Monday, August 06, 2007

Collective Insanity

I wanted to pay your attention to yesterday's Republican Presidential debate on ABC moderated George Stephanopoulos. Though it was not moderated by Anderson Cooper, it was well worth watching. I put together a few soundbites that I found especially interesting. The only person who makes sense on more issues then others is Ron Paul, the rest are a scary bunch. I hope our society won't slip into collective insanity like it did during last elections.

Watch these Anderson Cooper 360 reports for some reality check. I know they should.

America's militia
Michael Ware and Peter Bergen disagree with Bush Iraq rhetoric
Peter Bergen's break down of administration mistakes

I hope Courtney will have a few words to say about it, and thanks to Christiane!

4 comentarios:

jr said...

@Ivy: Thanks for putting together the recap video. You did a great job at capturing the key moments of the debate.

Can't wait for Keith O.'s debate tomorrow night....

It is interesting to see how the different hosts moderate these debates isn't it?

ivy said...

thanks jr, some of their statements made me wonder if they are connected to reality at all

Anonymous said...

As weary as I am of Republican "leadership", I really like Ron Paul. He doesn't get enough attention from folks in the media, but he's the only one who makes any sense. He's also the only one who will actually answer a question when asked instead of talking about nothing until you forget what the question was. I noticed that on Real Time and the Daily Show, I can't stomach the debates no matter who's hosting them. I like that you post the recaps, that way I don't go insane watching the whole thing!

sydney said...

I saw Ron Paul on The Daily Show and found him interesting. I also knew there was no way in hell he'd ever get the nomination because he makes some sense.


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