if you want to make a fool of yourself, you have to do it with your registration info. I know it wont stop Centepide aka Arachnae ( thanks for the ID heads up), but it will be a lot easier to just delete.

Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences.

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newsjunkie said...

WOW. In just one paragraph, Wyatt Cooper took me to Puerto Rico. Now I see where Anderson got his talent. Incredible!

Lee said...

I agree, Newsjunkie. I'm going to have to find a copy of that book. It sounds really interesting.

As for the trolls, I'm not sure anything can stop them. It may be my imagination but it seems to get worse when Anderson has a night off. If he's back tonight, maybe they'll go away for awhile.

newsjunkie said...

Actually, the blogs are currently going berserk. I don't read them but someone that does is telling me about it. I guess there is a book signing coming up and they're all going bananas. GEEZ, it's a book signing! Did you even read it, people? Or just look at the pictures? I'm starting to think that Afganistan is safer for Anderson than the streets of New York City. Hey Anderson- seriously? Cancel that and leave the country. Really. Some of the crap I've heard so far is making ME nervous. Yikes.

Lee said...

I didn't know that. Does he have a new book or is he still doing signings for Dispatches?

Christiane said...

Hi Lee, long time!
Yes, Dispatches is going to be re-published in paperback, he will be doing a mini tour to promote it.

Sorry for the trolls. What it is more frustrating is that both of them are recognized among other communities and for them they are OK. But when you start reading all the complains against this blog claiming that their comments are official posts, its just insane and insulting.

We might be a little nutty sometimes, but we will never go so low as the level of the "ander trolls".

tinkerbelle said...

Christiane, I just wanted to compliment you on the quality of your blog. You cover the real, newsworthy issues that have to do with Anderson Cooper and CNN. I'm fairly new to these sites but wow, from what I've seen so far I think I will stay here and away from the crazy fangirls!

newsjunkie said...

Hi Tinkerbelle!

I agree about the quality of this blog- that's why I stay! I hate the "Anderfans" and the "Andersphere" and the crazy "fan-gurls". PUKE, lol. Sometimes this blog is harassed as being "Anti-Anderson" but I think that's a load of crap- we're objective and critical but we LIKE him... I think it's just that we don't worship the ground he walks on, and so we make the AnderTrolls angwie! Tough. I'm going to say what I think no matter what! Feel free to do the same.

newsjunkie said...

Oh and I forgot to say something about the statues- I've seen the ones at Grand Central Station- it's sort of weird how there is Vanderbilt this and Vanderbilt that all over the place. In New Jersey there is Cooper all over- Cooper Health, Cooper Street, Cooper whatever.... I think it would be so bizarre to see your name on everything even if it wasn't named after YOU.

And as for that book signing... hmmm, it's right in between two of my finals... maybe I'll go....

newsjunkie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
newsjunkie said...

Oh duh, I forgot to link to the clip I'm even talking about. Click here.

newsjunkie said...

Oop. Decided to reword my comment above, about the link I posted to the YouTube video.

I really liked Anderson's snark. He was SO himself- just the way I like to see him. Apparently in a really good mood :) Maybe he's been reading Freaks and we made his day... heehee


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