Thursday, July 05, 2007

Welcome to the new Freaks!

Hi everyone!!
Yep we decided to change the entire layout of the blog... most of the features remains the same. There are some serious tweaking that we still have to do and incorporate a couple of new features... and to please some of our chat addicts we uploaded the blog before it was entirely finished... but your chatting place is intact and open!

What we have:

  1. The main column is the main post.
  2. The chat access is at the upper part of the left column
  3. Our new Image of the Day section
  4. The News from a 360 View, news feeds from CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera
  5. Anderson Cooper News, just to facilitate your readings making Freaks a One Stop Feed Station.
  6. Our Archives are now a pull down
  7. Tags galore!
  8. And the usual search and feeds subscription services
We hope you will like this new incarnation of our blog. Shout out and let us know your opinions!
Suggestions are more than welcome!

14 comentarios:

rudy said...

it looks very professional and clean.

I'm having problems accessing the chat. Can someone give me some instructions?

ivy said...


click on chat now icon -then login under your name -and you're in! we'll be there tomorrow around 10pm as always, some come a bit earlier, so come by!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm in total shock! very sleek. I can imagine a couple of people pulling their hair off. LOL
Go Freaks!

Gigi said...

I tried to access the blog earlier and it said private or by invitation only or something like that, I wanted to enter the chat but went to see the AC repeats instead. I have to admit that I got so nervous! I was afraid that the blog would be another ultra secret private bitches from hell society. But it looks so gorgeous and I agree with Rudy. It's very impressive particularly when you are used to see the other blogs. I'm so happy!

Anonymous said...

I like it but it is a little overwhelming

Anonymous said...

Great new design! Congrats to the Freaks!

jr said... about 4th. of July Fireworks....your new format is likey.

Anonymous said...

I've been checking out the blog pretty consistent for awhile and wanted to say the changes look great! I hope to join in the chat eventually!

Suzanne said...

wow Chris! Looks wonderful. Very cool. I'm sure it took a lot of work to re-do but it looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to find a new Freaks!... hmmm very bold colors black and red. Epitomizes the character of this blogsite. I just have a hard time reading the small prints in red, I still have to use my glasses. But overall, it's impressive. I also like the "Image of the Day" and the "Anderson Cooper" news.

Betty Boop said...

Chris, your effort payed off. The blog looks amazing, Congratulations!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you all heard? the fangirly site with the basketball team as mods are going to "revamp the site"!

Chris is making them sweat! Monkey see monkey do!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Did you all heard? the fangirly site with the basketball team as mods are going to "revamp the site"!

Chris is making them sweat! Monkey see monkey do!

7/05/2007 10:55 PM

You forgot to mention that IF they do "revamp the site", they will claim that the Freaks stole their idea or just slam the Freaks. Same old, tired tactic.


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