Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Why this Anderson Cooper makes me smile?

Yes an Anderson Cooper rag doll... I'm not sure if some pins were used to pinch it, but it seems the producers got enough kicking and pinching that the show did a GREAT 180 turn! But let's keep it shhhh... they might go back to their old ways and fuck up the newscast again...

Back to Anderson's Crib: You have no idea to the great length I had to go to get this...LOL! some of you didn't like the minimal modern design of Anderson's apartment, but just look what they did to his old one!

As a friend described it: "tacky gay"... I'll have the GV silkscreen and Dog photo anytime!

And how could we ignore this image?


11 comentarios:

Anonymous said...

GOD!!! a voodoo doll? that tops the pumpkin!

anonymousaba said...

THANKS, Christiane! You're the best. Obviously, Nate Burkus was not consulted for this project! So, someone with a fur skin rug fetish bought Anderson's old apt.?

Get ready for the crazed Anderfans to stop in and have a coronary. If not that, there will be internet fires and explosions to put out all over cyberspace. Ha ha.

newsjunkie said...

Tacky gay? Hell no. I like the old apartment better.

Except whoever chose the rugs should be shot.

The voodoo doll? What, I didn't tell you I made one of John Klein and stomped on it a lot? Must have worked.

newsjunkie said...

Apparently they don't know I've been stomping on Mr. Jonathan Klein over here because they just posted two of my comments in a row on the 360 blog to Anderson's posts.

Oh, and anonymousaba? Internet fires and explosions are an UNDERSTATEMENT. Remember what happened last time? 102 comments?! This should be interesting :D Waiting with anticipation...

newsjunkie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymousaba said...

My kid is featured right by your duck comment.

They posted your comments because the Ann's have a slight case of carpal tunnel syndrome from typing too much.

All the paperback Dispatches' have the extra chapter. It's the DVD that only Hudson airport and transportation stores have.

newsjunkie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
newsjunkie said...

Hmmm... went and looked and can't figure out which one is your kid. I'm apparently into posting one liners over there- first the duck one, and then I'm the first comment about the damn salad and how New Yorkers are weird. Or something like that. I fit into New York City very well since one of my favorite phrases happens to be "go fuck yourself". Yeah. No one knows I don't belong there. Honestly, you could drop dead in the middle of the sidewalk and they'd step right over you. Or kick your carcass for getting in their way and slowing them down. Even though I came here from Arizona I'm actually from San Diego, California, and most likely my "dude" and "like" gives it away. Like, dude, seriously... go fuck yourself :)

The Anns... man. Seriously. Someone please stop posting them. I'm going to scream.

I'm glad Anderson has developed a good case of blogorrhea. I like the way he writes. Unfortunately they're practically promos. CUT IT OUT ANDERSON!! I don't want to read a promo. I want to read something that... isn't that.

anonymousaba said...

Right below your duckie. mmmm
Looked for a cat but didn't see a live one over Spring Break.

Too funny. We love NYC. Especially the kid and husband. They want to live there.

newsjunkie said...

Okay I saw it :) Actually when I lived in Japan, right down the street was a restaurant. When you translated the name, it said the name of the place was "Kitty on a Stick". I was dared to eat cat. I declined. I LIKE CATS. Of course I absolutely LOVE dogs, too. And... apparently the Chinese eat them. I screamed when I found that out.

I LOVE NYC. I would live there in a second if I could. Well, 90 miles away isn't too bad, right? All my friends live in Chelsea so I see them at the same time. In our favorite gay bar :) Right after the book signing (and I write my post) I'm heading straight over to Barracuda. Can someone please tell me why all the gay men are GORGEOUS?

Ooooh, and on a major bummer note, I got a phone call from one of my friends in NYC. Guess who walked right by me, they said. Gee, who? Why, it was Anderson Cooper. Apparently he looks younger in person (no surprise), but the bummer part... apparently I will make him feel short :( I'm 5'11" and according to my friend, he's shorter than I am. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

You know what, I've been reviewing the pics again... no pic of the bedroom? I mean, I'm not interested like THAT, but... curious. What's with all the tons of shit on the walls? It looks insanely cluttered. My own place is practically bare- I can't stand STUFF. Every time I go to my mom's house I about have a conniption because there are things all over the place and I want to run out the door screaming. Or maybe that's just because my parents can be sort of annoying. Dunno.


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