Friday, August 03, 2007

Anderson Cooper on The View

For our international viewers and those who missed Anderson Cooper on The View.

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Nadine said...

Hi all - Caught Anderson today on The View on the TV at work- boy, I can't stand those women LOL
I think this was taped.
He could not have done this after being in Minneapolis last night, wonder if he is back in New York today, don't think there is much more he can report on at the bridge collapse. Don't think he is going on the air today.

Anonymous said...

That episode of the View was pre-taped on July 24th. He won't be on tonight...I think they are airing the Soledad O'Brien special.

Anonymous said...

The Soledad O'Brien special airs at 8 PM. The View was great. Anderson and politics minus CNN is fantastic.

mio_bella said...

Thank you again! And thanks for welcoming me. I always count on you to show us Anderson outside CNN.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there's a big chance he won't be on air tonight, but what a waste of money to fly him to MN for one afternoon of broadcasting. (not just Anderson's being there, the entire crew and other reporters). Because of that, I would say there's a slim chance he'll be on for at least an hour.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting he won't be on tonight, either.

I thought he was wonderful on Leno and the View this morning. It was nice to hear him actually give his take on the race so far, usually he's moderating others in the discussion.

One question, I was catching up on the comments from yesterday's Leno thread. Could someone summarize what happened with the "Stuck in Traffic" AC post on the 360 blog that got taken down?

I asked in Leno thread but I don't think it's active now that there's a new post here.

I was curious what were people having an issue with?

The Betty Ann stuff, btw, is both scary and hilarious, lol.

Anonymous said...

When Anderson blogged from LA, he was writing that the traffic really took some getting used to, especially since he lives in NYC where he walks or takes the subway (or has a driver..but he didnt say that). He said that you sit in traffic, only to wait for more. I am familiar with this because I lived in LA for 7 years. Anyway, there was a comment (from a frequent poster on the 360 blog who's name I also recognize on a fangurl AC blog) who said basically this..."AC what's all the whining about the get paid a lot of money for what you do...I'll switch places with you for one week and sit in traffic and collect your paycheck that could pay off my mortgage. Have a nice day". That wasn't verbatim (obviously) but that was the jist of what she wrote. Then someone else chimed in later and wrote something to the effect "AC thinks he is better than us normal working stiffs who have to sit in traffic everyday going to work". I think there was another post, but I could be wrong. Someone did comment and told the first poster to get off of her broom.
Anyone else remember something that was written in that blog on Wednesday?

Anonymous said...

I felt bad for Anderson because all he did was a short blog that day asking people to submit jokes that he could tell on Jay Leno that night, and he got attacked for saying he didn't like to sit in traffic. WTH?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. anon@8:27 &8:42! =)

I love when Anderson blogs, and I wished I would've gotten a chance to read that one.

I can't believe anyone would have an issue with Anderson complaining about traffic. It's not fun no matter what your salary is. Too bad people have to be so nasty over nothing!

People get upset when he doesn't blog enough, and then when he does, he's rewarded with that. Not an incentive to take the time, is it? *sigh*


irene bernadette said...

Hi! thanks for posting the clip of "The View". I'm from the Philippines and have been visiting this blog if I had the time. Like the new facade of the site and great posts too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I missed those comments! My first impression was that they took it down out of respect for the tradgedy (because of all the jokes). I didn't read those comments, but there were a few people telling him horror's of their own commute.

sydney said...

Yeah, those comments really annoyed me. I guess since he has a high profile high paying job, he's not allowed to feel or act human. If some of these people really did switch places with him and had to go to war zones or devastated African villages, they'd be curled up in the fetal position sobbing within the first few hours. If the man wants to bitch about LA traffic, let him; like they wouldn't!

Anonymous said...

Those comments complaining about Anderson's traffic woes annoyed me more than anything Betty Ann has ever posted, and that's saying a lot. What kind of nut would get upset about his VERY innocuous comments about traffic? It doesn't matter how much money you have, getting stuck in traffic for hours is a pain in the ass.

Anonymous said...

I tried to watch, I did, despite my reservations,and the fact that those women make me want to compulsively vomit. I lasted about two seconds. (Well, I lasted until Caroline Rhea said, "Anderson has THE BEST HAIR", and then touched it. Then I really did have to go throw up.) Anderson SO does NOT belong at that table. "Which of these things is not like the other?"

And the audience reaction? *rolls eyes* Great. Just what he needs. MORE horny soccer moms. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Anderson has been criticized far worse on his own blog. Maybe it was this CREEPY, stalkerish comment that made them delete it.

Hey Anderson,
Jokes. You want jokes - I want to hear about the wierdo things you do in the privacy of your home.
Do you have to wear certain jeans while doing something?
Do you use more then one toothbrush?
Who is Anderson when he's not on TV?
Hope the Jay Leno show goes great.
About the people who raise dogs to fight. I feel sick to my stomach. I don't know whether to cry or scream. God help them.
Thanx for everything, and take care.
Posted By Karen, Boston, MA : 8:49 PM ET

Anonymous said...

9:37 AM - How is asking about his weirdo stuff more creepy than talking about premature ejaculation on national tv? If he gets comments like that, he's asking for it by the no-holds barred attitude.

Anonymous said...

I had trouble watching the ladies too. I can't imagine such bubble-headedness! Then, of course AC came on, and the intelligence of the room rose quite a bit. Still, estrogen? What is Ms. Walters saying? He's got long ring fingers like any other man! Nuts!

Anonymous said...

For all we know, Anderson's not the least bit bothered by ANY of the comments, creepy or not. He's got bigger fish to fry and is probably a whole lot smarter and sophisticated than his audience (I include myself) so things like that probably roll right off his back and are meaningless to him. It could be that the blog moderators were the only ones concerned about the posts and took care of them.

I don't think him mentioning premature ejaculation is really all that shocking, it's discussed on tv all the time.

Anonymous said...

The statement comparing his gray hair to premature ejaculation is a direct statement from one of his DETAILS Magazine articles.

Anonymous said...

Seems the premature ejaculation comment is becoming part of his canned speech along with the press pass and him giving that dreamy look imitation of his mother saying she dated Marlo Brando while watching him in a movie.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure a wordly, sophisticated person like Anderson has a lot to say that doesn't involve his mother, press passes and ejaculation. I hope one day he feels comfortable enough not to rely on his standard script all the time. That was the good thing about his Details columns, the variety of subjects that he would talk about showed us a new side of him every month. I miss that.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:00 PM To me, it is easier to write things in an article or put down on paper rather than talk about it in front of millions of people watching you on TV.

On 360, he has the teleprompter and such, but on shows like Leno you never know what will come up so to me it is more difficuult.


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