Thursday, September 13, 2007

1 hour with Anderson Cooper

Now all speculations might rest, Anderson Cooper 360 was officially downsized to 1 hour, the 11 slot will be filled with...... A REPEAT!!! geez no one saw that coming.....

CNN turns '360' into hourlong
Cabler makes tweaks to Cooper show

Anderson Copper

Anderson Cooper is about to do a 180.

CNN is permanently shifting to taped programming for the second hour of "Anderson Cooper 360," scaling back an ambitious programming block created in 2005 to showcase the studio and field-reporting talents of Cooper, who it viewed as an emerging star.

CNN launched Cooper in the two-hour live block starting at 10 p.m. ET in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina two years ago, placing him alongside Aaron Brown, whose "NewsNight" had been extended an additional hour to report on the disaster.

But CNN soon benched Brown and made the two-hour block permanent, with Cooper at the helm, and promoted the anchor's blend of reporting with personality that became his signature.

CNN's cable news competitors air taped programming at 11 p.m. ET, a cheaper proposition, and the second hour of "360" runs second in the ratings to a rerun of "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News Channel.

Cooper averaged 747,000 viewers in his second hour in August, less than O'Reilly's 965,000 and a steep drop from the 1.1 million he averaged during the first hour, according to Nielsen.

Sources at competing networks have long speculated that CNN would cancel the second hour and revert to tape at 11 p.m.

CNN spokesperson Christa Robinson said the net has no intention of canceling the second hour and cast the move as a continuation of what the network had been doing this summer--reverting to pre-recorded programming in the second hour unless news events warrant otherwise.

But insiders say the net has been weighing a return to a repeat of "Lou Dobbs Tonight," or as some suggest, airing a repeat of Campbell Brown's new show which will be launched in November.

When CNN extended "NewsNight" in 2005, it displaced a second airing of "Lou Dobbs Tonight," a lucrative hour for the net since it cost nothing to produce, raked in advertising and exposed Dobbs to West Coast viewers at 8 p.m.

The move was seen at the time as a blow to Dobbs, though his numbers have grown since then and the firebrand anchor's hour is now CNN's highest-rated show behind "Larry King Live."

Sources said both Dobbs and Brown have lobbied for the time slot.

The stakes are high for Brown, who is set to compete at the 8 p.m. hour against FNC's O'Reilly and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann. If she gets another airing at 11, she'd face O'Reilly twice a day.

MSNBC at one time experimented with Tucker Carlson at 11 p.m. but soon moved him to 6 and launched its "Doc Block," filled with repurposed "Dateline" episodes.

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Anonymous said...

At this rate, since CNN can't fire him or anything, they're just going to give him a permanent field position in Antarctica. I feel badly for Anderson in that respect, since most likely the relentless overmarketing of the man created his inevitable downfall.

Anonymous said...

TVNewser has an update regarding this news.

Update on this earlier post: CNN spokesperson Christa Robinson emailed TVNewser with the following: "Today's Variety story about Anderson Cooper 360 is flat wrong. AC360 continues to be a two hour program from 10 to midnight. At 11pm, Anderson reports live for 10-15 minutes and stays live as news warrants."

Robinson continues, "Anderson Cooper anchors more live programming than any other evening news anchor and CNN offers more live programming than any other network in prime time so it is curious why Variety finds the format of the show newsworthy."

Anonymous said...

I remember a while back there were several posts and heated comments on this blog about Anderson's crazy stalkers.

QUESTION: What is creepier and crazier than a fan stalking Anderson?

ANSWER: A fan cyber-stalking Anderson's fans.

A no-lifer maniac has started a yahoo group to beat to death Anderson's fans who post on other blogs.

The link to this lunatics group is on the Andersphere.

Anonymous said...

Instead of making use use Google, why don't you just give us the link?

Anonymous said...

"CNN can't fire him or anything"

CNN can do whatever they want. Look what they did to Aaron Brown.

stormylu said...
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stormylu said...
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jr said...

Well, I guess only time will tell whether 360 officially goes to 1 hour or not. If it does, I wouldn't give the scoop to that scorned yahoo blogger.

It doesn't take much to figure it out. Back-to-back repeated shows was the first clue.

irene bernadette said...

Why still air the second hour if it was just a repeat of the first? It's just a waste.

Anonymous said...

Because most people watch their local news at 10. This way, they can catch up on national and internation news and 360 can still gain ratings.

Anonymous said...

OJ is in the news again for suspicion of armed robbery and Greta is running away with this story.

No Anderson Cooper for me tonight, I'm watching On The Record.

rosie said...

I don't think we need to worry about not watching 360 tonight, Anderson & his crew are probably on his way home and there isn't much other "breaking news"!


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