Friday, May 18, 2007

Anderson Cooper didn't read my comments, but one of the 15 people employed to do so did!

There is a lot of furor and questions regarding the Anns, the Anderson Cooper Blog, who is in charge, how many, etc. Back in September 28 /06 we posted this information which was supplied by CNN about how the CNN Interactive, in charge of the Anderson Cooper 360 Blog, works.

See? Freaks is not only about bitching and complaining! We have great info if you have the chance to check out the archives.

On another note: I will REALLY APPRECIATE IF THE COMMENTS STAY WITHIN THE RULES OF THIS BLOG. I'm really busy, I'm the sole writer here, and I rather close the blog than moderate... Thanks!

Many seek and comment at the Anderson Cooper's blog at the CNN page expecting to have at least a cyber connection with the gray haired anchor. In reality, if he read all the comments he wouldn't have a career nor a life. Instead of Anderson, all comments are filtered by an army of 15 content editors employed at CNN solely to monitor comments on his blog.

Mark Chernesky, Web Development Director for Digital Media Technologies, Turner Broadcasting System, gives us an inside look of how the cyber version of CNN works.

"It is not magic. Type in the URL -- -- and all the day's news suddenly appears on the screen before you. Just like our on-air sister, frequent updates and breaking news bulletins provide readers with up-to-the minute coverage of world events.

But in this speed of light medium, getting a story onto the Web is a bit more complicated than the simple push of a button. The article passes through no fewer than 10 people. Follow the chart below as the story evolves from a news event to a full-blown in-depth interactive report, where the reader, order the news by priority and decide which elements of a story are most important"

So how it works?

1. After searching through the CNN network-wide news gathering system called Basys, the producer consults with the senior producer to construct a rundown that contains the day's events in order of importance and the coverage planned by the network. Early in his or her shift, the producer holds an editorial meeting to discuss the rundown with the rest of the staff and offer content and presentation suggestions. Three different shifts go through this same process over the course of 24 hours.
Each story is listed on the white board, with the initials of the writer-associate producer team assigned to the story.
2. A writer and an associate producer pick up the story and begin to gather the necessary elements. This is a closely-knit team. The writer sifts through wires, CNN reports and raw video feeds to produce a coherent document that incorporates pictures, sounds, movies and links. The associate producer tracks down the multimedia elements, creates the pictures and sounds, consults the multimedia designer for special graphic requests and discusses QuickTime movie possibilities with the associate producer/video editor. Throughout the process, the writer and associate producer communicate with each other to decide which elements will make the story complete and cohesive.
3. Meanwhile, the web editor scours the Internet for appropriate links and the editorial assistant conducts Lexis-Nexis searches for further background information.
4. Once the story is written, the copy editor takes over to check spelling and style and review factual accuracy.
5. When the story has been copy edited and the elements have been gathered, the associate producer lays out the page on paper, showing where pictures and other multimedia elements should be positioned. This goes to the web editor, who codes the story with HTML so it can be read on the Web.
6. Next, the producer steps back into the picture along with the senior producer. Both check the story for accuracy on an inside server.
7. The nod is given and the Web master double-checks the story for multiple browser support and finally moves it to the outside.
8. If a posted story receives feedback from readers, the online coordinator gathers the feedback and has it posted on the site.
Overseeing the editorial process:
The executive producer handles all of the daily operations of the Web site and offers advice in tough situations.
Crowning the editorial process is the editor in chief, who's responsible for overall editorial vision and direction of the entire department.

So there you go! and as the receipt email from Anderson 360 goes "Anyway, the best we can do is to acknowledge that we have indeed received and will read your message, and this little note is to let you know that. It’s automatic, yes; fails to take into account whether you’ve patted us on the back or slapped us across the face; does not differentiate between praise, correction, fury, proposals of marriage, or invitations to get lost. But rest assured we’ll know that part when we read it! "

You are on notice.

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Rudy said...

Hmm, Chris seems very pissed!
If you are going to hit anyone with that hammer on your pic hit Sharla shes the one stirring shit up

Was it me or the comments where disabled earlier?

anonymousaba said...

Informative post! Charts & graphs in all directions. Evidence of CNN fueling the economy.
Huh????? What? Chris, hit "Sharla" with a hammer? I don't think so. Let's be nice.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just have to thank y'all. I knew nothing about "Bettie Ann" until the other day. And now I am checking the 360 blog just to see if she has posted, and guess what? She posts everyday on every subject and they are always so "sweet" and full of "sugar".

Does she just keep her computer on the 360 blog all day waiting for them to introduce a new subject? Who is she? She sure does love her 360 blog! She is CNN's dream.

Anonymous said...

She sure does love her 360 blog! She is CNN's dream.

And everyone else's nightmare. Her posts are cloying and sickening, but she's inexplicably popular with some of the blog readers who apparently have no taste whatsoever. I sometimes think the 360 blog moderators post Betty Ann's comments but are laughing at her idiotic remarks at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I do think Betty Ann just sits at her computer ALL DAY waiting for the next post to come up so she can pounce on it.

Anonymous said...

FYI, I just filed a legal name change with the state to "Betty Ann", so see ya'll on the blog!LOL

(Blogger won't let me sign in for whatever reason, so that's why the Anon)

jr said...

I get annoyed with Betty Ann comments just like a lot of others but apparently some of the bloggers over at the 360 blog enjoy her so, I'll just bite my lip and avoid reading them. It is very obvious to those who do read her comments that she does not have a life! Perhaps, they feel sorry for her!

In defense of the 360 Blog moderators, I do believe that she does have the AC360 blog online at all times and once something is posted, she incessantly submits comments.

She should be in her hey day tonight cuz Anderson blogged!

Anonymous said...

Anderson and Erica in such close proximity to each other tonight. Hope Anderson just jump all over Erica, he is just absolutely stupid on her! That man is in LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Thought I’d come down from the rafters for a moment to tell you I am pleased to find others who would like to make a voodoo doll in Betty Ann's image. I mentioned how annoying she is on another blog and the moderators became a bit testy. I continue to wonder exactly how one manages to have their comments posted repeatedly. Is it possible Betty Ann is mommy to one of the editor’s? I work from home and write for the web. This gives me an opportunity to check out the various blogs throughout the day. Even so, I rarely have a comment posted on the 360 blog. Could it be because I try to refrain from commenting unless I have a modicum of knowledge about the subject? I guess I need to dumb it down, practice fawning and gushing, and replenish my stash of saccharine!

Anonymous said...

Why is everybody zeroing in on Betty Ann? What about Lorie Ann and a bunch of other "regulars?"

Just so you know, I posted a comment the other day under Lorie Ann, and it was posted immediately. Then I posted another comment under my real name, which was posted several minutes later, together with several other comments. This leads me to believe that the comments by the Ann's and possibly other regulars are not being moderated.

Why CNN would give special treatment to certain people is beyond me. I have complained numerous times to various people, including Anderson, to no avail. Anderson also must be aware of it because he's read several of their comments on the air.

In my opinion, the only thing they achieve with this is to upset other faithful viewers who never get posted.

I think more people should post under the regulars' names. Perhaps CNN will put a stop to it then. I for one think it's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Betty Ann's comments take the blog to a new low whenever they're posted, which is why we zero in on her. Em from Ontario seems to be another blog favorite and she's the complete opposite of Betty Ann in that her posts are never syrupy but they are often abrasive and insulting to Anderson, CNN and other posters, but if I had to choose one of them to be sent into 360 blog oblivion it would have to be the uber-nauseating Betty Ann.

Duffy said...

Just a quick correction on this post. The 15 editors are for the entirety of the CNN web content, not for the 360 blog. The 360 blog is run by one producer and he is the only one who vets, reads, or posts the comments. If you look at the press release you were given, you'll see that he said "the blog producer" will handle the feedback for a particular story. There's only one guy :-) Which is probably why it so often seems like comments are not being moderated; one guy really can't handle everything that comes in.

Amber said...

There is no correction to be made as the title pointed out:
Anderson Cooper didn't read my comments, but one of the 15 people employed to do so did!

The information refers to the interactive division, it never says 15 people are in charge of AC360 Blog.

But thanks.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I guess it is much harder inside the newsroom than I thought. Perhaps I should not have been so critical of a difficult job. I do not think I would be able to do it myself- therefore, I cannot judge.

Duffy said...


What I meant is there isn't one of fiteen people. There's just ONE person. I wasn't meaning to be nitpicky, I was just filling in some missing information.

jr said...

In the beginning, the AC360 Blog was quite popular. I'd be willing to bet it has lost some popularity over the past year. I can only guess the reason for that is comments getting rejected so bloggers lose interest. However, if you think about it, what does get posted? Either excessive fawning (Betty Ann) or excessive complaining (Em).

There you have it, their comments provide the 360 blog with opposite angles.

If AC360 was really interested in having a successful blog, they would hire a full time moderator exclusive for that blog and that blog only.

Have any of you seen how many blogs CNN has? At least 10 so the moderators have a lot on their hands.

I just think it's ironic that almost every night Anderson says log onto the 360 Blog and weigh in your thoughts when it's so obvious that a lot of comments get rejected.

BTW, did anyone watch the "Month of Mayhem" special. I know that it is a repeat but I enjoyed watching it!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the blog has lost its popularity, they still seem to get a lot of responses and I think they get more comments than they post, maybe the moderator gets busy with other things, but eventually they post more of the comments.

Anonymous said...

I would think that the blog popularity declines as other people are posting on it. If you notice, the comments hover somewhere around 10-30 on the regular posts, but when Anderson himself says something- it'll climb up near 100. People have a lot to say, but apparently being able to respond to Anderson directly is rather enticing. Of course, the last thing I said on one of his posts was telling him to stop writing promos and to start writing like a normal person. He either (a) does not read the comments (b) doesn't have anything to say personally that he feels is relevant (he shouldn't be in the story himself, right?) or (c) read it, rolled his eyes, and ignored me. Unless he sent me an email personally I wouldn't have a clue, right?

Anonymous said...

People have been requesting that Anderson bring back the Nth Degree for years now, but it's obvious he's never going to do it. He's not big on taking suggestions, or at least it seems that way so he's probably not going to change how he handles the blog.

Anonymous said...

Back to "FreakSpeakers" again? Have you lost Anderson's stamp of approval?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wasn't this blog named "Anderson Cooper's FreakSpeakers" recently?

Anonymous said...

My guess as to the name change would be because we talk of other media related things other than Anderson Cooper, but I don't actually know at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Below is BettyAnn's latest pile of ignorant BS blogging. If the mod doesn't automatically put all her, Lorie Ann's and Jo Ann's posts up, then he's simply on a course to tank the blog asap. The Ann's are everything that Anderson says he has little respect for. Frankly, I can't believe anyone wants to see others as sitting by the phone, incessantly blogging, reading a book over and over again. An avid tv watcher is not something to brag about.

Hey Anderson,
Honor killings are so sick! YES! It is really difficult to believe that this goes on in 2007! It is just like you said last night about the men with AIDS in Africa. They rape children because they still think that sex with a virgin is the cure! Such injustice and suffering in the world! We compound our suffering by victimizing each other. We have a lot of work to do!
I am anxious to read Dispatches From the Edge in paperback. Congrats! I throughly enjoyed the hardback. . several times!
It sounds like a good show tonight. I'll have to catch the re~run or podcast as I will be out. Sorry about your tivo!
Thanks for the blog. I always appreciate and enjoy your writing!

Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 6:47 PM ET

anonymousaba said...

THANK YOU anon 5/19/07 @ 3:07 a.m. When I read Lorie Ann's tirade, I high-fived you in my mind.The only disturbing aspect of it all is Lorie Ann's cry that "you" had a free ride. Obviously, she and her sidekick, hot tub mama (aka Betty Ann) KNOW that regardless of what they say, they will be posted on the blog. Please do this again! You just might have the key to unlock Lorie Ann's looney bin.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:05- I think I'm going to throw up now- Betty Ann really makes me nauseous when I read her fawning, drooling, tongue-hanging-out comments. Now I feel sort of mean, but seriously, it's disgusting.

Another reason I took the 360 blog off my bookmarks... I can't stand it anymore. First the production crew of AC360 started sucking royally, and then, as you can see from the post under this one, the blog fell to pieces and went to hell. This post tries to show us what goes on back there... well, if it's a problem (oh let's see, undermining Anderson's credibility, making him look like a dumbass because they can't figure out where to point the camera, fill-in-blank-here...) they should get more staff then!!! Do you agree?

anonymousaba said...

Can't speak for anyone else. But, Well...I declare, I sure do agree!

ivy said...

I watched Michael Holmes special and liked it a lot. It's always great to see "behind the scenes" look at reporters work in a war zone.


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