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Stalking Anderson Cooper

This is not a new topic at FreakSpeakers. The first time we posted about this issue was back in October 6, 2006. We did an in depth article at our website. But to be completely honest with you, last night was the first time I ever felt sympathy towards Anderson Cooper. While addressing the VT Stalking issue with the District Attorney, he looked vulnerable, tense, and for my surprise he even talked about his own experience about stalking.

We only have glimpses of what really happens in his life or the seriousness of the crazies, we can lurk at online communities, have your skin crawl with some of the comments, but that might be the tip of the iceberg. We have been vocal against this behavior, we have been labeled as “anti anderfans” for our criticism, and we don’t care. We stand for it.

One of our initial points was against Nick Denton and his Gawker Media. We asked people then and again to take their content at face value, as gossip. Gossip sites are NOT news. Are NOT reliable sources. And to compare Denton, Emily Gould, Jerry Oxfield and the Village Voice’s Michael Musto to real journalists is an insult. Personally I would love to see Musto in Kabul, which is a far cry from the safety of the gay bars in Chelsea. But not even the Wikipedia editors understand the difference.

Even the Out Magazine Editor in Chief, Aaron Hicklin, admitted to an E! reporter Mark Malkin that the cover with models with Jodie Foster and Anderson Cooper masks was for marketing and sales purposes:

“It's also a business decision to try to sell magazine. "We needed a good cover," Hicklin says. "What kind of covers are going to move" on the newsstands?

The truth is that Planet Out – Out Magazine’s parent company – has faced the plummeting of its subscription sales and circulation, and they needed to have a publicity wave to bring attention to their publication. Will it work? I think the reaction has been a big backfire.


Down on page 15 of their 2006 SEC filing, PlanetOut explains:

"We have a history of significant losses," they declare. "If we do not regain and sustain profitability," the filing continues, "our financial condition and stock price could suffer."

John Carney of

PlanetOut has a chart that's almost painful to look at. It's slid from highs a couple of years back around twelve bucks down to Vonage territory. The company has been chopped-down by Wall Street analysts, who have noted declining revenues from ads and travel biz. Mounting debt and insider sale last year probably don't help. It's not clear what the companies core business is. Is it a publishing company? A travel site? A web 2.0 portal? Investors don't like companies when they can't tell what it's supposed to be doing.

To make matters worse, at start of the year PlanetOut adopted a "Shareholder's Rights Plan" which is the phrase companies use to describe something better known as a poison pill. Basically, it's a device that prevents an outside shareholder from acquiring the company without the consent of the insiders. These things hold down stock prices because they make acquisitions less likely and discourage outsiders from acquiring substantial portions of the company. No one has ever successfully swallowed a poison pill.

Recently we had a golden opportunity of watching, ironically through CNN, the “editorial genius” behind Gawker: Emily Gould.

And how the idiocy increases? We don’t live under stones, we read about the Equinox Gym piece. What is a shame, particularly from the gay online sites, that that story had more legs than the Thomas Roberts story. And THAT is reprehensible for a “community” – mostly represented by gossip publications - that claims they want visibility, leaders, rights and equality.

I will concede that gossip is fun. But with Anderson Cooper the line have been crossed. Its no longer funny. The entire situation is directed to undermine him, and CNN promoting him as a celebrity instead of a journalist is a huge disservice.

Gossip Blogs: Freedom of Speech or Blunt Opportunism

"Bloggers and other amateur journalists have some of the same problems any amateurs do: They make up the rules as they go, and they run the risk of screwing up and hurting someone. But because blogging isn't their day job, they have little risk — they aren't going to be fired."

- Andrew Kantor

Nick Denton and his Gossip Empire

He is no Rupert Murdoch, but the once journalist is clear upon the role of his blogs:

" a blog is much better at tearing things down - people, careers, brands - than in building them up" - Nick Denton

And that is the focus of his main property: Gawker. With tales out of a cheap soap opera, many post are created based on personal grudges, of no public interest. One of its features, the Gawker Stalker map, have earned the criticism of publicists and celebrities with the valid claim that it jeopardizes their security. But surpisingly Denton goes to great extents to protect his physical location.

His former editor in chief, Jerry Oxfeld, apologized to a series of public figures - including Anderson Cooper - of the editorial lines "he was forced to follow" against them. Truth, you won't find it there. Write whatever you want. Accuracy is not important in the blog business. The trashiest, the better. Personally I am guilty of "planting" a couple of sightings for the Stalker Map in order to evaluate their fact checking techniques, and my team just laughs when they post them... particularly because we don't live in the USA!

But what happens with the reader? they swear over the "facts" that are presented in these blogs. "If it is printed and over the internet it has to be true!"... "Towleroad and DataLounge, are always right!" Why this individuals can't see this gossip blogs at their face value? AS GOSSIP BLOGS! Are these the same people who are still searching for the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Undoubtly.

Appreciation vs Obsession

Experts believe television is a significant factor in the increasing number of attacks on people in the public eye. The box in the corner brings brings famous faces into the homes of the lonely and disturbed.

The object of the obsession may unwittingly reinforce the fantasies of the delusional fan by showing them kindness in stopping to talk to them, or personally answering fan mail.

According to one theory, the "nicer" and more approachable a celebrity appears, the greater is the likelihood that they will face this kind of attention.

Sometimes, the stalker will inflict violence on others in an attempt to impress the person they admire. John Hinckley tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan because of his obsession with actress Jodie Foster. Tennis star Monica Seles was stabbed by a fan of Steffi Graf.

But what is stalking?

Stalking is a legal term for repeated harassment or other forms of invasion of a person's privacy in a manner that causes fear to its target.—from Wikipedia

This harrassment can include

  • contacting targeted person repeatedly
  • unwanted attention
  • watching targeted person over a period of time
  • contacting family members, friends, co-workers in hopes of meeting targeted person
  • cyberstalking

There are different types of stalking, most affecting women, but this article will be discussing celebrity stalking.

Who stalks celebrities? And why?

Stalking” celebrities has become a pastime for many people. Consider the popularity of websites such as Gawker, which incorporated a separate section to their site entitled “Gawker Stalker,” where readers could send in celebrity sighting reports. What kind of behavior does a site like this promote? Is this harmless fun? Anyone can send in a tip, and anyone has access to this information.

Most people know where to draw the line, but what about those who don’t? Does a site like Gawker promote celebrity stalking by allowing anyone to post and receive messages regarding a celebrity’s whereabouts? Does this type of site put celebrities in harm’s way?

Consider the case of Rebecca Schaeffer. Schaeffer was enjoying her work on the popular TV show My Sister Sam when, at the age of 21, she was gunned down at her home in California in 1989. Her murderer? An obsessed fan, Robert Bardo, who had been trying to initiate a relationship with Schaeffer for some time. Bardo had even accessed the Warner Bros. studio where the TV show was taped in order to meet Schaeffer, but was turned away by a security guard. Bardo was carrying a large teddy bear for Schaeffer—and a knife.

"It's like having a relationship with Jesus Christ," Bardo would later say. "People don't know him, but they want a personal relationship. I identified my happiness with public figures. That was Rebecca Schaeffer."

Is this the reason why people stalk celebrities?

Most celebrity stalkers are psychotics, say experts. Many spend years chasing the object of their desire, hoping for contact with the celebrity because they can’t form emotional attachments to people in their own lives. Some believe the celebrity would love them, if only they had the opportunity to form a relationship. And there begins the trouble.

“The experts say only a small proportion of stalkers are dangerous--just 2 percent. But think about it:

If you're a celebrity who gets a million letters a year--and many do--and just 5 percent of those are from potential stalkers, you're talking 1,000 who may be homicidal.”—E! Online

CBS news anchor Dan Rather"Kenneth, what is the frequency?"

In October 1986, as Rather was walking along Park Avenue in Manhattan to his apartment, he was attacked and punched from behind by a man who demanded to know, "Kenneth, what is the frequency?," while a second assailant also chased and beat him. As the assailant pummeled and kicked Rather, he kept repeating the question over and over again. In describing the incident, Rather said, "I got mugged. Who understands these things? I didn't and I don't now. I didn't make a lot of it at the time and I don't now. I wish I knew who did it and why, but I have no idea."

In 1997, a TV critic writing in the New York Daily News claimed to have solved the mystery, and published a photo of the alleged assailant, William Tager. Rather confirmed the story: "There's no doubt in my mind that this is the person." Tager is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence for killing NBC stagehand Campbell Montgomery outside The Today Show studio in 1994.

News broadcasters are increasingly becoming victims of stalking. Because of the nature of their job, they are more accessible to the public than movie stars and rock musicians, who are inevitably surrounded by tight security.

A recent survey showed that threats to US radio and television stations by individuals with severe mental illnesses were "relatively common".

At a recent conference, US broadcasters were given the following advice on dealing with stalkers.


digital illustration by Christiane
Article with the collaborative effort of Courtney
Portions of this post were previously published at the FreakSpeaker website

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newsjunkie said...

Stalking is a very serious subject, without a doubt. What makes someone go from normal, to... living in their own world?

To use Anderson himself as an example, I find him very inspiring and an admirable person as himself (from what I can see). And that's it. So, why is it that so many people step beyond that? Why do they think they know him? Or that they've got a relationship? And sometimes even show up and harass him? Magical thinking at its best.

I cannot look at any of the other blogs about Anderson for a good reason- the posts, comments, and fanfic utterly disgust me. It's like the anonymity of the internet has opened the floodgates for people to be rude, crude, and show their lack of moral values.

I moved across the country to the East Coast for the schools, and it was because Anderson inspired me to care about the rest of the world instead of just myself; I was a terrible snob and almost an elitist. I originally went to school to be a nurse. But I found something that facinated me more- Chemistry. Specifically, the Chemistry of the Brain and Mental Disorders. What makes people tick... sometimes to the point of becoming a time bomb? Why does that happen? What makes people cross from reality to insanity? And why doesn't their psyche kick back in and tell them that they're doing something completely irrational? What has gone wrong
Chemically and Biologically in their brains to the point where they go into states of euphoria and maniacal mania or depression?

Christiane says she felt sympathy towards Anderson during this segment. I hadn't watched it but now I have- oh yes, that's pretty obvious- he's definitely stressed about it. That's not cool at all. He should be able to go about his daily business without people staring at his house waiting for him to come out, taking pictures of him walking down the street, analyzing his every breath, or deliberately getting an intern
position within CNN just to stare at his butt. I swear. This pisses me off a LOT. No one should have to deal with that, be it a celebrity, a television personality, a journalist, or a regular person.

The world has gone insane. It's my goal in life to figure out why. And fix it.

Rudy said...

Chris: what a great post
I absolutely LOVED the images.

Anonymous said...

I knew something was wrong since last week's events VT massacre. He seemed so obsessed with the stalking issue and now I know why. Godspeed Anderson Cooper, Godspeed!

@ Christiane, I liked the first picture/collage. I think that must be exactly how Anderson is feeling now regarding his "fans". You are right people have crossed the line and CNN should take that into account when they market him, they are putting him at risk and that is unjustifiable!

Anonymous said...

You take a cocktail combo of his fansites with their naughty chairs and fangirl moments. Article upon article and pictures of his every move both on tv and off, it's all exhausting. I don't see CNN as an aid in helping him, either. At the courthouse today a few people were talking about last nights show and someone mentioned that there were sites that have photoshopped pics of him created as nudes, with the CNN logo in the photograph. He has the mental illness flying at him from all 4 sides and centerstage. Hurry up and finish your degree, newsjunkie - the world needs ya!

Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to believe the audacity of this blog! Who are you to get all sanctimonious about stalkers or even Gawker? Is this not the very blog that had exclusive pictures of Anderson's apartment? Do you not think that those pictures didn't inspire some stalker behavior? Is this blog not stalking Anderson through it's media connections?

Are you that clueless about your very own stalker behavior or are you just that hypocritical?

Anonymous said...

First the haters said that Chris was just a poser with no media connections, now they blame her for having media connections.


Anonymous said...

No Anon, what really bothers them is that Chris is at the top of the game. She knows what she is doing and who knows how close she might actually be to CNN and AC. And THAT scares a lot of people.
Only time will tell.

ivy said...

Anderson must be really bothered by stalking to go public like this. Interesting enough he mentioned that he had stalkers in the past a few days ago, and yesterday he said he HAS a particular female stalker. And I'm sure more then one.

@ anon- it's naive or clueless to compare apartment pictures that have no Anderson in it and that were obviously taken with his consent to stalking and posting (and reposting) paparazzi photos and gossip as facts. As for gawker the clip christiane posted speaks for itself. But I guess you came here to troll so it's silly on my part to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

You guys crack me up. Your pious posturing about your superiority to legitimate, respectful fans is pretty hypocritical considering that you've hosted the very stalker Anderson was talking about. See comments on the post two below this one. You can make the point that you're not responsible for who posts to your comments, but you're quick enough to delete critics and call them trolls, while providing a comfy place for deranged delusionals to post their fantasies. Which is more dangerous, someone who believes their fantasies are real or someone who recognizes their fannish daydreams as the light diversion they are?

Face it, you did a good job when you named this blog FreakSpeakers.

Looking forward to seeing how quickly this post is deleted. Say 'hi' from me to the "mother of Anderson's child" when you see her.

snooks said...

Congratulations on the intelligence of your commentary - these sites on the net that post "make believe" stories as truth are despicable

Anderson Cooper is a talented journalist whose work I admire but that is where it stops - these sites that post information about anything other than his work should be stopped but of course that is impossible on the internet.

rudy said...

as far as people post as anons nobody knows if the stalker is really YOU.
You can be a hater, a troll or the delusional mother of his child. shielded behind your anonymity.

If something this blog is not is a censorship spot like the old Anderfox joint that deleted everything they found in their way.

ivy said...

@rudy- so you've been long enough on blogs to remeber anderfox? Time flies -)

@anon- Comments on this blog are not moderated, unlike most "anderfan" blogs and communities, and you know it. As far as I rememer no critical posts on this blog were ever deleted, only extremely offensive ones.

Anonymous said...

as far as people post as anons nobody knows if the stalker is really YOU.

If that's what passes for reasoning around here, no wonder you can't tell stalkers from people who simply think the sun quite possibly doesn't shine out of Christiane's backside.

Think about it, Rudy - even if I posted under an authenticated ID, there would be no way to disambiguate me from the crazy poster on the other thread, with the simple exception that I'm not claiming to have had a mad love affair with Anderson and subsequently bore his child.

If that's too complicated for you, try this - if I were the delusional AnderChild-Mommy, why would I be here pointing out her craziness?

I mean, duh? And you all imagine you're such great thinkers. Your communal hatred of all Anderson-fans other than yourselves makes you feel very smug and satisfied, I'm sure, but you're kidding yourself about the bulk of fandom.


Anonymous said...

Comments on this blog are not moderated, unlike most "anderfan" blogs and communities, and you know it.

Simply untrue, Ivy. All it takes is for someone to point out that the members of this blog aren't the sum of all perfection that they think they are, or that other fans are NOT the evil ruination of everything good about Anderson for Christiane or Courtney to come along and slap moderation on it to 'prevent trolls'.

You wait. This post will probably do it.


Anonymous said...

Now I see, it's Arachnea trolling again!

Same old complaints, same old comments, same old attacks.


rudy said...

Chris only deleted the Spider Woman (sour puss Arachnea) comments.

Let's visit her blog, it's very bad and don't have many comments,
that's why she always comes here to stir things up. No much traffic at your witchcraft joint?

Chris and Courtney be afraid, very afraid, Arachnea might cast a spell and turn you both into spiders! It could be worse, you could become copies of her!

And please stop watching Charmed

Anonymous said...

Anon = Rudy = therealcooperite, I see. You still can't spell Arachnae.

Seriously, Rudy - what's the beef you have with Klein? Are you really his 'ex' as has been suggested?

rudy said...

As long as you don't call me pumpkin carver, arachnae of libbey I don't care.

I don't know who Cooperite is, but if you don't like that person it has to be a cool cat.

Ask Pumpkin Lady to send you some pills.

Anonymous said...

Nice - Cooper does a whole show on mental illness and the best this crowd (who admire him so much for his inspiring example) can do is make fun of someone (Pumpkin Lady) who - I presume - has to take pills for it. All the while clutching to your bosoms the very person who SHOULD be taking pills for her delusions. No wonder StalkerWoman feels at home here.

Suzanne said...

Stalking - if Anderson is stalked he should report it. He at least is in a better position than most people who get stalked. CNN will provide him security guards, etc.

I bet a lot of other people who are stalked would love to have that. Just ask any girl whose ex boyfriend or ex husband is stalking her.

Also, Anderson has the forum to help with the problem of stalking, but it has to start with him reporting it to the police and having proof that its happening. Instead of stressing about it, do something. In the end, the least he will come away with is a good investigative report that could help others if enough attention is brought to bear on the subject.

@newsjunkie - in your quest to figure out what's wrong with the world and fix it consider the morbid fascination with celebrities the US has currently. Used to be the only place you could read this junk was in the tabloids you could buy as you checked out of the grocery store. Now CNN will serve it up with the evening news. No wonder so many celebs (including Anderson) feel like they have no privacy. The news media help feed these "nonnormal" people's mental delusions.

Perhaps if this reporting was to go back to the tabloids, the number of crazies would lessen, the celebrities might find themselves a little better off on privacy and we would find ourselves better informed about the really important issues of the day - the political race, the war in Iraq, the environmental issues, etc.

Good luck with fixing the world and this problem - it certainly needs fixed.

Anonymous said...

Libby is that you?

give me a break... said...

There are worse things in the world than Datalounge and Gawker. Good grief, I bet Anderson, even with his problems with stalkers, doesn't make as much out of those sites as this blog seems to. In fact, he once said that he didn't care WHAT was printed about him, that people can say whatever they wanted and it really doesn't look to me like he's worried or hurting from anything those sites may have said about him. He just does his work. So, why be so snobbish and sanctimonious over something that doesn't even affect you personally? Are you related to Anderson or something? Because if not, you're WAY too invested in this. Anderson's a grown man who can surely handle whatever's printed about him.

Anonymous said...

and who knows how close she might actually be to CNN and AC. And THAT scares a lot of people. and who knows how close she might actually be to CNN and AC. And THAT scares a lot of people.

Oh puhleeeeezzzze. You can't possibly be serious about this.

newsjunkie said...

@susanne: Yes, I did point that out a bit, abut how the anonymity of the internet opened up the floodgates for craziness... it's terrible how there are copious amount of gossip mags on the shelves out there, usually stating things as fact. And they also go insane about everything- Baldwin, Gibson, Spears, Clinton (who apparently was going to run for president with Bigfoot), Foster, Bush, Cooper, Lohan, Hilton, Law, Holmes and Cruise, Winfrey, Smith... the list goes on. And people eat it up like candy. The crazy ones believe all they see (if it's in print, it must be real!), and it's like fuel in the fire.

Okay, anon comments- let's stop all the screaming at each other and accusatory posts. It's ridiculous. If you hate it here, go away. It's rather simple. The rest of us would like to have a normal discussion. Thanks. Also, Christiane only deletes derogatory comments against other posters, as far as I know. Has it ever occurred to you that people can delete their OWN comments?

Anonymous said...

There is a female who posts fictitious stories about a relationship between her and Anderson on her blog.

Even though she adds the claimer about her blog being fiction, it still seems creepy to me that she would even write such things.

newsjunkie said...

I know why I like math and Chemistry. It's always what it is, ALWAYS. Two and two is always four (except for very large values of two). You take a couple of chemicals and they react, it is always going to do the same thing. It's orderly. It's predictable. Mental illness and its cause is so fascinating to me that I dream about it. I personally think that it's environmental which affects the biological basal properties of our bodies, which in turn affect some people's brain Chemistry in really bizarre ways. I think that it's going to end up being something as stupid as the molecular structure of cheese that is making everyone crazy. I'm not joking either. Chemistry is actually very simple on an atomic level- so the answer, will also be simple. (To be honest, I actually think it has something to do with Gliadin, but hey, you don't care....).

What does this have to do with the media? Oh, nothing- but it does have to do with what we're talking about, which is the stalking of Anderson Cooper, and why some people are delusional, and some aren't.

Hmmm. Maybe all his crazy stalkers should stop eating Grilled Cheese sandwiches.

@anon 10:27- to write a story, any story, you have to project a part of yourself into it. So although that person has a disclaimer, on a deep level, somewhere, she's entertaining the thought that it could be real "if only... whatever". And that is what would make me nervous, because... when is that woman (or anyone like her) going to cross the line of "this is not real", to believing it??

anon10:27 said...

And that is what would make me nervous, because... when is that woman (or anyone like her) going to cross the line of "this is not real", to believing it??

I think she already crossed the line just by writing these stories. When Anderson Cooper mentioned the stalker, my first thought was that it could be this woman.

Anonymous said...

It's called the Anderchronicles and this is how she describes herself on her blog.

"I’m kinda nutty, but I don’t mind if you don’t. "

Anonymous said...

why the beef with Anderchronicles, have you ever read that piece of literary geniousness and good taste that is the Fucking Andy Blog? and you are screaming because someone commented AC kissed someone...PLEEEASE!

Anonymous said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww, that is certifiably grotesque. At first I wondered why Anderson only mentioned his being stalked by females. How about the gay guys, are men stalking AC? I suppose when you consider a faux storywriter by a self described nutcase, a teddy bear creator, a carjacker too poor to buy the book during signings and the obsessive emailer he mentioned, the guys take the backseat as far as famed stalkers.

Anonymous said...


ivy said...

@10:27 -if that was only one female -). There's plenty of fan finction online, anderson and fake news hosts are usually the main focus. I doubt there's much of it about let's say Charlie Gibson. The truth is we have no clue if the stalker Anderson mentioned is any of those diaries authors or any of the anons. It's impossible to know from couple of posts online is a person believes what they're saying or just likes to start trouble on blogs.

Christiane said...

To our regular readers and commenters:


As some of you have ID, and verified through their ISPs, its the same gang. We know them, so just ignore them.

Please do not attack other blogs or communities, and don't point out individuals.

Stalking is a serious issue. Yesterday a story broke about a Sandra Bullock fan that attacked her husband. It's easy to fall within the troll wars of comments, but don't fall for their bait!


Anonymous said...

Trolling is not far from stalking, blogs instead of people. Both are not all that hard to do and it doesn't even have to be a public persona. Let's take one of the regular trolls on this blog, Arachnae, who passionately defended the infamous intern who had to share with the public the daily details of Anderson's work environment.

What does Arachnae have in common with the fired 360 intern? They both are fond of Anderson Cooper, are store owners and like to forget that internet is not their bedroom.

So, Ms. Harmon (aka Arachnae), you wrote an article and advised how to behave on other people's blogs. "Now you need to visit other blogs. Here's where you must exercise some tact and restraint. You must read regularly those blogs that you think are similar to yours and whose readers might enjoy your blog. When they post something about which you might have something constructive and/or interesting to say, visit the comments thread to that post." When are you going to follow what your own reccomendation? You are so involved in different spiritual practices and themes and get income from that too, is that just for sale or are you going to start applying a little bit of it in your cyber-life?

Arachnae said...

Ah, I see therealcooperite has found another place to try to attack me.

Trolling is not far from stalking, blogs instead of people.

Classic Psychological Projection.

Christiane and Courtney, you need to be aware that anon at 4:41, who I suspect is one of your regulars posting anonymously (and you have the means to find that out), runs this tasteful little fangroup. Yes, we've met before; she seems to have a problem with anyone who's ever posted a comment to the 360 blog.

See my (admittedly rarely updated) blog versus her Yahoogroup and then decide who's borderline.

RAID said...

If you would just stop trolling at other people's blog, probably you wouldn't be followed and HATED so much. Easy solution.

by the way.... said...

I think your paintings are ugly, madame spider.

anon 4:41 said...

@arachnae - unfortunately for you I'm not who you think I am. I didn't even know about that yahoo group till you linked to it. I did read this blog when the intern was fired and your name came up a few times. Appears there are more people curious about you. I wonder why that is.

It's not a nice feeling when you're being watched, even through cyberspace. Imagine when it spills into real life.

Anonymous said...

oh sweetness that is the spider lady, could you cast a magic spell for me so that Ican have a minicooper of my very own?

RAID said...

Didn't the Reptile eat the spider?

better business bureau said...

Hey Arachnae, Reptile wants her money back! she says the spell you sold her was crap.

Arachnae said...

Stalking is a serious issue.

Yes it is, Christiane. And you manage to conflate real serious mental illness with 'trolling' and being the 'wrong' type of fan, and encourage your clique to hate all other fans. Are you proud of the 'community' you have created here? Do you like the conversations your 'hate-all-others' postings spark?

@anon 4:41: I can understand why you wouldn't be very proud of your little hate group. But you can't say the same thing elsewhere and on this board and expect not to be recognized.

newsjunkie said...

Okay this is terrible. This is the ONE blog that I do not see the terrible trashy comments on. The comments are getting nuts. I can't stand it. I liked the other post, where there was tons upon tons of good, decent comments about intelligent issues. The trolls wreck it. Why are you stirring up such hatred? The regular readers and commenters simply like to state our opinions about CNN, The News, The reporters, the media in general... I'm going to go on a vacation now. My hydrochloric acid has gone into overdrive.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you as always. Last post we had over 100 comments and most were intelligent and thoughtful.

This post is about stalking it is not meant to feed stalkers. Seriously if people respected themselves a little more we wouldn't have to read all this nonsense!

newsjunkie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Queen Vic said...


All such nonsense. Even if Anderson has a stalker, the danger seems to be limited. Ever notice how he's alone in most public pictures, no bodyguard or security staff, just him.

There are far too many who let the trolls think that what they have to say is of ANY importance. That's probably why they feel the need to use other peoples' screen name because they know you'll pay attention to what that particular has to say.

Don't buy into their nonsense, just laugh and move on. They are attacking websites and screen names. The only real name that anyone comes across in these sites is Anderson Cooper. And just how much importance does anybody think he puts on what gets said in fan sites and blogs? Don't let yourselves be hurt or insulted becasue your screen name was bashed. It's not real, you are, but not the screen name.

These people want and crave attention. They can't get it from Anderson Cooper, so they seek it from his fans.

Anonymous said...

This blog has been under attack from so-called "Anderson Cooper Fanblogs" since last year. It started when one of the Freaks temporarily posted a note written by AC addressed to them (the Freaks). I don't remember the exact content of what he wrote but I do remember it was a note in which he praised this blog and the girls who operate it.

I believe these trolls are from the other blogs and are jealous of this one because of that note. As far as I know, no other blog that has content about him (outside of his own blog) has gotten an aknowledgement (verbal and/or written) from AC.

Anderson has expressed a fondness for the Freaks and there are alot of people who hate this blog for that reason.

Anderson says he does not read blogs, but apparently he does and this blog is one of his favorites.

Anonymous said...

So that explains why the garbage surfaced over here. Perhaps one of their own could "create" a similar type message, calling them back to where they belong. Yes, birds of a feather flock together. At least that's the way it should be.

Please come back from vacation, newsjunkie. Consider this place an extension of your organic chem, or whichever chem class you're taking this semester. Your "CO2" insights are always a treat.

newsjunkie said...

LOL- I didn't know Anderson read Freaks. That's funny.

@anon 12:53- I got over my stomach ache... probably because tearing up the road (er- I go the speed limit??) on my Harley tends to relieve stress :) At the moment I'm at the end of a Chem class specifically designed for human chemistry. Just learned how to calculate pH balances... interesting. Made me really not want to drink coffee anymore! Mmmmm, final exam on May 9th and then the certification exam by the ACS [American Chemical Society] on the 11th. I'm rather sad that my class will be over- got to wait till the fall semester now for more Chemistry to tickle my brain :( I guess this summer I'll just fart around in Manhattan with all my (extremely cute and hot) gay friends. Heehee

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, don't pick on people. And why, exactly, did you decide to pick on Betty Ann over HERE? Sheesh. GET A LIFE.

newsjunkie said...

anon 9:43- that comment was mean and cruel. Christiane does not tolerate that sort of thing over here.

*note to self: ignore trolls...*

Anonymous said...

Tonights topic is the talk of the legal community in the USA. I hope 360 has been able to retrieve more info than the US legal eagles have already, which is rather minimal. Criminal law has enough grey areas on US soil to cause nightmares. Add a foreign legal sytem to the case and utter chaos becomes the understatement.

anon 4:41 said...

It's not real, you are, but not the screen name.

@queen vic and the rest

I feel bad to disappoint you but behind screen names there are real people, who have real addresses and phone numbers and some, like Arachnae, real businesses. Trust me, she's not the only one. Speaking of real, I'm not the real cooperite and not the fake cooperite either. Arachnae can think whatever she wants of course. I know, it must be tempting to think there's just one person who knows about the real you behind the "screen name" or a couple.

A lot of "screen names" feel they can write whatever they want on public (and even password protected) blogs, boards and groups, troll, disrupt other blogs and make up stories about people without consequences. As one 360 intern already learned it's not so. I assure you it's not so.

"Even if" Anderson has stalkers -- even if? You have to be one of the trolls. Even on the fan boards quite a few people don't bother to hide they are stalking him.

newsjunkie said...

May 2- there is a blog out there (no names) that called on its readers that live in Los Angeles to go out and "give a first hand account" of Anderson's activities and whereabouts. That's DISGUSTING, people, you just asked people to go stalk the man!! GEEZUS ALREADY. Good thing he's back in New York. But like I said in another comment, on the "Statues" post, I'm not so sure that New York is safer for him. This is ridiculous. Stop it already.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious...I heard the same thing from my friend in NYC. Infact, one site has such heavy traffic from a bag of crazed stalking fans, they memorialize every time they nab him on the streets of America, at booksignings, contest winners when AC is the grand prize, when their posts are read on his show. They share "the experience" with their sidekicks.

Anonymous said...

"How about the gay guys, are men stalking AC?"

Anderson would probably never mention the guys who stalk him because he doesn't discuss his sexual orientation and is aware of the gay rumors going around which he seeminingly publicly tries to ignore and acknowledging the gay stalkers brings this subject would just bring some unwanted attention to that topic

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,
I don't know if this is of any interest to people reading this column, but I thought I might add another perspective to something that’s become a pretty big issue in my life. I'm a Presenter of a relatively small (comparative to that of 360) late night news show. During my time presenting I have had a couple of stalkers to which I've had to receive support from law enforcement. The stalking came in a number of ways. Such as e-mails, calls & text messages to my unlisted Cell-phone But perhaps the most frightening of all was an encounter outside the studio where I work. You see at our facility the employee car park sits opposite the station. As a consequence of this we would have to cross the road to get to our vehicles after the bulletin each night. One Tuesday night I left the studio picked up my gear from the dressing rooms and proceeded to leave the building, whilst crossing the road to the car park I was confronted by a Man I had seen outside the building a couple of times in previous nights. He began by talking to me as if he somehow knew me and initially I was quite confused about it. I was wondering if I had in fact met him before and simply forgotten. He went on rambling out a number of details including names of my family the details about my personal life etc. He then went on to try and coerce me over towards his vehicle however when I declined he went into what can only be described as a manic type state. Going so far as to try and force me into his car. As luck would have it one of our security staff had headed out for a cigarette and was smoking beside one of our tx buildings and he came to my rescue. However I can quite honestly say this was a truly frightening moment in my life. The security guard apprehended the guy and once the police had investigated him fully I was told he was an avid reader of a WebLog I used to produce about what was happening in terms of the show and my life in general. This allowed him to get a number of my personal details/schedule etc. That knowledge got me thinking; perhaps if I don’t want to be pursued in this way It’s not the best idea to be disclosing so much of my working and personal life. Therefore, on the advice of both my Network and the authorities I discontinued the Blog. Anderson, if you ever read this, might be something to consider?

Most of you are probably wondering why I've come and shared this all with you. Well unlike Anderson our whole show’s off the cue (so no adlibs to drop any of those subtle hints on air:-P. J’kidding, I guess I’m basically just here to urge those of you who have ever undertaken these sorts of activities to please, please, please, stop. Don’t get me wrong; I doubt there will be any presenters out there that wouldn’t be forever grateful for the support of their shows. That said, we do need our space. Secondly at the end of the day we’re all just people and in reality for the other 23 hours of the day we’re nowhere near the picture perfect (Or not so, as the case may be) lot we appear for the 1 or so hours we’re on-air. What’s that? you want an example?
At the end of the night when the cameras go off and I go home I still have to deal with the dreaded backnee…: -P
And that last admission is precisely why I’ll leave this post unsigned :-P

Cheers for taking the time to have a read ☺


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