Monday, July 30, 2007

Iraqi Assembly on Vacay; History Repeats Itself?

Afternoon, everyone!

Well, as you no doubt have noticed, Chris is on assignment and she asked me to take the reins for a bit until she can return. I was just over at looking for a bit of inspiration and noticed there is no mention whatsoever of AC360 and/or the blog. What's going on? I know someone mentioned that to me before, but I hadn't really paid much attention until today. Curious, curious.

Guess it's really over for Al Gore, if he'd planned on sneaking in a surprise run for the Democratic nomination. His son plead guilty today for misdemeanor drug possession. Do you think this destroys any chance Al had to win, if he decided to throw his hat into the ring?

I've been saying since early in this administration that it reminded me so much of Richard Nixon's presidency. What with the unpopular war, the protests, the spying on the American public, the Congressional investigations on top administration officials, and secret informants revealing classified info to reporters, all we need now is a Saturday Night massacre and a vote for impeachment and it's a complete flashback to 1972-1974.

Today the Iraqi parliament went on what will be a month-long vacation. Apparently they didn't vote on any of the stuff Washington wanted them to address. Looks like this is bad news for President Bush's surge strategy, as next to little has been accomplished since he authorized the additional 30,000 troops sent to the region the first part of the year. What will this do for our troops in the heat of battle? How much responsibility should we be giving the Iraqi government now? Give us your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it is 130 degrees there in the summer, you can't expect anyone to work in those conditions. Oh, wait...

Nadine said...

New to this blog - I don't think that would hurt Al Gore about his son; however, I don't think he truly wants to run. He has lost his love for politics and I think he just plain too "fat and sassy" (and rich) to endeavor this again. After all, he already WON!

As for the 360 blog, I note on Planet in Peril web site that it mentions he is to be in New Guinea end of July but there is no indication anywhere about this. Trying to look around and find out.

courtney01 said...

Welcome to the blog, Nadine! Thanks for your comments.

ivy said...

@courtney - happy to see you blog again!

I don't know what iraqi parliament is expected to do when our administration is supporting sunni insurgents who aren't supportive of the shia government to say the least, and we are also planning a huge arms deal with saudis. What Michael Ware is reporting makes a lot of sense. Iraqi government factions are busy perusing their own interests that don't match american, and our soldiers are stuck in the horrible mess Bush created there.

Lee said...

I think if the full truth about this administration ever comes out they'll make the Nixon administration look like a Boy Scout troop. I know some of the retired military officers who have been speaking out. Military personnel don't normally make public statements about the administation so I figure things are a lot worse than the public realizes.

I think Nadine is right about Gore. He's not interestedin running again but, if he does, I hope his son's actions won't affect his candidacy. Anyone who tries to hold a parent accountable for the actions of their adult children probably doesn't have adult children.

Lee said...

Here's an article on Iraq that some of you might find interesting.

The author is a retired Marine who worked for the State Department in Iraq for 3 years. He's a Congressional candidate from North Carolina.

ivy said...

@lee- I agree about this administration. And courtney mentioned protests -- I think there were more protests in Nixon era, at least more noticeable. As for impeachment Ford was a lot better alternative then Cheney now. I mean can there be any worse alternative then that? Now, if it only could be another Spiro Agnew story - ) Right now I'd like to see Karl Rove testimony.

Hard to say if gore will run, guess it depends how the dem campaign goes. It's strange, but he seems like a much better candidate now then 8 years ago...

Lee said...

@Ivy. You're right. Cheney does seem to be worse than Bush.

As for protests, I think they're just taking a different form. It's much easier (and probably more effective) to post a comment on a blog or email members of Congress.

jr said...

Welcome back to blogging Courtney, looking forward to it!

@Lee: Very interesting article. The American Taxpayers are taking on the burden of the war and what's even more sad is that the Iraqi people aren't getting any gain from all of the oil sales. I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise.

I'm actually glad Gore is focusing on the health of our planet instead of running for president. He has done great strides in bringing this topic to the interest of Americans. If he was running for President, the focus on global warming may not have been as intense.

I have to admit, I was disappointed to read that Rudy G. and M. Romney are considering not attending the YouTube Republican Debate in September. Whether or not the debate should get pushed because of their availability will be an interesting topic as we move forward I'm sure.

ivy said...

@jr - I think if Gore ran he'd win in primaries. And cnn having to delay the debates till december is messed up.

@lee Thanks for the article! If I understood correctly dinar didn't go down in value that much since 2004, with their collapsing economy how's that possible? I guess we know the answer...
Do you remember
this story from 3 weeks ago about almost a third of a billion dollars stolen from a bank in Baghdad? Imagine how much weapons that can buy

The chatroom is open

Christiane said...

Just snooping in to say hi, welcome Nadine and A HUGE HUG AND WELCOME BACK TO COURT!

Anonymous said...

Sanjay Gupta has blogged from Cataret (SP?) Islands. Looks like he went instead of Anderson.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:33 yes I saw it posted on the Hideaway and a couple of other Anderson sites.

Press Pass said...

@ Ivy and Courtney:

Hey, this post is from the 360 blog and it is too funny! If you can see Anderson singing in tight leather pants, just pinch me. LOL! I just can't see it. Maybe that hottie Jake Shears but not Anderson Cooper?!!!??

Hey Gabe,
I was wondering about that. We worked hard for you guys. Would it be cheaper if you guys performed the song?;-)
Anderson showed many times the clip of how his team can party on!!They could be the band,the back up singers and of course,the lead singer would be The Coop himself in leather pants singing his head off! LOL! that would be something....or not! ;-)

Joanne R.
Laval Quebec

Anonymous said...

Gabe from 360 blogged about the political theme song, in case anyone is interested. Oh, and of course, you know who gave her 2 cents!

sydney said...

@anon 7:41 Good Lord, what a string of non sequiturs! What was she smoking when she wrote that, I want some LOL!

Nola said...

@sydney she gets posted one way or another. I wonder if she realizes people are laughing at her, probably not she's dreaming of "her man" and that's all that matters.

sydney said...

@nola you have a point. Sour grapes on my part, perhaps? Nah - I'm not THAT desperate to get posted :-)

Nola said...

@sidney no sour grapes remember goo things come to those who wait. It took me forever to get posted and now it doesn't bother me if I don't

Press Pass said...

@ Nola and Sydney:

This comment takes the cake for the week and it is only Tuesday. Do you think Anderson will show it on the computer in the second hour tonight? LOL!

Let's see..Anderson in black leather pants, his black army boots and his black tee-shirt with bulging pecs.

Let's throw in some big gold chains from Cameron around his neck and some diamond studded earrings. We could invite Terry the Trucker. She could bring her friends over and give Anderson a rating on his new attire. Then let Terry figure out if Anderson should be on the VF list or not. Why do I feel compelled to invite Terry the Trucker to this little party? Kenny Chesney probably sleeps in leather pants! LOL!

I can only IMAGINE the stuff that poor blogger poster gets. I am sure it is just unreal! Wouldn't you just love for the 360 blog to go unmoderated for a day and for the system just to throw stuff out there on the blog? I am sure some of the things would be over the top!

Maybe Anderson needs to use his little computer one day and do blog posts with some beeping going on! All the posts they couldn't put on the net.

Hey, just thought of a "What Were They Thinking?" segment.

And just think, all I ever want to see on Anderson is something besides that black suit and black and white tie! Is anyone else sick of the Anderson uniform?

sydney said...

@nola I've been posted, but it seems to happen only about 1/2 the time. Which, considering I don't comment often, isn't much. Because, unlike SOME people, I don't comment just for the hell of it; I only do it if I have something relevent to say. The only thing that bothers me is that "they" get multiple comments on practically every post. I just think they would want a wider variety from different people, rather than the same ones all the time.

But... what do I know?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe they post the same people over and over again. I mean, this chick posts on every blog...AC, Sanjay, Gabe, and whoever else! For them to post someone's comment that begins with "oh hell", there's gotta be something to that. Quite frankly I felt like posting something that said something such as, You are CNN and you didn't RESEARCH these things before you begun this endeavor!?! WTH?
These "Gabes" are probably a bunch of 20 somethings sitting in cubicles and sipping lattes reading the blogs all day and laughing at the comments.

Press Pass said...


Go to the 360 blog and read BA's post and then go to this link and try to figure out which one is BA with brown hair.


sydney said...

@press pass LOL! Actually, BA's comment was the one to which I was referring in my 8:12 comment.

In regards to the blog being unmoderated, I think there was a day like that:

I think we discussed it here at the time, as "the night the moderator was smoking crack". Basically noone discussed the topic and it deteriorated into sniping between commenters - and they were posted!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! That was fantastic! It's funny how a few jabs at AC made it in there! They should let it go again for a day and see what happens.

Press Pass said...

@ sydney:

Thanks for the link. Now that was funny! Are the interns the moderators?

Anonymous said...

Whoever moderates the blog has GOT to be laughing at and mocking some of those posters. I'm sure the moderator thinks some of the regular commentors are idiotic and their posts completely lame but they go ahead and post the comments anyway.

Press Pass said...

@ 2:07:

They are probably so messed up that they complain to them if their post doesn't make it and send in a whining e-mail. You know the regulars. So the mod just posts them so that he/she doesn't have to read their sad stories over and over.

That's my take!

Press Pass said...

@ Ivy & Sydney:

Oh, lord, here we go....another BA from TX! Is this her twin sister?__________________________________
Sinking Islands! be careful Dr. Gupta, Michael Moore might land there and finish the sinking with you underneath and then who will tell us who is fit or fat?


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