Thursday, August 02, 2007

Anderson Cooper on Jay Leno

For our readers who couldn't see Anderson on Jay Leno show.

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jr said...

"If you can't see it there, you can see it on Freaks"

as quoted by Ivy....


Thanks for posting this!

mio_bella said...

Thanks a million!
I've hoped you'd do this thing for us. You're wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I think the CNN blog mod is on crack.

Anonymous said...

Anderson will be broadcasting from Minneapolis tonight

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ivy! I fell asleep!

sydney said...

@ivy It seems *someone* (cough cough) has caught on to the game LOL!

Anonymous said...

Anderson blogged today, he's on his way to Minneapolis. None of the Ann's have commented...yet.

Anonymous said...

Ivy,thanks for the Leno clip.Anyone for an early chat?


Christiane said...


P.S. I noticed there was an ironic post from a person by the name of Betty Ann who posted from Bababooey, Tx. I have never heard of that town. You don't suppose they "borrowed" my name and are having fun with the name of my town do you? Lets be careful out there.~
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 11:21 PM ET
Yes, someone is definitely having fun with my name. TWO post from another betty ann from Texas. NOT FUNNY!
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 11:24 PM ET

wink wink! THIS MADE MY DAY!

Oh my, this is just a tragedy. I was sitting here at my computer when my dog nudged me to let me know that breaking news was on CNN. Who needs the CNN mobile alerts when my dog is around? I've been glued to the tube all night. Please let us know how we can help.
Posted By Betty Ann, Nachachacha, TX : 2:30 AM ET

Thanks! this is just beautiful! God knows I needed a laugh today!

Christiane said...

Just forgot!
Thanks Courtney and Ivy for saving my neck!
You are always welcome! Sorry to read about Andercandor
@Syd: beautiful, don't you think!
@Tink: one word: COFFEE
@Tort: I'll try to make it, if at all.

jr said...


Wow...Betty Ann gets around don't she? Even during the wee hours of the morning.... Sounds like her dog is pretty smart!

Just a few things that make you go hmmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

Nacogdoches is actually the oldest town in Texas! I foresee a stampede of tourgroups there..


Anonymous said...

The 360 blog moderator must have woken up from their nap because Anderson's "Send jokes, please" blog is gone!

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:32 they could have removed it out of respect. You have to admit a few of the posts were pretty strange.

Anonymous said...

Anderson writes a seemingly innocuous post about being stalled in L.A.'s traffic and some easily offended posters jump all over him. AC's a wealthy man and for this reason he's supposed to grin and bear it when he's stuck in traffic for eons. Some of those blog posters are nuts and surprisingly enough their names aren't Betty Ann. However it was fun to see BA's flip out over her name being stolen. The moderator obviously doesn't give a damn about who's posting what.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:44 am: did people make some nasty remarks about Anderson having to sit in traffic like us normal people?

Suzanne said...

Not to be a wet blanket but I guess I will be anyway - a sad truth that I learned the hard way - by having my youtube account yanked - Leno and his producers do not like their copyrighted show being clipped and put on youtube. You may find it just yanked off it you are lucky. Just wanted to pass on the warning.....I had posted a short one with Bill Maher and suddenly I got a nasty email and my account went poof! First offense too.

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:31 yes a couple people did make some not so kind remarks. They tend to take his snarky comments way to seriously and yet they still say they are "fans". AC tends to have a way of mixing funny and serious comments together, but some people tend to read too much into them or take them at face value. I thought the stuck in traffic comment was cute, we've all been there and can relate.

Do some people think that by dissing AC they are better than him? It seems that way to me.

ivy said...


"normal people" in New York City take subway or walk, and avoid driving as much as they can. I haven't been to LA but I'm pretty sure that traffic that new york drivers have to face during their 30-45 min commute does not compare to traffic in a city where everybody is driving. And trust me, "normal people" here complain every time they are in a traffic jam.

Anonymous said...

It's ok to criticize and you don't have to agree with everything that AC says, but some of the blog commenters are entirely too touchy. Anderson blogs in a way that kind of takes the wall down between him and his viewers and he lets you see a little piece of his personality and what he's thinking; I don't want him to stop doing that just because some people can't handle a little bit of reality from their newsman.

Anonymous said...

Just because Anderson is in the public eye he's not allowed to complain about something that we as non-public people would if we were in the same situation? Bull! He's no different then us. He puts his pants on one leg at a time (I assume). He just gets his face on TV.

Anonymous said...

Could anyone give me a little summary of the "stuck in traffic" blog that AC posted? I missed it, I'm curious why it got took down. Was he just talking about being stuck in traffic and people were getting mad about it, or was there more he was talking about? I can't imagine why anyone would get upset about it. Odd.

Anonymous said...

All he said was that as a lifelong New Yorker he was used to getting around easily, just jump on the subway or walk and he said being in L.A. took some getting used to. He said that it's very frustrating to sit in traffic only to run into MORE traffic. AC also said he doesn't drive that much and he just not accustomed to it. He said he'd had a commute from hell. It was a really harmless post and why anyone would take offense at it is beyond me.

Nola said...

@all crazy thing just happened I was typing in the address into my url address box on Firefox and found that the address for AC's joke post was still on my computer so I clicked on it and guess what it still works post comments and all are there, they are gone but not forgotten.

Could someone tell me why I still can bring them up if the post was deleted?

Anonymous said...

Here's Anderson's "offensive" blog post that was deleted:

Send jokes ... please
Hey everyone,

If you've been watching this week, you know we've been broadcasting the program from Los Angeles.

As a lifelong New Yorker, this city takes getting used to. Back home, it's easy to get around -- just hop on the subway or even walk.

Here, there are no subways. Only cars. For someone who doesn't drive that much, I can tell you it's frustrating to sit in traffic and wait for only more traffic.

I'll save my commute from hell story for another day. I want to tell you what we're doing tonight.

After lots of promises, lawmakers say they're finally dealing with earmarks, those pork-barrel projects tucked into mammoth spending bills. We'll find out if the plan passed by the U.S. House yesterday will make a difference. It now awaits Senate approval.

Our team also is making calls to congressional offices to get more information about the earmarks they're requesting. While we know some earmarks are legitimate, others seem to be less so. We'll try to sort this out.

By the way, for anyone interested, I'm going to be on the Tonight Show. It's actually taped in the afternoon, so if you have any great jokes I can impress Jay Leno with, send them my way ... soon.

And here are the two idiotic comments from the offended posters:

What's w/ the whining about traffic? It takes most of us a year to make what you make in a week, Anderson. Here's a deal for you. I'll wait in a week's worth of LA traffic for one paycheck of yours. That would pay off everything, including my mortgage! Have a nice day
Posted By xtina - chicago IL : 6:26 AM ET

Do U really feel that you're too privileged to have to deal with the little, everyday annoyances us "regular" people have to face? Try driving in traffic twice a day for five days per week like us working stiffs. Thank you and good luck.
Posted By Cary, Lowell, IN : 6:49 AM ET

MAVA said...

I never knew that Anderson had a motorcycle!

sydney said...

@nola you've discovered a prime example of why you should never post anything on the internet that you don't want seen forever - once it's out there, it never really "goes away", even when deleted. Whenever an internet page is created, it is cached or archived, and can be retrieved - not always readily, but in some fashion.

The Wayback Machine provides archived web pages


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