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Photos of Anderson Cooper at the Museum of Television and Radio

Hi! As promised, our undercover agent 00F took this images and some video from Anderson's lecture at the Museum of TV and Radio for your viewing pleasure, I'm also trying to whip the agent to write a first hand account, including the small chat they had at the staircase... hmmm, let's see if 00F obliges...

  • He is planning to go to Iraq during the summer
  • Soon to Niger for 60 minutes
Agent 00F comply with the request, so here it is:

Most memorable moments of the event.

by Agent 00F, Visiting New York Freak Correspondent

The lecture was really in a form of an interview with clips of his famous reports on a big screen. The start was a blunder – the host said something along the lines of that she never met him though worked on CNN in the past. And now she can see him in her bedroom a lot more often- Anderson was fast – oh, let’s not talk about it further with audience laughing. Host said she didn’t mean it the way it came out –but everybody was glad it did -)

Anderson talked briefly about his career and how thrilled his mom as to know he was going to go to wars. Later answering a question he said she’s happy for him now

He mentioned the dangers of conflict/war reporting. Admitted it is kind of addictive. He said there’s a line when you’re staying there too long and he knows colleagues who have been in war situation a few years and couldn’t adjust to normal life after that. Normal life seems to ordinary when you’re covering war and it’s easy to get lost.

He did talk about Afghanistan and that it’s frustrating for soldiers that that war is thought of as less dangerous then in Iraq. And that it was frustrating to plan the whole week there only to return to cover breaking news 48 hours later.

Anderson talked about Niger and that people don’t want to see those kind of stories- it’s a “turn-off TV”, but it’s still important to cover it and let the world know about people’s suffering. And that it’s very difficult for him to cover this kind of stories because he wants to be empathic and take in people’s stories but at the same time he needs to focus on getting the right level of sound and camera angles to capture the details and bring a viewer a compelling picture that reflects the atmosphere of what they’re seeing. It’s very hard to be split between being compassionate and thinking how to package the story

He was asked if CNN would let him go to Iraq –he said he was planning to go there few months ago but logistically something didn’t work out and he’s hoping to go in summer. Also he plans to go to Niger for 60 minutes.

He was asked what he thinks about the article talking about him being used as a symbol of emotional reporting (in a bad way). He disagrees with that, said that he’s less emotional then most other anchors and that it happened to him only once during Katrina. He tries to do balanced reporting, citing Niger as example of reporting style he has. He finds the kind of reporting when you hold crying babies and say how horrible it is too easy and sort of cheap and said some others are doing that. Having real human emotion and pushing fake ones on viewers are different things.

There was a question form the audience about difference of doing 60 Minutes and CNN. Anderson said it’s very different, he’s getting better at interviews and it’s like working out a different group of muscles.

Another question from the audience–sport stars want to be anchors, rock stars sport stars and so on. What would Anderson prefer –be a rock star or sport star- he said he would prefer to be a rock star, he knows nothing about sports it must be thrilling to perform on stage in front of thousands of people.

Ander q&a was over a few people went up to him to get autographs, he was very nice, polite and charming. He looks younger in person than on TV. I did hear it from other people and can confirm it myself -)

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rudy said...

God! you guys are fast! AC360 just started and you already have the photos up! Way to go freaks!

tinkerbelle said...

I second that, way to go! Thanks for getting these up so fast!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know who that tall gentleman is standing next to Anderson?

Christiane said...

His Bodyguard

Anonymous said...

Bodyguard? Ok thanks. He looks familiar.

anonymousaba said...

By midmorning this blog is going to feel the heat of a smoultering summer day as the explosion will be much like the fourth of July. The Anderfans perched on naughty chairs are on their way here.

Anonymous said...

Oy! it already made it to DL and they are trying to imply that the gentleman standing next to Anderson is a "boyfriend" or THE boyfriend. Thanks for clarifying that he is the bodyguard.

anonymouseaba, you are right. I heard they are already heating the oil

Anonymous said...

Well shit. My main game-plan is to talk about how dumb I think they are :)

Plus whether or not Anderson is as good looking in person as he is on TV. Can't resist THAT.

Anonymous said...

It took me like TEN MINUTES to get the "00F" name for the Freak Incognito. Oooooh, like "007" but, "00-Freak".... DUH.

I think studying for my final that I'm taking this morning fried my brain. That and Flying My Freak Flag so damn high is starting to make me dizzy. Maybe I should lower it a little? Oh man, and not stick out in a crowd and scream LOOK AT ME? Well that's not going to happen :)

Hope everyone is looking forward to tonight. I SURE AM. LOL. Look for me in the video that 00F will be taking- I'll make sure to wave as I sit with my laptop. Yeah well.... when it's my turn to get MY book signed, screw you guys, I'm going to be trying not to stare at him.

I don't think that's going to work very well. Celebrity does not impress me and neither does money, as I don't give a flying fuck... but, being anywhere near a gorgeous guy will make my knees buckle and drop me to the floor. Therefore I think perhaps I should you know, not be blogging at that moment. I might drop my laptop right on him or something :D

nanabanana said...

newsjunkie: dropping your laptop might be a good plan to get his attention and maybe he'll help you pick it up :-) LOL Just be sure to do it as you are next in line/walking towards the signing table (j/k) Have fun and avoid the super-fangurls!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My inner fangurl is start to *scream*. I told her to shuddup but I swear it's not working. You can see on my OWN blog that I'm mad. I was sitting in my Chem final this morning and my brain was going like this:

"titration equivalence equation... *Anderson* focus, focus.... concentration of hydronium ions in the solution... *Anderson*, dammit... what is the pH balance of huh?... *Anderson*... oh crap I'm going to flunk."

I then finished my final, and on the way home kicked it to fifth and went about eighty as I sat there saying swear words to myself. I zoomed right by my friend Steve in his police cruiser... he was shaking his head and giving me the thumbs down sign. I sped up and, seriously, I'm one of those crazy bikers that zips in and out into the wrong lane over the double yellow to pass the slow people when I'm mad at myself. I wear a helmet but honestly if I hit the ground at that speed I'd be totally dead.

I am pretty angry with myself with my lack of focus, THANKS A LOT ANDERSON, lol. I was also thinking about riding up to NYC but since I usually hit the turnpike at about a hundred miles an hour I figured my laptop would fly off and get run over and then everyone would get mad at me :).

Ugh. Someone shoot me.

Anonymous said...

Datalounge will be placing that tall guy (who is is bodyguard) standing next to Anderson as his boyfriend. Yea, you idiots, like his boyfriend is going to be standing up there like that smack dab in front of us, showing himself off.

Anonymous said...

Just calm down, Sharla! Everything will be OK, no need to be so stressed. He's just an ordinary man (who happened to be cute and intelligent). Feel better now?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Newsjunkie: I was probably as nervous as you are last year when I went to the first book signing in New York. Cleaned myself up and everything, thought I had some intelligent remark prepared which flew out of my head to second I stepped in front of him.

Turns out that by the time I had gotten in front of him after 2 hours of waiting he probably had writers cramp and he didn't even look up at me. My brain was not able to come up something intelligent to say. So I felt so let down as I walked away realizing it didn't matter to him at all how I felt and that I was just another number in the crowd.


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