Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Anderson Cooper Photos

Here are more images of the events. Seems as if Anderson didn't stay for dinner and Gloria Vanderbilt was simply FABULOUS, as always!

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ivy said...

great find!

Anonymous said...

That man that Anderson's shaking hands with is the Time Warner CEO, in other words, one of AC's bosses.

Press Pass said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the photos and no water marks. This is great. Can you tell me how to make the images bigger?

You have to love Mrs. Cooper. She is as beautiful as can be at 80 plus years old. There is just something special when you see Anderson in a suit, Mrs. Cooper and friends all dressed up and then a group of people in t-shirts at a formal dinner event.

More and more it makes me want to think that the Coopers are just real nice people.

tink said...

thanks, I didn't realize all the people who were being honored!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting these pictures. I love them but is there a way we can see them larger?

Press Pass said...

Attn: News Junkies

I found this article regarding Greta at FOX. The real interesting part was her work schedule and how hard she works and what goes into each day.


sydney said...

For those who have mentioned Mia Farrow on previous posts in regards to her humanitarian efforts, you may be interested in a recent podcast of Real Time with Bill Maher. She discusses China and Darfur, and Bill even manages to get her to joke about Angelina a little. You can download it free on iTunes, it's episode 93.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think Anderson didn't stay for din-din last night?

marie said...

I am in the chat right now and alone. So I am going to check about every 3 min or so so if I don;t respond right away, please give me a few minutes. Apparently, I am chat mod tonight.

marie said...

If someone goes into chat and I am not responding activate one of the noise things to get my attention.

marie said...

I want to apologize to the two people who made noises and I did not respond...my sound was off. I turned it on so make a noise if you are there.

Otherwise, I will be researching websites. :)

marie said...

I will hang out at the chat for 30 min after 360 ends. If no one else shows by then, I will log out.

If you want to check if I am online, you can send a message to my MSN IM name, which the name used on my posted email.

Thanks to all who stopped by. :)

jr said...

@Marie & Ivy: Fun chat tonight. Thanks for the laughs!

NOLA blogger said...

I was in chat for a bit with dana then cut out really early - didn't watch 360 beyond 10:30, so I have to watch the tape later. Will see everyone tonight.

Anonymous said...

Gloria looks good for 82 or something, though I understand she's had a lot of work done, plastic surgery and all.

Press Pass said...

It is my understanding that Mrs. Cooper had work done on her face due to the fact she had skin cancer.

The surgery was not cosmetic. It was required surgery which she suffered with for more than one year. Mrs. Cooper was on Oprah talking about it about one year ago.

How many 83 year old ladies look that nice and poised? Some 80 years olds can even walk without assistance. I think she looks amazing and lives independently. Next time you go shopping look around for some 80 and 90 year old people. She is in remarkable good shape.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Gloria looks great, yet she has had alot of pampering all during her life and I am sure she still colors her hair, has the best of cosmetics, has her facials and whatever else she does. My grandmother lived to be 95 and in great health until her "sudden" death. But she grew up on a farm and worked on her and her husband's dairy farm all her life. Alot of time out the the sun, very hard manual physical work with no massages, facials, couldn't even afford a tooth brush when she was small. She lived on her own until her death. My grandmother was a pretty woman and would have been just as beautiful as Gloria had she been afforded all the luxuries Gloria has to keep herself looking good.

Not trying to criticize Gloria, but simply pointing out the differences in class for lack of a different word.

Press Pass said...

8:32 AM,

I am sure your grandmother was a beautiful person inside and out.
You knew she was beautiful and that was all that mattered. I totally understand your point and it was a good one.

Mrs. Cooper looks stunning on the outside. Only her closest friends and family know her on the inside. I don't know her. It is only what I have seen in magazines, the internet and reading a few of her books. I think she was courageous to discuss her life and her experiences. She looks friendly and nice.

If I saw her in a shop, I would say hello just like I would say hello to someone at the checkout stand. In other words, she seems approachable to me.

ivy said...

@press pass- gloria is a trip-) and she looks great.

@8:32 I get your point, but you can even look at people of the same "class" as Gloria. It's grat your gradma lived a long healthy life, civilizatoin makes us to domesticated... btw, being in the sun is very bad for your skin.

@jr-thanks for coming -)

Anonymous said...

ivy at 12:40 PM yes, I know being in the sun is bad for your skin. But that was part of my point. Farmers need to work outside on their crops. My grandmother was born in 1897, probably not sunscreen and sun being bad for your skin in rural Kentucky and skin cancer were NOT discussed or thought of.

The task at hand was to manually work the land so you could eat, survive.

Gloria was never faced with the realities of being poor and living from one meal to the next. She used to dream of having just one "fancy" dress or a hat.

Press Pass said...


Hey, I totally understand! We used to fry ourselves with baby oil and iodine in the 1970's. Anyone remember that?

Really, it wasn't until the early 90's until we all got on the band wagon for sunscreen.

God Bless grandparents everywhere!They bring love and lessons to us when we were young and fond memories in our later years. Cheers for grandparents!

Can you imagine Mrs. Cooper as your grandmother? Wow! All the stories, the jewerly and gems, the paintings and all her works of art she creates.

Can you imagine her art studio? What fun for a grandchild? In my mind I can see so much fun and creativity. Kids love crafts and paintings and all that fun. Heck, I could use some fun and paints too. Art is a great hobby and profession if you are outstanding.

I don't know but I see her as a gem in her own way with her own style.

Anonymous said...

As Anderson has said many times Gloria is from another time. She has her own style and won't compromise it for anyone not even if it means embarrassing her son at school, the purple beaver coats incident. True she did come from tremendous wealth, but never really found love until she met Wyatt, a guy so far removed from a world she knew that he must have really made an impression on her. I remember reading an article in which Gloria said one of the things she and Wyatt loved to do was watch bowling on television and they even use to go out bowling themselves. Now if that isn't way out of the Vanderbilt sector I don't know what is.

Gloria seems comfortable in any setting and I think that's why Anderson gets along in any situation - he takes things as they truly are and doesn't pretend to be above any circumtances.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to my Dispatches audio cd and Anderson said something about how he prides himself on being able to adapt to any situation or talk to anyone no matter what their circumstances are.

Renee Bradenton, FL said...

I know a lot of folks with a large amount of wealth who are very humble.

I know a lot of folks with a small amount of income who are very humble.

I know many folks with a large amount of wealth who are very miserable.

I know a lot of folks with a small amount of income who are very miserable.

It is the core of the person that matters. Material things are really insignificant. When someone is dying do you think they are saying "Oh, let me die in my $300,000 Bentley? or "Let me die in my Palm Beach home or my summer home in the Hamptons?"

Most people are saying, let me be surrounded with my spouse, partner, lover and children.

Some people will die lonely because they never had good relationships. Others will die alone in famine, war or by disease. Reasons beyond their control.

Others will die surrounded with family and friends because they were great people. They stood for something. They had a purpose. They raised their children right. They worked for charitable causes. They were a great friend.

To me money is not the ends to all means, money doesn't mask sadness, guilty or being lonely. Money doesn't stop drug addictions, sexual addictions, alcoholism or suicide.

It's funny people say that I don't in color. I don't care about the color of the skin or the amount in the bank. I care about the core of a person. Can I trust him/her? Are they fun? If I was flying on the plane and it was about to go down, would I hold his hand and knew we shared the same values?

Enough said, I don't want to be a blog hog! Carpe diem!

ivy said...

@renee -don't know if I can say it better

@1:24 when you're in that age what makes you beautiful is your energy, charm, creativity or sense of humor. Doesn't matter if you're an artist, farmer, professor or construction worker... Life back then had a lot less conveniences then now in general. But you can't measure life with money.

She used to dream of having just one "fancy" dress or a hat.

I'm sure she had enough fancy hats. but I doubt that replaced a loving relationship with parents, many love disappointments, and later in life losing a husband; out of 4 kids having one son cutting all connections with the family, seeing another one jump to his death, and just couple of years later dealing with the youngest one going to war zones, not knowing if he'll come back in one piece or alive from his next work assignment.

Anonymous said...

Ivy at 7:10: I made a typo. I meant to say that my grandmother always dreamed of having just one "fancy" dress or a hat. She never had one. She made her own Sunday dress for church and was so proud of that.

Gloria had many fancy dresses. She and Wyatt made the best dressed list for some years.

anonymousaba said...

I concur with Ivy. It ain't all a bed of roses to be GV. She's had enough heartbreak and heartache to fill the nooks and cranies of NYC along with the entire continent of Asia. Her smile might be genuine, her many facelifts and treatments might show the youthful shell she attempts to portray. She has a son to be proud of, a marvelous claim of ownership. We shouldn't forget, she puts on her pants one leg at a time, she cries crockodile tears for each and every loss she must face. All the couture dresses and hats in a row in one's closet do not replace the comfort and joy of having the willingness to love and being loved in return. Issey makes a great fashion ensamble, but I doubt he keeps his customers warm at night.

Anonymous said...

Anyone watching the Angelina interview? It seems that they've shown so many previews that there can't be much left that hasn't been shown. I'll probably watch it though, interested to see what she has to say.

Nola said...

I'll have it on, but will concentrate on chatting.

Anonymous said...

For me, watching Angelina is inhumane. Has Anderson been using the word exclusive when promoting this interview? Wasn't she also interviewed by Larry King? Others I don't know about? So why is Anderson's interview exclusive?

Re the chat about Gloria and happiness, money does not buy that at all. It is nice to have some rather than be very unhappy and homeless, but it does not buy love

jr said...

I watched Paula Zahn tonight and she focused on the refugees. It was a real good show, IMO. Pretty much an eye opener for me.

The Angelina Jolie interview will bring to light the plight and situation of refugees. I may not be a big fan of Angelina, but I am impressed with her passion and desire and if using her celebrity creates enough buzz regarding this topic, then good for her. She is doing her job as ambassador.

I plan on being in the chat tonight also!

Anonymous said...

How do you get in chat? I must be brain dead. Help?

Christiane said...

great comment! and welcome!
to the last anon: just click the blue buttom at the upper right from the right column of the main page.

anonymousaba said...

We weren't impressed.With the hype of an exclusive interview,less so. Take a previously ultra skanky celeb, a now somewhat skanky celeb at center stage, as Anderson rides the impressed train while sporting a furrowed brow. Sure. . .
AJ corrects Anderson; she's not a wife, when he makes the mistake in calling her one. So charming. The planets' epitome of humanitarian efforts, motherhood and perfection is packed as her own special brand of family, not to be confused with such a silly, pedestrian concept as marriage. I think many of us were over Angela's "how do you do it!" long before she stepped foot on the stage.
Anderson has all the smarts and insights to do that show all on his own. He didn't need AJ to present anything we didn't already know or that which he couldn't present himself.

Anonymous said...

anonmousba at 9:36 Thank you!

Would you consider sending these thoughts of yours to Anderson? I certainly would.

Anonymous said...

It's there on the blog, anon 1:16. Response to Anderson's post yesterday.

ivy said...

@ anounimousaba

I think it's a matter of liking or disliking AJ. I thought the special was well done and the interview itself wasn't bad. Of course, it could be done without her, but how many people would watch?

anonymousaba said...

Ivy, I don't pretend to understand Cable news ratings and I doubt I ever will. Big city local news and their journalists appear unscathed from the constant attack mode that cable news faces daily. A few yrs. ago a local sportscaster was front page news everywhere when his Ivy League attending kid mastermined a prank on another Ivy U involving a mascot. The sportscaster got about as much collegiate attention as the dog and the kids. Everyone I know watches the news at least a few times per week, yet Angelina has yet to grace the local screen. I agree, you either like her or you don't. But I don't get why she or any other celeb are a necessary ingredient for societal interest in turning to cable news.

Anonymous said...

@anonymousaba 9:36am

As usual, you exaggerated.
Big surprise!


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