Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Michael Moore goes on a Wolf hunt

In case you haven't seen it here it is!

Today Dr. Gupta admitted that he had one of the statistics wrong and than Moore was right.
In true honesty, and as CNN International anchor, Jim Clancy, mentioned, it is difficult for them to hear the critics, but the discussion is more than healthy. And time have proved Michael Moore right in a lot of his issues.

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Press Pass said...

Hi Chris:

Thanks for the post. Did anyone see NY magazine and the Katie Couric blunder? It is worth a look. Poor Katie.

Anonymous said...

no, I didn't see NY magazine. What was her blunder? The reports going around she doesn't like her job? Thinking about going to 60 Minutes?

sydney said...

Well, I'm sure he already had his nose out of joint after being bumped for what's-her-face on LKL. He was on The Daily Show right after that happened and he was all "those bastards!" and "good to know CNN has their priorities in order." It was pretty funny - I certainly can't disagree.

ivy said...

Sanjay's report yesterday was indeed a "hit job" which was outright manipulative. Accusing Moore of "fudging the facts" when that's exactly what his report was doing was a surprising and very disapointing, especially coming from Sanjay. I'm glad that he had to admit that he had one fact wrong, but I'd like to hear apology for the whole report. I have seen Sicko, and some things report tried to "debunk" were nevere stated in the movie in the first place.

Tonight Sanjay and Michael Moore will be on LKL 9pm EST. That will be the debate I'd like to see, though I can harldy see how Larry will manage Michael when Wolf had a very hard time.

Press Pass said...

@ 5:10 PM:

This is a little taste of the article about Katie in NY Magazine this week. Apparently she lost her cool with one of her associates.

“I sort of slapped him around,” Couric admits. “I got mad at him and said, ‘You can’t do this to me. You have to tell me when you’re going to use a word like that.’ I was aggravated, there’s no question about that.” But she says she has a good relationship with Cipriano. “We did ban the word sputum from all future broadcasts. It became kind of a joke.”

To do the story justice you really should read the entire article. Here's the link.


There is information about John Roberts and him not being selected as chief anchor. Then they supposedly asked Lesley Stahl to take a $500,000 pay cut when they hired Couric. (I hope Lesley said NO!) The entire news industry is going through pains these days.

Times are changing and I think Katie is really feeling the pain of loss of viewers and the negative PR surrounding her team. ie: she supposedly doesn't write her own blog and she had a producer use a story about libraries word for word from a WSJ report. There was no credit given to the WSJ report.

What is the future of news?

ivy said...

for those who missed Michael Moore and Sanjay Gupta on LKL yesterday, check out Freaks' image of the day

Press Pass said...

@ Ivy:

Thanks for the update on the image of the day. I just found it. The site looks great!

@ Chris:

Kudos to you on a great site. It is so groovy!


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