Monday, May 21, 2007

Anderson Cooper in Miami's Book Signing

Here are some wonderful pics of Anderson Cooper at his book signing in Miami... For a change, he looks veeery relaxed and calm ( GOOD FOR HIM). I tried my best to bribe some colleagues to go to the event, its part of my market after all! but here a brief transcript of a phone call with one of my best friends that live in La Ciudad Del Sol:

SM: Hello!
Chris: NENA!
SM: and that miracle?
Chris: just wondering what are you up to for the weekend
SM: what's up
Chris: well, do you remember when GS was working in Atlanta and always was hanging out with this guy that worked with?
SM: Jorge's (ramos) clone?
Chris: ese mismo! well he published a book and he is having a signing in Miami and I thought it would be nice if you could go
SM: no thanks, wait! what are you up to?
Chris: Nothing just wanted some pics or video
SM: ujúm, if LH wanted the story don't you have a bureau over here?
Chris: BTW did GS ever told you that he really, really LOVES your show...
SM: good because I hate it! and I won't promote other network's talent, just in case...
Chris: LOL why not!? he is not a menace... Jorge has over 1.5 million daily viewers more than him, c'mon do it for GS... poor gringo, he might even need a tour...
SM: ^&*(**&*&^&!!! Bla Blah Blah
Chris: Ok.... ciao!

So I failed miserably... that is what happens when you are a "closeted blogger" if only I would have told her the truth, hey I am running a blog and I need the pics and the video!... but thanks for the news wires!

Photos courtesy of Chris Gordon

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Anonymous said...


I think I passed out.

*can you please not post any more pictures of Anderson like this? I need my BRAIN BACK!!*

ramona said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The congregation of Temple Judea must be saying to themselves, if our Rabbi and Cantor looked this good and spoke so passionately, we'd be here for Shabbat services every week. I wish he could/would take over at my temple!(You didn't hear me say that Rabbi Bob).

ivy said...

@9:35 -lol

these pics give a pretty good idea how young he looks in person

Anonymous said...

and dare I ask:
1. who is SM?
2. who is GS?
3. why should we care?

Betty B. said...

@ Christiane

And you call this failing? I only wish I would fail my clases the same way you just failed here....
Amazing pictures!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Is this a reform synagogue?

I noticed that the men present (including Anderson) are not wearing Yarmulkas in the chapel, which is only acceptable in reform congregations.

anonymousaba said...

Yes, Temple Judea is a standard reform synagogue, although some of its members are conservative by birth and/or practice and continue to worship more religiously at this reform temple.

Elaine said...

I forgot to add that I received an email from Anderson on November 17th, 2004 thanking me for the "wonderful bear" and that he "appreciated the work that I put into it".

And I met him in December of that same year.

Maybe the truth is harder for you to swallow because it's a big pill but you can choke on it if you want.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine. Love to talk to you- let's chat. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

giiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllll, you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My Gosh! those were great pictures!!!!

jr said...

These are great pics! Anderson is in his element when he's casual. It's nice to see him look like he's actually enjoying something for a change which is why he allowed so many pics to be taken!

It's unfortunate that someone decides to give Anderson a gift (of which I'm sure isn't the first time he's receive one from a fan) and it gets ridiculed by people. Perhaps because it was a teddy bear which can be considered child-like but he seems like the kind of guy who would be courteous and appreciative of the thought more than the actual gift itself.

So, this made me think if I were to give Anderson a gift, what would it be?

I'm thinking the biggest gift I could give Anderson would be to show him how he has inspired me by his reporting around the world. That I would actually get involved and make a difference on those issues that have a true meaning to me.

Then again, maybe I would just give him a stuffed gorilla and tell him I donated money towards their conservation.

The more I think about it, the more I think I probably wouldn't give him anything.

What would you do? Give him a gift or not....

Anonymous said...

Those photos are fabulous - GQ material.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Christiane on this one- nothing. I think perhaps he doesn't mind getting nice letters that tell him how he's influenced or changed someone's life, just by being who he is. But the fawning, drooling, crazy idiots who just write in to hopefully make Anderson notice them? uh, no. I doubt that. My guess would be on that front, that there is a screener and they only give him the good ones. You think?

Betty B. said...

I wouldnt give him anything either, I think by now he has recieved lots of gifts and very few must hold true meaning for him. And really what for? I think what he really wants is people to watch his show, respect him as a journalist and as a normal person (a thing some people find very hard to do)and be influenced to do things for others- not for him.

The other day he said to Erica on 360 that his TVo was broken, and I just LMAO thinking about how many of those he would likely recieve the very next day!

By the way, I wasnt able to watch 360 yesterday, but I have to say that last weeks shows were excellent. His coverage of Falwells death was brilliant, righteous and compassionate- deserving of an award!

marie said...

Too bad you cannot tell SM that I think he/she did a great job since you had to do this "incognito". :(


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