Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The sweet smell of freedom!

This was the liberation I was looking forward... Worthy of a Larry King sit in and a CNN SIU edition.

Congratulations Alan Johnston! Now get on a plane, go back home and enjoy your family and friends.

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ivy said...

I'm so happy for Johnston!!! And All 360 dedicated was added 15 minutes live. If Paris was breaking news with live coverage and panels, and worthy of a 2 hour 360 live broadcast, why wasn't this?! There are a lot more serious issues involved here and it's their colleague after all! Where's the journalistic solidarity? Johnston's ordeal deserves much more cnn's airtime. Finally a happy day for his friends and family

sydney said...

Maybe once he makes a sex tape he'll get the time he deserves [rolls eyes].

Seriously, it's great to finally hear good news for a change. Oh, and Happy 4th to everyone. I missed chat last night. Geez, the one night I could stay up late and I conked out before 360 even came on.

tink said...

Such great news for Johnston, the faces of his family members are so happy and joyful. I'm glad this story has a good ending!

jr said...

I wonder who will get the exclusive interview? Now that would be something I'd truly want to tune into.

I hope Johnston writes a book too.

Happy 4th. everyone!

Hate the tie said...

After reading this post maybe the ties have a meaning, the black and white one might be talisman of sorts (ok I watch Charmed)to keep the bad spirits - obsessive viewers - away.


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