Sunday, May 20, 2007

Photos of Anderson Cooper's book signing in Atlanta

here are some photos of Anderson's book signing in Atlanta, thanks to Trinag for allowing us to use her photos of the event.

So we got to the Barnes and Noble kind of early. We were there at 12:30 for the book signing that started at 2:00. There were already about 30 or so peope there. One group of girls (one of them had flown down from Toronto specifically for this) had gotten there at 8:00 am. So we sat around, my friend bought Anderson's book since you had to have a book to get to meet him, and we talked to the people around us.

Anderson finally got there at 2:00, and let me just say, he looked so good. I have a thing about seeing people who are always dressed up in regular clothes and this was no different. He had on a red polo shirt, with some dark jeans and tennis shoes. He just looked really casual and laid back. I loved it. Anyway, he only talked for about 5 minutes. He said how we might not recognize him in his "street clothes" (yeah right Anderson). He talked about how he's always loved books, ever since he was little. He used to walk around when he was too young to read, carrying books and just pretending he was reading them. So cute.

After the brief talk, we started lining up for the signing. They had us write our names on a post-it so Anderson would know how to sign it. When I got up there (after I introduced myself and shook his hand), the first thing he said was "Oh, you spell your's the right way" referring to my name (which is Catrina). So I said something like, yeah when I went to New Orleans for work after the storm I got a lot of dirty looks when I told people my name, and he laughed. He asked me where I was from. It was all very nice. He shook my hand again before I left. My friend was next and she mentioned we had gone to see Spiderman 3 the night before. He aked how it was and said he hadn't got a chace to see it yet. I said it was okay, and he said he's seen all the mixed reviews. And then we where sheparded out.

But the best part came at the very end. We hung out until the whole thing was over (about an hour) just watching, and talking to other fans. We met the girl who had flown down from Toronto and she was very nice. She had bought a book that Anderson's father (Wyatt Cooper) had written and signed off of Ebay. It had a letter in it that Wyatt had written to the original owener, and she gave the letter to Anderson. She also got Anderosn to sign the book under his father's signature. Anyway, at the end, the lady from Barnes and Noble who was over the whole thing tells Anderson there's a small group of people waiting who would like to take a picture. Anderson agreed, so there was about 8 or so of us who were there that got to take an individual picture with Anderon! He was so nice about it. When I went up there, he was like "Hi, how are you" and put his arm out. I put my arm around him (he's pretty skinny, but his arms are very built) and we took a picture. I'll crop myself out of it becasue I look waaay to shiny, but Anderson looks pretty good (if a little warm, lol) in it.

So yeah, Anderson really is very personable and sweet. And he has nice arms, and I'm very glad we went yesterday. Plus we found some really nice apartments for my friend. Successful weekend all around, I'd say.

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Anonymous said...

Nice thing that someone returned his father's letter. BUT:

1. wasn't the teddy bear stalker from Canada?
2. The Pumpkin Carver was from Canada
3. Any signs of Stalker Boi?
4. How many copies have he received from Families? Is it a recall?

jr said...

It's nice to see laid back and casual Anderson for a change! He looked like he was enjoying this book signing. Were there not a lot of people there if it was done in one hour?

Thanks for sharing your story Catrina!

anonymousaba said...

Elaine the teddy bear lady is from Toronto. The Pumpkin Carver is a Canadian, too. I thought when her masterpiece was seen on 360, he said she was from Toronto. Maybe I'm slightly offbase, but, I think that for any person other than a crazed fan, flying from Toronto to Atlanta with Families in tow, is more than bizarre behavior. Wyatt signed many of his books during signings and when he gave the book as gifts to friends. The books are expensive off ebay, sure, but to buy the book to give Anderson the signed note is just plain weird.

rudy said...

are you going to upload the 60 minutes piece? PLEASE?

Anonymous said...

No. If you had followed the link to her Trinag's blog before she made the post private, you would have read in the comments section that there was a personal note stuck in the book from Wyatt to someone. She gave that note to Anderson.

anonymousaba said...

A personalized note from Wyatt to the original owner of Families is included in so many copies of the books, including those sold by the previous owners on ebay. Anderson has received more than this note written from his dad from a fan w/ a copy of Familes. It isn't rocket science nor a blog enthusiast to know the score. It's a similar gig everytime. Anderson asks the same question, too. How much did you pay for Families. Stalker boi did the same thing. So original.

Anonymous said...

With Anderson's sense of humor and irony, I could easily see him recycling the books. Probably it's him selling all the inventory that didn't sell back in the 70's (Wyatt wasn't Capote) and all the books he receives he just post them back to ebay. Then he would give all proceeds to charities like Doctors without borders.

Anonymous said...

I was searching for information about Robert Weiner after watching the movie Live From Baghdad through HBO and google directed me to this blog.

I had the opportunity to scroll around your archives and I just want to thank you for all of the important information you have posted in this blog. I really liked the posts labeled under Invasion of Privacy and the ethical debates. I don't really care much about Anderson Cooper - he can't compare with an Arnett - but you got a lot of great info about journalism.



Anonymous said...

Well. I guess I had the misfortune to go the the "uptight and proper" booksigning in New York. What a bummer :(

Gee, I suppose I'll live.

And yeah- Elaine the Teddy Bear chick (and uh, car hopper?) is from Canada. I agree with anonymousaba, the pumpkin carver is also from Canada.

I am very curious if Stalker Boi showed up, like anon 8:57. If anyone has pictures of the audience, I'd like to have a look. However, my major overexposure of him (plus with the comments going bananas about him)... he seems to have run screaming for the hills *grin* I actually doubt, in that case, that he showed up. But you never know.

ivy said...

@anonimous aba- the "pumpkin lady" is from quebec, not toronto. But there are quite a few fans from toronto area, not just infamous elaine.

Anonymous said...

Someone by the name of Megan was there from Toronto. She posted her story and pictures on another blog.

Christiane said...

Hey I don't want you to jump all over people for just attending a Lecture or a book signing!

It can't and shouldn't be compared to Stalker Boi's behavior. He is in a completely creepy league of his own.

Elaine said...

I sent him the teddy bear in November of 2004, so whoever tried to give him one in August of 2005 is someone else. I didn't get in his car. I don't live in Toronto either. I have my book signed so you may want to look elsewhere for someone to lie about. You should stop listening to people who are jealous.


Anonymous said...

rrrrrrrrrruuuuuuun! it's Elaine!
rrrrruuuuuuuuun for your life!

Anonymous said...

Live and let live people.
If all you had in your life was to bark for breakfast yet your howls, growls and salivating was ignored and unwanted, you'd have no place to go. We should thank our lucky stars that we are welcome where we want to be. It's really nice to have friends, love and happiness and to be wanted. But it must suck to have no where to go. To be nothing more than an an annoying, bloodsucking tick.

Anonymous said...

Is he done with book signings? I was hoping he would come to visit us in new orleans. I went to harper collins website and it doesnt mention any more. oh well...

Anonymous said...


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