Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Essential Anderson Cooper 360: Jeff Koinage's Africa Reporter's Notebook

As any normal Monday, I like to welcome our readers with interesting images, particularly if there was any event during the weekend, that will surely light their day or cheer them up at the beginning of their labor week. People love photos over text, which becomes a no brainer if you want to post something and you don't have much time. They always bring good traffic.

But yesterday was a crazy day. The numbers started very good, we had some great photos from the book signings, but then Gawker linked us ... at first I was worried, didn't knew if we had to close comments, or at least moderate them, I was surprised and grateful that they didn't trash us... StatCounter reloaded every 5minutes until it finally crashed when it hit 3000 unique visitors..... after the crash it went through the roof with over 4,300 unique visitors and 5,389 loaded pages... some looking for entertainment, and for my big surprise almost the same amount searching for information about Ingrid Formanek and Robert Weiner... and with the last I felt a sense of relief! Una de cal y otra de arena..!

Last Friday Anderson Cooper 360 presented Jeff Koinage's Reporter's Notebook about Africa. Just like the Michael Ware in depth interview, it is a required viewing. Essential Reporting. Personally I wouldn't have used the Oprah Piece nor repeated the Gorilla Story. I know it is cute as hell, but can't compare with the depth of the suffering of the Raped Women and The Soldier Children. I still believe we have to focus on Human Rights a little bit more...

On another note, at the previous comments section, Jr asked:

"So, this made me think if I were to give Anderson a gift, what would it be?"
Personally, I'm old school. Journalists shouldn't accept any kind of gifts or favors. But that's me.

And last and but not least, I want to thank our loyal regulars. Love us or hate us, we can always count on your visits... and our commenters thank you for sharing this bumpy ride!

And now the Reporter's Notebook.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

"Dispatches from the edge": AC360 Africa special. Anderson talks with CNN's Jeff Koinange. Child soldiers and sex slaves

21 comentarios:

tink said...

I love comig to your blog because I can count on real coverage of the subject of the news items on 360, rather than 100 words or less on how to describe how cute he looked!

I cringed as soon as I saw that Gawker piece yesterday, knowing people would come here looking for dirt.

Also, on another "Open" board they were disecting the TVNewser piece on a supposed regular trashing Jon Klein and other well known AC Fans. Whether it was the person with that screen-name or someone using it to make her look bad - get over it. If you don't like what people are saying about you, grow up and stop reading the sites that bash you.

I'll get off my soapbox now, but it really urks me when people say stupid things (like how cute was he last night, he wore my fav tie or he had white socks on, OMG PLEASE get a life.

Hope I'm not too opinionated this morning, still need my coffee :-) Great job controlling the site thru all this :-)

rudy said...

why would they trash the blog?
They only called it Coopheliac meaning Anderson is crap, not the blog. There is no reason why they could or should do it. And when it happened to other blogs, they were asking for it. You have never carved a pumpkin with Anderson's image, haven't have a ego maniac self righteous and implosive rant defending the intern nor you post cheesy music videos.

And I'm very happy with all the traffic you got, imagine all the people that found out about Stalker Boi! I bet that makes you smile!

Keeping The Freak Honest said...

Honestly, are you a dude?

ACFan Posted – 5/22/2007 11:29:39 AM | show profile
Freakspeakers are just as bad
They posted fake pictures of Anderson apartment on their blog then supposedly "Christiane" who is really Christian Russell (he has 6 different personalities) gets upset about it being linked to Gawker. Bullshit. He makes up crap to get attention, hopefuly from Anderson, then gets nervous when one of his lies gets linked to a site that lies about Anderson constantly? He has posted Anderson's home address, not that I needed it, I already had it and I go by there all the time.

Anonymous said...

¡¿PERRA?! que coño es eso?! Di contigo por Gawker y lo menos que me imaginaba era que estabas detrás de esto. El archivo y los enlaces te delatan :) ¡Hay cosas que NUNCA CAMBIAN!

Precisamente ayer estabamos hablando de ti con Crommett. ¿Casualidad o andas en una de tus pervesidades? ¿Viste a Jorge con King? Ese era el gufeo que teníamos montao imaginándote gritando como una loca en el control. Desgraciá! LOL

¡Te quiero ingrata! ESCRIBE

Tu hija cachorra

Anonymous said...

@tink- gee, I'm REALLY CURIOUS who the regular was that the Open Board was... killing. And oh yes, I agree, who gives a royal fuck about his clothes!!! I DON'T CARE!!! (did I use enough exclamation points?) I'll admit sure, he's cute, but SO WHAT.

@rudy- I've definitely got a giant grin over here about a zillion people reading about STALKER BOI. Sheesh. I hope that really REALLY REALLY pisses him off. YAY.

@"keeping the freak honest"- um... Christiane is NOT A DUDE. I'm not sure the point of that post, is it.. asking something? Pointing something out? Good or Bad? dunno. I'm confused, really, of what you're trying to say. I'm aware that it is a quote from "ACFAN"- (who I think is a total asshole)... um... I would say that someone who deliberately walks by Anderson's house is just asking to be labeled a stalker. Well GOSH GOLLY DARN, does ACFAN stand outside Time Warner too? Hmmm... maybe I should go over there, sit in Central Park, and check out who is loitering. Actually I sort of like that idea. Oh I know- I think I can take pictures of them and post them on the internet! WOW. I'm a genius. Maybe the thought will scare them away. Well that's good too. Whatever.

Oh and DAMN, I forgot to even talk about this post. I like Jeff, lots. He's very intense and makes me sort of lean forward when I watch him. The gorillas? Okay, sure, they're cute. Oprah? I don't like Oprah. AT ALL.

tink said...

Sharla! Ha, give you 3 guesses!!LOL There's no point respond to them over there because they don't get the point anyways. It is very amusing reading though, when I'm bored at work and need a laugh :-)

courtney01 said...

I have so missed this place. Looks like I've missed a lot of excitement, too.

Keep up the good work, Chris.

Anonymous said...

hey tink- glad you can read sarcasm in my comment :)

tink said...

Sharla! Didn't I tell you, sarcasm's my middle name :-) I've had my share of, well I won't get into that here - so have no patience for whiney, ill informed people & comments.

It's hard for me to sit back and read these things from people who have double standards, it's ok for them to say it - but if you ever said how you really felt it wouldn't be pretty.

Jumping off my stage again...

curious kate said...

Is it true that if I participate in this blog I will black balled to join other Anderson Cooper Communities?

Why people call this blog "the mean blog" or the one that should not be named?

What did the mod do to earn the scorn of the rest of the boards and blogs?

Anonymous said...

Did I read on one of the reports on Anderson's books signings that he said he would be going to Greenland?

I guess I understood he himself physically would be going to Greenland, but now watching tonight does it look like Jeff Corwin will be reporting from Greenland and not anderson going?

marie said...

@keeping the freak honest

1. I have spoken to Chris on the phone and yes, she is a female.

2. If a fake picture (such as a cartoon) is posted, we will tell you so.

3. I have no idea who "Christian Russell" is. He is not related to this blog in any way.

4. In case you did not get the message, this blog NEVER posted Anderson's home address.

5. We do check our material before we post it so that what we present is accurate.

tink said...

anon 10:49: that was my understanding too, that he was going to Greenland. Maybe his plans changed and CNN is sending him somewhere else. There's lots going on in the ME so I'd guess he would be better utilized reporting over there. (IMO)

marie said...

It would be perfect if Stalker Boi was reading this blog. :)

Hey! What's up? Glad you stopped by. :)

How's vacay? Personally, I love my break from the mental stress. I forgot how it was to be able to sleep for several hours in a row without worrying about paperwork. *smirk*

@curious kate
"Is it true that if I participate in this blog I will black balled to join other Anderson Cooper Communities?" This cliquish behavior reminds me of high school. You know, people trying to tell others what to do....I think some of the fan blogs do that, but we don't...especially since we are not a "fan blog" anyway.

"Why people call this blog "the mean blog" or the one that should not be named?" I don't get why people say we are mean because we are not.

"What did the mod do to earn the scorn of the rest of the boards and blogs?" I think some bloggers get upset mostly due to the material posted.

By the way, we also have a You Tube channel you can subscribe to. That is where we post our videos for our readers to watch whenever they want to.

Queen Vic said...

The person who wrote that nonsense (Christiane is a dude, etc.) is a mental case who has stalked AC fansites for a while now. She's been banned from most them and only gets in whee she can, usually at sites that don't keep tight controls on the published commentary.

Christian Russell is a guy and posts so rarely these days that it's a wonder that this fake ACFAN even remembered his name.

Anonymous said...

@ tink... if I ever said how I really felt? OMG you have no idea. I mean, I sit here and throw the honest truth out there... but I leave half of it out. If I put it all in here I'd make people cry. I'm just not that mean. Except to Stalker Boi, who can totally KISS MY VERY SEXY ASS.

@ marie- vacation? Well, yeah, I guess :) It IS summer. Therefore I have tons of time to fart around online. And in NYC, of course... guess I'll go up there the second weekend of June. What is that, the 9th? And I'm taking my camera with me. I wasn't KIDDING YOU, stupid stalkers!!! lookout. Sharla is on the prowl and YOU are the fresh meat. *snarl*

@ queen vic- ACFAN is a cyberstalker. You might not agree, but hear me out. A cyberstalker is not necessarily one that is attacking their prey directly. They instead attempt to undermine the person (Anderson) by attacking OTHER people, attempting to make (Anderson) look bad, spews hatred in every direction, creates dissent among (Anderson's) fans... THAT is cyberstalking, because it's deliberately hurtful to (Anderson) whether it's direct or not. That's the cyberstalker's goal, because they are supremely angry at (Anderson) for whatever reason. Actually I read this long post by ACFAN a couple weeks ago about how Klein was Anderson's secret lover and while it was presented as being serious, I laughed so hard I nearly cried. It was THAT funny.

Anonymous said...

It would show YOUR blogs' maturity Christiane if you weren't bashing people in the first place, then get mad when they bash you back.

Keep your blog on the up and up and keep the comments on topic and don't wind up just like the 360blog.

tink said...

@Sharla: I'm the same, have to bite my tongue and hold in a lot of my true thoughs, mostly to people who don't know me well. They would probably think I'm a horrible/mean person - but just speaking the truth about how I feel or what I believe. As my dad once told me, sometimes those thoughts are best kept between me & you!!LOL Oh well, he raised an honest kid I guess :-)

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:47. What exactly does Christiane have to do with this? She makes great posts. And then the comments section goes wild. No one is attempting to make a blog like the CNN ones, although the topics discussed ARE serious.

And the person that does the most slamming and bashing is ME. And I don't get angry when people get mad at me. You know why? Because I went to the school of BLUNT AND BRUTAL COMMUNICATIONS METHODS, and I call it like I see it. People get the angriest when the truth is thrown in their face.

I'm not going to stop hollering the truth. You can yell at me all you want, get pissy, and call me names. But I know what I know, and I know I'm right. Therefore... BITE ME.

Anonymous said...

I have a gift for Sharla,
Stalker Boi's new nick: FAGC
I shit you not!

Anonymous said...


Stalker Boi seriously needs to have his head examined. Let's see...

~follows Anderson around (wonder if he's seen him drunk?!)

~apparently watches his penthouse with binoculars (I swear, I can't wait to take a picture of that)

~stands outside the Time Warner building (ok, that's just SICK)

~shows up at booksignings all over the place (and apparently doesn't mind telling anyone about how he's a damn freak and how Anderson's place smells nice)

~has his yucky boyfriend finance all this shit (you're kidding, right?)

Hey, I don't have a problem with gay people, no, but... I don't get how the boyfriend isn't secretly disgusted with Stalker Boi's obsession. I think Anderson is WAY hotter than Stalker Boi's boyfriend, though. Not too sexy there, Mr. I-own-my-own-business.....



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