Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Repeats, Releases and Shame

We are all tired of all the repeats of the Anderson Cooper 360 specials, but last night CNN reached a new low... the second hour was a repeat from the first... was Anderson sick? No news? they couldn't set a commentators panel to fill time? So much for the teasers and the promos as the only live news show at 11:00 pm!

Unintentionally, while I was getting ready to go to sleep, I caught up with the "Breaking News": the release of Paris Hilton. They cut from the Larry King repeat to a live CNN International anchor from London with Brooke Anderson on site...the anchor's face was priceless, with a WTF is going on expression, then he bluntly asks Brooke why is this "breaking news and important" and why the Americans pay attention to it when there are so many things going on, internationally and nationally, even the constitutional crisis that Cheney is provoking. Truth to be said: Brooke Anderson and Showbiz Tonight have been seriously critical to the Hilton coverage... but then there are the administrative decisions... as Michael Moore commented about the cancellation of his interview to place Paris': who cares about discussing health care in America when what really matters is a stupid celebutard and her antics.

Are the producers under Doss so green that they can't figure out the importance of real news? Don't they have the hound nose so smell real news and distinguish between smoke bombs and real controversies? I would think that they could have set up a panel to discuss the repercussions of how Cheney's new intent of cleaning his ass with the Constitution means, I would like them to discuss the background and the crisis that's behind the capture of Alan Johnston. Will they interrupt the regular programming to present, with God's Help, his release?

It's a shame. What was once the leader of news gathering, have become another E! channel. And it won't matter how much new on air talent they hire. The anchors are not the news, its the content what matters, and its really going down hill.

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Nola said...

Chris I couldn't agree more. What is wrong with CNN lately? I can sit through repeats of important news stories in the second hour and repeats of specials, but really repeating a whole show back to back give me a break. Truly I'd like to know here their heads are lately. 360 seems to go from feast to famine and with all that is going on in the world you wonder why.

I'm not going to speculate why last nights faux news show happened, but it makes me wonder what is really going on over there.

OT - did anyone else hear that Nancy Grace got married and is expecting twins?

Anonymous said...

Nola, no way! First of all Nancy Grace+ and twins? Wow, that's more breaking news than Paris Hilton in my opinion! Someone needs to send CNN a definition of news so they can reclassify the breaking news they've been throwing at us. (jumping off my box again)

sydney said...

I don't know who this CNNi anchor is, but I think I love him. And if I were Michael Moore I would've told CNN to piss off if they bumped me for that waste of space.

To me, the second hour of 360 is usually repeated segments anyway, so I didn't see last night as that different, just no live leads in to the taped segments. I hope it doesn't become a trend, though.

courtney01 said...

They bumped Michael Moore for a story about Paris Hilton?

A new low for CNN.

You mentioned the "constitutional crisis" that Cheney is causing. Wonder how many Americans have actually heard about this? Or even more telling, how many even care?

And today, the two Republican Senators who have officially broken with President Bush and say we should leave Iraq now...wonder if CNN will say anything about that. Probably, unless Paris decides to go party somewhere tonight to celebrate and God knows that's more important!

Nola said...

Oh LK is good at bumping people off in favor of celebrities. A while ago a documentary was done on women who were in sects like the FLDS and left. From the clips I saw it was a very interesting documentary. Well these film makers(2 women) were scheduled on LKL a number of times and always seemed to get bumped for some breaking news story - they were finally on but for only a few minutes. However, I had passed the news about the film onto 360 and one day low and behold Anderson had them on. Now I know it wasn't my suggestion that got them on, but at least they did get air time.

For those who want to know about the movie its title is:

"Banking on Heaven" and Warren Jeffs sister is even in it.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Grace married and expecting twins? I can't even get a date. She was born in October 1958, (48?) so maybe she had fertility treatments which can cause multiple births.

Press Pass said...

Amen, Christiane! Well said and amen! I guess you are just trying to "Keep 360 Honest."

After last night's show, I ask what's tonight, a totally pre-recorded show? Did Anderson get sick or something? It was a big shocker. You would have thought they could have jumped to CNN in Atlanta if Anderson was deathly ill or something.

Beside illness, what else could it have been? Heck, they could have had Tom Foreman or anyone anchor.

Nola said...

Anyone read the transcripts from last nights 360? If not go take a look. The second hour has a whole different
content than what we had one last night - Arianna Huffington was on and so were Joe Johns and Jean Meserve.
Please tell me who they are trying to kid.

Nola said...

The second hour transcript is the one from the night they celebrated Anderson's birthday on air with all the clips. Now I am going to write them, they think they can fool their viewers, well they better think again.

Anonymous said...

NOLA: you lost me. regarding your last post on the second hour last night. So during the second hour last night, Anderson was wearing the same outfit as in the first hour and to me looked like an exact repeat of the first hour? I don't recall seeing Arianna Huffington and Joe Johns last night.

Did you say the second hour was a repeat of what was broadcast on his birthday? If so, isn't it odd that Anderson "just happened" to wear the same outfit? Perhaps a planned repeat to look fresh?

Maybe I took too many stupid pills today and misunderstood what you said.

Nola said...

No the transcript they put up for the second hour was from the June 4th show. I know it's confusing, I had to read the transcripts side by side to figure out what was going on.

fucalot said...

Hi Marie! c ya 2night

Anonymous said...

Even though the second hour is generally a repeat of the first hour, I still prefer to see Anderson's live intros and remarks. The show was actually very good last night, but I wasn't prepared to watch the whole thing over. Sometimes during the second hour there are new reports too. I don't know what's going on with the show, but I hope this is not a pattern.

jr said...

I agree with Sydney, the 2nd. hour is normally full of repeats, this time though, it was exact replica of 1st. hour except for the taped ending of comments from the blog.

Is it a trend? Could be or perhaps the producers and AC had something better to do. I'm opting for they had something better to do like working on the show from Texas later in the week. Keeping fingers crossed.

LKL is taking questions for Paris tomorrow night...oh boy...can't wait....


"LK Live" was excellent tonight w/Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, with the same quick wit they had as Liverpool lads.

Forget Anderson when I see McCartney! How can 65 years old look soooo good?

Anonymous said...

Um, I'll stick with the 40 year old Anderson, thanks.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 2:09,

I don't know why but I like men that enjoy women, be it 40 or 65. Ridulous, huh?

I think I passed the pretty tie phase last year.

acfreakfan said...
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Christiane said...


Nola said...

Now let's throw another iron onto the fire. Campbell Brown announced over the weekend that she is expecting, but did not reveal her due date. Poor CNN no wonder things are so messed up. Every time they get their ducks in a row someone shoots one.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 3:34, since this blog is sort of concerned with Anderson Cooper, why are you here if you find him uninteresting?

And furthermore, what makes you think anon 2:09 is female?

Nola said...
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fucalot said...

1 order of lo mein
3 spring egg rolls
1 BBQ ribs
2 Boiled Dumplings
2 Fried Dumplings
2 Fried Rice

and my pressed shirts and pants for 9 PM (we are having a Paris party!)

Please charge it to Carson's account.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Campbell Brown even got a firm contract or offer from CNN?

Think someone at All Thing Anderson or somewhere said Anderson is not going to Texas tomorrow now.

The 360 website is advertising coverage on Paris. Is Anderson/the 360 crew giving in the ratings rage as well?

Looking forward to the 1 hour show tonight. (Get it?)

Anonymous said...

anon 2:45 I guess I didn't realize people here found him uninteresting. If he is, why is there even a Freakspeakers?

sydney said...

@cassie I enjoyed LKL last night, as well. Paul and Ringo were a hoot! It's a shame he has to follow up such a good show with the crap that's coming on tonight.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell how anyone feels about Anderson on this blog. It's like it's not "cool" to actually enjoy him and what he does, but yet this blog is supposed to have something to do with him. It's fine to criticize him and the show and not think he's a god or perfection itself, but are we NOT supposed to express any sort of admiration for him here or something?

Christiane said...

@ anon 4:48
Are you on crack?

Anonymous said...

@ Christiane, there is no anon 4:48, are YOU on crack?

Christiane said...


Anonymous said...

Ha! I ranted in your other post before I read this one, sorry! No need to repeat, you guys already said what I thought. Are you hiding in my closet Christiane? Because I used the Cheney-wiping-ass-with-Constitution the other day. Guess great minds think alike!
And to be honest, it's not just CNN. All of the networks seem to have lost the ability to distinguish real news from celebrity...not news, but something else. I switched to the BBC out of desperation yeterday morning, and Paris was mentioned there!

Anonymous said...

Christiane, the one on crack is several posts above yours, but not the one you are referring to.


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