Tuesday, July 31, 2007

IPods a "Nuisance"; Cheney Mocks Congress

Sorry I'm here so late. I'm tired after a long day at work!

Did you hear about this? Walmart in Mexico has teenagers bagging groceries--and doesn't pay them! It's not illegal to do this but the Mexican government isn't happy with Walmart. The kids don't have to be paid because they're considered volunteers. Wow! Walmart sure is making friends around the world!

How many of you have iPods? If you do, are you a polite iPod owner? By that, I mean do you keep the volume at a decent level and don't sing out loud? If you don't own one, how you feel about iPod owners' manners? Are iPod owners as bad or worse than cell phone users who seem to have their phones attached to their ears?

And yesterday I got the heads-up from Ivy about Dick Cheney's interview tonight. I'm sorry to say that I couldn't stomach the idea of watching him, but she'll probably be posting a link to the video soon. Over at CNN.com, they say Cheney's calling the Congressional inquiries into the firings of US Attorneys something of a "witch hunt."

Somehow, I'm not surprised he feels that way. Am I the only one who is frightened by this guy?

(photo posted comes from CNN.com)

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sydney said...

Hell yeah Cheney's scary! So much so I pray for W's continued good health so that we don't end up going from the frying pan to the fire over the next 1 1/2 years.

I haven't had any problems with iPod users - they're usually quiet and in their own little world, unlike cell phone users who seem intent on thrusting their world into yours, and quite loudly. And I keep mine at a low volume mainly because it hurts my ears if I don't.

jr said...

Well, I didn't watch the Cheney interview..figured we'd see enough clips of it and the interview will be repeated and repeated for weeks to come.

As far as my I-pod goes, I use mine mostly at work to "tone" out all of the office noise. It actually helps me concentrate better. The only thing that bothers me is when people are listening to them at work and you approach them and ask a question and they don't hear you...now that means they've got the volume too loud.

Although I couldn't live without mine, cell phones are annoying. To have to be subjected to hearing everybody's business when it's not your choice is just plain wrong.

Nadine said...

Cheney is VERY scary!! He kept emphasizing that Bush runs the show, so to speak, and he stands behind him. Sure, we all know who runs the show.

BTW, Anderson will be on The Tonight Show tonight with Jay Leno and The View on Friday.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Have you see the new blog? HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

I can't get into the new site, wanted to check it out!

Anonymous said...

what new blog?? what new site??

Anonymous said...

I had stuck the url in a folder and found it, freaking hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Check out AC's blog post Betty Ann posted twice.

Christiane said...

it worked!

Anonymous said...

@Chris check out the sphere they have a comment about the two BA on there.

Anonymous said...

what new site??? can anyone post the link?

sydney said...


Bwahahaha {evil laugh}!

That was priceless.

Christiane said...

do I deserve a Fig Newton?

rudy said...

new design! it looks great and fresh
Like it!

there is a new blog?

molly barks said...

Hey Y'all!
It's a great day, my blog is on!

jr said...

@Chris: Just make my day why don't ya? I still can't stop laughing...all I can say is brilliant...simply brilliant!!!

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! I just noticed the two Betty Ann comments on the AC360 blog. Christville TX??? LOL! They didn't even use a real city in Texas. And the comment itself was hysterical.

Ya think the CNN blog moderator realizes he's been the butt of a joke?

Anonymous said...

Fake Betty Ann's from non-existent towns in Texas have infiltrated the 360 blog. It's kind of funny how they slipped past the moderator but given that they were posted on the blog about last night's bridge tragedy, it's kind of difficult to laugh about it.

Anonymous said...

More posts from BA on Gabe's blog here is a sample:

P.S. I noticed there was an ironic post from a person by the name of Betty Ann who posted from Bababooey, Tx. I have never heard of that town. You don't suppose they "borrowed" my name and are having fun with the name of my town do you? Lets be careful out there.~

Anonymous said...

The real Betty Ann obviously doesn't listen to Howard Stern.


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